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Jx2 Productions

Springfield , MA


125 Paridon Street, Suite 201
Springfield, MA 01118 US (map)




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About Us:

Jx2 Productions, LLC is a professional entertainment and events company providing interactive, exciting and memorable DJ Services, crisp and clean sound and lighting... Read more
About Us:

Jx2 Productions, LLC is a professional entertainment and events company providing interactive, exciting and memorable DJ Services, crisp and clean sound and lighting services, professional video services and detail oriented corporate event planning and management.

With an award winning staff that has over 35 years combined in the entertainment and events industry, you can rest assured that your next event will be a success with
Jx2 Productions, LLC!

Pre-Hiring Consultation
Not sure if you want to book us just by chatting over the phone? We'll be glad to meet with you in person and give you more information. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have face to face.

Free Consultation Sessions
Some DJ's charge when you visit their office for consultation sessions. At Jx2 Productions, consultation sessions are included as part of your wedding package. We recommend at least two meetings to make sure no details are overlooked. Consultations are available at your convenience, daytime, evening, or on weekends.

Online Event Planning and Event Status
Use the client login feature on our website, www.Jx2Productions.com, to check the progress and to update information concerning your event.

Event Contract & Insurance
For every event we provide you a contract securing your date, price, time, and location. We believe that by specifying the conditions and services in advance, we will assure the success of your event. Fully insured, a Proof of Insurance certificate is available upon request and will be provided to your banquet facility if needed.

Two Vs. One for the same price!
Your wedding is so important to us and that's why we send two DJs to your very special reception. Why two Djs? The power of two DJs for the price of one is un-measurable. Our second DJ acts as the MC and event coordinator. He or she assists in lining up your bridal party, cake cutting, bouquet/garter and your special dances. In coordination with the banquet facility, photographer and Videographer he/she makes sure that everyone is ready to go on your special day.

EasyPay Options
Worried about how you're going to pay for your entertainment? Don't -We make it easy. You choose how you want to pay for services. We accept all major credit cards, money orders, checks, and cash. You can even choose to have your payments automatically charged every month! In addition, our reservation fee is only 25% of your total package price so there is no need to be concerned with a large upfront payment Read less


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125 Paridon Street, Suite 201, Springfield, MA 01118 See On Map
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