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La Casa del Camino

Laguna Beach , CA


1289 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 US (map)




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Imagine yourself floating above the Pacific, atop a beachside hotel, surrounded by your loved ones as you exchange vows. This historic, Mediterranean-style boutique hotel, built in 1929,... Read more
Imagine yourself floating above the Pacific, atop a beachside hotel, surrounded by your loved ones as you exchange vows. This historic, Mediterranean-style boutique hotel, built in 1929, boasts Laguna’s only rooftop setting, “The Rooftop Lounge,” Laguna Beach's only venue that truly offers panoramic ocean views. This crystal clear view captures southern California paradise at its best! The Rooftop Lounge is perfect for every occasion and ideal for an unforgettable and elegant wedding. Multiple stunning indoor/outdoor settings, casual or formal sit-down dining, extensive menu options from the hotel's K'ya Bistro Bar that features award-winning Executive Chef Craig Connole and a staff dedicated to your every need make any event memorable. We look forward to helping you create your perfect wedding. Congratulations on your engagement! Read less


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1289 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 See On Map
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