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Don't all DJ's do this?

Wouldn't it be nice if they did? You could just hire the cheapest one out there! The reality is there are few true professionals who approach your... Read more
Don't all DJ's do this?

Wouldn't it be nice if they did? You could just hire the cheapest one out there! The reality is there are few true professionals who approach your wedding with the care and attention needed (I typically need 30 to 40 hours to prepare for each of my client's weddings). So be sure to check out the DJ Questions section. Print them out and use them. Now, onto the services!

"Perfection Requires Planning"
At Last Dance Entertainment, I always take to the time to meet with you at least two or three times in advance, to help you plan out every detail of your wedding reception. When all the decisions have been made, you can look forward to enjoying your reception while I take care of all the details.
I have a wealth of ideas and suggestions for you to choose from that will help you custom design every detail of your reception to fit your personality, tastes, dreams and desires. I will ask you a lot of questions and gather as much information as I can. The more I know about your expectations, the better I can fulfill them. Also, the information I will gather from you about your family and your guests, will help me to connect with them and play music that will make them feel included as well.
Finally, the planning meetings also allow us time to get to know each other on a more personal level. I recognize that you are entrusting the success of your entire investment in your reception to me! I don't take this responsibility lightly, but I am willing to take it, because I am very committed to offering the best quality of service possible.
I prefer to think of my clients as much more than just my employers. I like to think of them as my friends.

"Who will be the Director?"
I also believe in coordinating each and every detail of your wedding reception with the catering staff, photographer and videographer so that everything flows smoothly. Who better to do this than the one person who helped you put together your agenda?
I've heard it said that, "Your wedding reception is the Love Boat and your Disc Jockey is the Captain." That is actually a very good analogy, because your reception is not a food driven event or even a photo driven event. Those components are vital and necessary, but the entertainment is the driving force that guides you and your guests through the entire function. So, the person you decide to put in charge of steering your "Love Boat" should be a "Captain" with entertainment experience. The caterers are pros at serving the meal and serving out the cake and the photographer and the videographer have made getting just the right shot into an art form, but they typically have little entertainment experience.
I've noticed that when even the smallest detail is forgotten, it can bring your reception to a screeching halt. When that "stall" occurs, your guests will all look to the Disc Jockey for guidance, direction, or more often than not, for someone to blame. So, I have taken it upon myself to personally coordinate and double check every detail at your reception. I also make sure your parents and your wedding party members are properly informed about upcoming events that require their presence and/or attention.
Even though I offer reception direction services which can commonly be confused the role of a coordinator, I prefer to call myself a "Wedding Entertainment Director" because my focus is on directing the flow of your reception from the entertainment perspective. Wedding consultants who help with the decorations and selecting the right wedding dress are fulfilling the role of Wedding Producers. Their services can be extremely helpful, but are not to be confused with the role of a Wedding Entertainment Director.
Does this mean I won't work with your coordinator? Not at all. If you have a coordinator for your reception, I will work with the coordinator and your vendors as a team to make sure everything goes exactly as you have planned. However, most of my clients don't usually hire a professional coordinator for their reception, because they have come to trust my skill and expertise. If you would like to see my direction checklist featuring all of the details I actually manage behind the scenes, I will be happy to share that with you at our first appointment.

"The Entertainment Facet"
This is the ability to read the crowd and play just the right music at just the right time to motivate your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. This entails finding the format and style of music from your requests and those of your guests, and then mixing them all together in such a way as to keep the dance floor full, while pleasing all age groups and varied tastes throughout your reception. This skill is definitely rare and extremely crucial if you want your guests to have a rip roaring time when the dancing starts.
I never have to beg or cajole your guests out onto the dance floor. There are specific things I do that not only fill the dance floor, but keep it full as well. But I also believe that the entertainment begins from the moment you arrive at your reception. I have created a vast collection of unique ideas that are designed specifically to help your guests feel involved in your reception while getting them into a party mood.
My long list of entertainment experience includes: Comedic Writing, Talk Radio, Voice Over, Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Public Speaking, Teaching, Vocal Performance (as the lead singer in Opeus). Whether you want your guests to laugh, dance or cry tears of joy, I have the capability, the experience, and the skill to make it all happen.

"Your Spokesperson"
I believe that the skills required to be an excellent Master of Ceremonies are extremely vital to the success of your reception.
Have you ever been to a wedding reception and you missed the cake cutting because nobody announced it properly? Have you ever seen someone try to give a speech with a soft voice or a nervous tremble? Can you believe that the number one fear in America is … public speaking? It's true! Finding a person who can speak clearly, eloquently and confidently in front of a crowd is not an easy task.
Your guests need to be kept informed of every event that is coming up or is about to happen at your reception. When your wedding party is being introduced during the grand entrance, their names need to be pronounced correctly, no matter how unusual their names may be. I even go so far as to introduce each additional person who might be toasting after the Best Man's toast, because when the Best Man gets done, the crowd usually starts to talk amongst themselves. Then, if the next person toasting is not properly introduced by me first, the crowd will continue to talk at least halfway through the next person's toast.
Another vital detail is recognizing that whoever is fulfilling the role of Master of Ceremonies at your reception, is also your spokesperson. Everything that person says and the way they say it will have a direct reflection on you from your guest's point of view. This aspect of my service is one that I take very seriously. It is one of the primary reasons why I believe in multiple face to face meetings with you to plan your wedding reception. The time we spend together will allow me to get to know both of you in such a way that I will be able to confidently represent you whenever I speak on the microphone in front of all of your guests.
I have gone out of my way to continually improve my capabilities and skills as the Master of Ceremonies for wedding receptions. I have years of experience in public speaking. Getting your guest's attention or making an important announcement that they will understand, requires a direct, clear voice and specially trained speaking skills. If you would like to hear an good example of my vocal skills, you can listen to a track from my audio planning CD, "Planning The Perfect Wedding Reception". Send me an email and I'll get a copy to you right away.
Thanks for taking the time to read about the services I provide! Read less


What music genres are in your collection?
50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, World
Do you have liability insurance?
Describe your DJ style:
My style reflects your personal tastes and needs, whatever they may be.
Is there a limit to the amount of music that can be requested?
Absolutely not. The more information you give me, the better job I can do for you.
What is your usual attire?
I wear a suit and tie and look professional for your wedding...and I won't complain one bit if you force me to wear a Hawaiian shirt.
If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the client, do you require that they provide it?
No, and I am more than happy to acquire the song for you.
How many other DJs do you work with?
I guarantee that I will be your DJ and wedding planner, or you get a full refund!
What is the minimum amount of time you will DJ for?
I do not have a time limit. If you hire me for a specific date, you get entertainment for as many hours as it takes for you to be satisfied.
Is the client able to meet the DJ before booking?
I absolutely need to meet with you so I can get to know you and what your needs are for your one and only special day. It is the only way I can deliver the personal services my past clients expect me to deliver to their referrals.l
Can the client submit a do-not-play list?
Usually, a do-not-play list consists of music I currently do-not-play anyway! Still, any songs that are not wanted are easily deleted for each specific wedding.
Do you bring your own equipment?
I have the best of the best when it comes to sound equipment from Sennheiser wireless mics to the $5,000 Bose L-1 speaker array system for my reception and ceremony systems.
What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?
Disco lighting is FUN! But it is not for everyone's tastes. Feel free to let me know if you want dance lighting and I will provide it.
How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?
30 minute set up time, no table required, but it is appreciated.
Do you have any extra space requirements?
Do you have a sign or banner that you use at events?
Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?
As needed, based on my clients desires.
How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?
I do so many fun and involving things leading up to dancing, I typically do not have any problems in this area. If I did, though, I would get them involved with a variety of wedding dances, such as the married the longest dance, etc.
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
No breaks or meals are needed.
Will you arrange for recorded music to play during your breaks?
All dinner music is premixed, but dance music is mixed live, so I can avoid losing the dancers.
What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
In 15 years, I have never missed or arrived late to a wedding. Doing this full time allows me the luxury of taking the week off leading up to my clients event should I become ill. Also, if I am unable to DJ, you will get all of your money back, along with a replacement DJ!
Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day?
No. One event per day.
What is your overtime rate?
I do not charge overtime. It is a flat fee for the day.
Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?
Outside of LA/OC/Riverside/San Diego counties, there is a $100 fee.
What is the required deposit to secure your services?
1/3 of the total price.


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We had seen James at a friend’s wedding and I can tell you from start to finish he was Amazing! I left that wedding already knowing that when we got married I wanted him to be our DJ. The word Amazing does not fully describe James. He is so thorough with his presentation on his services he offers and goes beyond what you would expect from a DJ. He helped us put a timeline together for our big day which was a big help in keeping things going smoothly. We have received so many compliments on what a great job that he did as an MC and DJ at our wedding. We also had many people ask if we were related to him because he seemed to know us so well. His organizational skills I would have to say are the reason for that. James kept our guests entertained and we especially loved his wedding party introductions. You will only regret not hiring him for your special occasion because he is by far THE BEST DJ EVER! Thanks James we will forever be thankful to you.
Services Used: DJ
James was AMAZING. From the very first time we met him up until the big wedding day, James was such a dream to work with. He really helps you put together your itinerary for the big day. He has great ideas to keep your guests entertained and involved. It was very important to me and my family that we had Italian and Sicilian music at our reception and James included every single one I wrote down. My DJ was the buzzzzzz at my reception, everyone wanted his business card. If you want a very detailed oriented DJ who takes the time to get to know you and your fiance, you need to call James at Last Dance!
Services Used: DJ
James was simply AMAZING!!!! From the very first meeting all the way until the wedding he was absolutely wonderful! He is so interactive with the entire crowd and really kept the party going!!!! Everyone was involved and I've had several girls ask me "who was your DJ" because they were so impressed with him! He really knows how to keep the party going and make everyone feel a part of your big day! BOOK HIM!!! You will not regret it!!!!!!! The DJ is the main thing at a reception and you don't want your party to fizzle because your DJ sucked. James is by far THE BEST DJ I have ever met. You won't find anyone better or more professional than James!
Services Used: DJ
James with Last Dance Entertainment was amazing!! His grand entrance is absolutely hysterical!! Our guests from all over the country plan to have him at their weddings!!! He is a little pricey, but you won't be sorry you hired him :)
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Because of the amount of personalization I provide, I am slightly more than your "average DJ." Now, if you think you would be okay with an "average DJ" I am definitely not what you are looking for. And as you probably know, when it comes to DJ’s, just like most things, you definitely get what you pay for. I'd be more than happy to discuss my fees AND work with your entertainment budget so we can find a price that meets both of our needs! This is it. Your one and only wedding day... You do not get a second chance... Invest in a professional who guarantees your wedding will be...Awesome!
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