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I went to this salon because of the positive yelp reviews, and my first experience was great. The consultant who helped me find my dress had just enough opinions and they let me stay late when my appointment ran long.

I was shopping in January for a wedding in July, and I was assured that my dress would be in by the end of May at the latest. Beginning of May, I start calling to get an eta on my dress, and it took three weeks of calling for someone to actually give me a call back with an eta. They said it would be in the last week of May -- cutting it close, considering the alterations I wanted done, but still workable. Last week of May, I call again to find out my dress had been delayed THREE WEEKS. No one had bothered to call and tell me and no one on the phone was particularly sorry about the delay.

After much complaining, I finally got them to speak to the company and it arrived only TWO weeks late. Victor was patronizing and rude on the phone, and the whole debacle was extremely stressful and could have been handled much better.
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I am sad to give LJM (Harlem location) a not-so-great review, but I had many problems with them. My initial experience there was GREAT. My mom and I LOVED my consultant, Lori, and I found a beautiful gown for a great price. They even gave me a discount for ordering it the same day. I still love the gown and I'm glad I chose it, and I loved my experience with Lori.

Since I'd had such a great experience there with my gown, I decided to get the bridesmaids' dresses there, too. I picked 3 beautiful styles from which the girls could choose. However, some of them had issues with ordering their dresses. Some of the employees in the store gave my them attitude about their sizes, shaming them about having a supposedly larger size. And a couple of the girls received dresses that were WAY too big. The shop also called once and said that my dresses were in without first making sure that they were in fact, my dresses. When they realized their mistake, they told one of my bridesmaids over the phone but didn't bother to call and let me know.

I had ordered my birdcage veil from there, and there was also a fiasco with that. One time I came into the store, I saw that they had crumpled the veil up into a little plastic bag, squishing the feathers that were part of the fascinator. In my experience, you do not crumple feathers into a little bag; they are very delicate. But one of the consultants insisted that if I let it sit out, the feathers would "pop right back up". Eventually I convinced them to (reluctantly) order me another veil, but the netting was just lying strangely on my face and I ended up ordering one from somewhere else. In addition, my consultant no longer works there, who was in my opinion the best part of the shop. The seamstress also left pins in my dress when it was shipped to me.

If you want a beautiful gown for a great price, go to LJM. But I suggest getting your alterations, accessories and bridesmaid dresses elsewhere.
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My daughter ordered the bridesmaids dresses from the Oak Lawn location, 1 of the bridesmaids is a plus size and her dress measurements were called into the store, the dress came in and it is "way too short". It was never suggested that a plus size may need to be ordered longer! The store manager Kenyatta was hostile and not offering any solutions to make this problem a positive. The store manager (Kenyatta) told me that there is nobody above her to speak to regarding this situation, that if I have a complaint, I should go online and write it, so I am dong just that!

It is such a shame that such a happy event has been turned into such a stressful time, if LJM Bridal had experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff, this would not have happened.
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If my consultant Rose had stayed I would have given 4 stars. Unfortunately this is not the case. I chose LJM because I had purchased a bridesmaid dress there and had a great experience. I chose my wedding dress for a great price. It was scheduled to be ready in July. July came and went. I made the phone call to ask about my dress. It was on backorder (what?!) and would be another 3 months. October came and went, I made the call again (because they didn't call me!) They told me they were putting the lace on and it would be ready at the end of the month (Because they only get shipments on the 15th and 30th.
So I go in at the end of the month to get my dress...
...its a disaster.

Snags everywhere, frayed lace and a HUGE liquid stain down the front!!! The dress must have been worn before!

Well after this disaster they SOMEHOW whipped up my new dress in one month's time.

I received the dress I ordered in January in December.
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We went to the LJM on Harlem for my bridesmaids dresses. I do have to say that the dresses came out nice and the salesgirl was pleasant enough. That's about the only positive thing I can say about the experience, however.
I told them that there were 6 girls, even though only 5 came in on the day we were shopping. They said that it was fine but the order would NOT be placed until all 6 girls paid in full so that all of the dresses would be cut from the same material. I was completely fine with this. We brought the 6th girl in a couple of weeks later, she tried the dress and paid in full.
We never received a call to tell us the dresses were in, so my MIL called them about a month before the wedding to find out. They said "Yes, all 5 dresses are in". She told them that there were 6 dresses, not 5 and that we were told that they would all be ordered at the same time. They replied by saying that the 6th girl must have paid late, which she did not. They said they would look into it, and to please not tell the bride. The 6th dress did come in a week or two later and we compared it to the others and thankfully it did match.
They also did not call me when my swatch came in, so I got it after the dresses came in and I could've had a piece off of one of their dresses for free!
Lastly, they recommended a few of my girls get an extra long dress because they are taller. They ordered the regular height and still had to have some length removed!
I was extremely disappointed with their service!
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I went to the new LJM in Schaumburg for my dress and bridesmaids' dresses, and I ended up getting all three dresses there. They had a good selection of well-priced wedding dresses, and I almost got mine there, but it just wasn't THE ONE. The bridesmaids' dresses were gorgeous and well-priced, but I wish they had more options for alterations. They only had one day where the seamstress was in, and it was in the middle of the day. Other than that, I was very happy with them.
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I'm so glad that I can rate this place with 0 stars here. When I think about this place, four months later, it still gets me completely upset.

I found a dress that I absolutely loved when I went to an appointment by myself, so I brought my mom back and ultimately, we ordered the dress. Well, that was a bad decision.

A month before the wedding, with no phone call as to whether my dress had come in or not, I decided to call them and see what the hold up was. When I reached them, it turned out that my dress had just come in last week and they didn't think it was important to call to let me know so we could schedule a fitting. I scheduled one at the beginning of the week. My friend & I go in and they had us sit in the back by the dressing rooms. Ladies are rushing around and it's taking a while for someone to come back. When someone does, it's the manager who is on at the time, telling me that the dress was here but it was damaged so they had to send it back. To China. Which is closed down right now due to Chinese new year but she is swearing that it will be here in time for the wedding which is now 3 weeks away. My heart was in my throat.

3 weeks away from my wedding and there is a definite possibility I may not have a wedding dress. Needless to say, I started looking online for a back up dress if I needed to run out and buy another quickly. Thankfully, a week before the wedding, the dress was in and I went there straight away to have it fitted to take it in and shortened. The store did not do anything for us. They did not pick up the remaining payment on the dress or the alterations. All they did was stand there and say, "see, we told you not to worry and that it would be here." We couldn't even take the dress home that day! My mom had to drive to the shop (which was an hour away ) 2 days before the wedding because they couldn't have it steamed before then.

If you want a place that you can trust with such a big purchase, I would save some time and go somewhere else. Please don't buy you're dress here. It's not worth it.
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LJM Bridal on Harlem handled our bridesmaid dresses and my Mom's dress.

We found a dress that we liked but we wanted it in taffeta and in a purple color. LJM made arragements for our dresses to be made in an eggplant purple that they also manufacture prom dresses in. IT WAS PERFECT!

The cost of the dresses were within normal range- but their extra charges for 18+ sizes and single dress charges were a bit much.

The biggest issue we had was getting all the dresses in at the same time- although they came in plenty of time for alterations. Two dresses were left in overseas at the manufacturer and had to be sent two weeks later. It's just NOT the stress a bride needs 4-6 weeks before the wedding.

The only other compliant I would have would be the maufacturers sizing chart being SOO way off. Two girls had to order size 26 based on the dress measurements and when they came in- had to be taken in 4-6 dress sizes in areas! The manufacturer needs to make these dresses more TRUE TO SIZE!!!

My Mother of the Bride dress was beautiful. Alterations were very professionally done.

I'd like to thank Krystyna at the shop for all her help- she was very professional and always on our side to get what we wanted!

The quality of the dresses were awesome- my bridesmaids looked like runway models!! Thank you!
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