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Macy's was one of the three stores we registered at for our wedding. We received the most gifts from this store and we had an overall great experience. Returns/exchanges were very easy. Now that our wedding has passed we receive 10% off anything that wasn't purchased off of our registry plus we got a gift card in the mail to use anywhere in the store as a reward for the purchases made by guests. I highly recommend Macy's for your wedding registry, they have great selection and the prices are very competitive.
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I selected Macy's on 34th Street (New York,NY) for its number of stores and proximity to my guests and well as proximity to my home. I received an email for a Registry party.. complete with colored drinks and finger foods. Since my fiance(now husband) could not come, I had to go alone. The atmosphere was light and I did not feel out of place being the only single around all the couples. Whenever we were ready (I chose to eat first), then a group was assembled to go through the Scanner instructional prior to going our way with a list of suggested items and what floor to find it on. I loved this approach since I went at my own pace and also was able to touch and feel each item.

The Registry consultants were great and it also allowed me to have someone to go to with questions once the gifts started arriving. The process was easy.. I also received cards to add to my shower and wedding invitations. I loved it that my guests were able get me shower gifts at reasonable prices and have them delivered. This was quite important when it came to the bulkier items.

Of course when the items started coming in, my fiance (now husband) was able to express his interest or disinterest in some of the items which then tested the returns process at the 34th Street store. I was able to call my consultant directly to arrange for an exchange for an item that I received broken in the mail...I was also able to return some towels in exchange for some Lacoste Euroshams that we truly truly love and prefer!.

For the guests who had to mail their gifts, the FREE shipping was a terrific deal and when there was a storewide sale, they were able to purchase at the sale price and still get the free shipping. Can't beat that. One of my guests (who recently retired) ordered a beautiful gift for me....I received not just one, but two of the same gift. Knowing that she is retired and knowing what the cost of the item was, I arranged to return the duplicate item so that she would not overspend her monthly retiree's budget. My consultant Barbara helped me with this so that my guest was able to also give a nice gift to us for the wedding. I had over 100 items in my registry when I started but only left 20 of our favorites at the end...If only my apartment was larger so I could keep all the stuff. So for the other items I returned, we plan to just buy a dining table from ---Macy's Furniture....I have my 10% completion coupon for other things. Can't wait to get the rest of the stuff. With my favorable experience, I would definitely recommend Macy's to other brides to be.
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