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MiaDonna & Company

Portland , OR


10250 SW Greenburg Rd Ste. 212
Portland, OR 97223 US (map)




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At MiaDonna & Company we provide all the beauty, love and pride of owning a diamond engagement ring, yet offer it at a fraction of the cost, not just financially, but to humanity and the... Read more
At MiaDonna & Company we provide all the beauty, love and pride of owning a diamond engagement ring, yet offer it at a fraction of the cost, not just financially, but to humanity and the environment and we do this in a couple of different ways.

First we create the most fashionable, highest quality, designer style engagement rings and wedding rings available from eco-friendly 14k and 18K Gold, pure 950 platinum or pure 950 palladium and then set our rings with the worlds most scientifically advanced, 100% conflict free, diamond infused simulant, the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®. Every ring from MiaDonna® is created individually by hand right here in the USA at the time you order and comes with a written satisfaction guarantee,warranty and Global Gemological Laboratory verification. http://www.miadonna.com

Every ring at Miadonna® is fully customizable and if you dont see the ring you are looking for our "Special Services" is ready to alter an existing piece, create a replica of your favorite ring or work with you to create the ring of your dreams from scratch. http://MiaCo.us/diyrings

We also offer a full line of both lab created "grown" gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrite as well as man made "grown" diamonds in fancy yellows, pinks and blues available to be set in every piece created by MiaDonna®.

This is not only a beautiful and affordable solution for today's couples and jewelry consumers, but it also relieves the pressures that traditional mined products put on global society’s and the environment. Most of all, it allows MiaDonna® to become a sustainable source to fund projects that repair the damage already created by the exploitation of these precious natural resources through our charitable foundation "The Greener Diamond".

Please take some time and browse our site. Have a look at our wonderful collection of conflict free, eco-friendly jewelry, and if it is of importance to you, have a look at our blog and some of our other pages to see the active roll we are playing in creating positive change in our own communities and in Africa. We hope you find our efforts to create sustainability and become a cleaner, greener company to be core values that we share.

MiaDonna & Company was created by consumers for consumers to be an advocate for you, Global communities and the earth. Read less


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