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2+ years ago
Our rings were purchased at Michael's and we love them. My husband's was custom made and it came out just as he had envisioned.
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Be careful when purchasing from Michael's. I purchased an engagement ring here and ordered the stone to go with. When said stone arrived I was assured from the couple that owns the shop that the paperwork with the specs would arrive later and not to worry. After repeated phone attempts and visits to get the certification on the diamond, I received it in the mail almost a month after it came in. I was shocked to find out how off they were on the previously agreed specs (written out on paper and on file with them). They sold me a stone that was far under the agreed upon specs. I took the diamond to several jewelry shops around town and was told how significant the drop off in value was with their bait and switch sales technique. When I tried to return the diamond, I was told I don't know anything about jewelry and they would not take it back. The husband Dave even told me our marriage would be cursed because we were trying to return our engagement ring. Who says that to a young couple investing so much money for a ring they wear the rest of their lives?

This whole situation was too much drama. Lesson learned- don't TRUST their word on anything, these two are as dishonest as I've ever seen. I have lived in Anchorage all my life and have never had a situation so out of hand. I have a peaceable temperament and these people make you want to take a shower after dealing with them.

This is by far the most obvious crooked dealing I have ever experienced. These people keep an attorney that threatens legal action (you may be liable to pay for their attorney fees is their threat) if you even bring up small claims court.

Anger is not the right emotion to describe my feelings towards them now. Sadness better describes my sentiment. I saw greed and a very dark side when I was nothing but nice to these people as I handed them months of my earnings. They took advantage of us and did not want to make it right when their admitted mistake was brought to light. Buyer beware, there are honest and honorable jewelry shop owners elsewhere.
Services Used: Jewelry
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