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2+ years ago
I hired Mint for "day of" wedding planning.

- When I signed the contract, Kelly said (and the contract said) that she would provide me with a list of recommended vendors. Not only did I never receive the list (even after asking for it), but when I needed help finding someone, the email conversation always went something like this:
Email 1: Hi Kelly. I'm looking for a DJ. Can you recommend some good DJs?
Email 1 Response: Definitely! Try DJ A.
Email 2: DJ A isn't available on our date. Can you recommend some more good DJs?
Email 2 Response: Give DJ B a try.
Email 3: DJ B is out of our price range. Can you recommend SOME more good DJs?
Email 3 Response: Give DJ C a try.
etc, etc...
I can only guess that Kelly was offering me each vendor in the order in which she got the biggest cut if I hired them. It was incredibly frustrating. I thought wedding planners were supposed to help alleviate the workload, not add to it! (On a positive note, the two vendors that I was finally able to eke out of her turned out to be quite good.)

- Mint was supposed to contact all of my vendors before the wedding in order to coordinate arrival and setup time. Days before the wedding, I provided them with a full list of vendors, contact names, and phone numbers from the catering manager to the keyboard rental guy. I believe Mint did contact some of the vendors, however, my husband still received calls from two vendors the day of the wedding asking him where they should be and at what time.

- Mint created a day-of schedule which was handed out to everyone at the rehearsal. After helping Mint edit the schedule, there were still two major things wrong with what everyone received:
The schedule was confusing enough that I spent a good portion of the rehearsal dinner with guests asking me where they were supposed to be when.
Not only was my husband's name was misspelled everywhere throughout the schedule (even after I had informed them to fix it), but the phonetic pronunciation of the mother of the groom was left in the schedule! How embarrassing and unprofessional. Is it too much to ask to not make my future mother-in-law feel like a total goon!?

- Mint was supposed to pick up all of my wedding day items to return to me after the event. There were some sentimental items from the ceremony that I did not get back. When I asked the day-of wedding planner (not Kelly) if she had them in her possession, her response was, "I was taking other things to your suite after the ceremony and when I went back to the ceremony site, your venue had moved them." She didn't ask the venue where they had been moved to or have her assistant try to track them down. Just, 'oh yeah - didn't get those'. I guess she assumed that I wouldn't notice or wouldn't care if all my items weren't picked up.

- I had asked my venue to have a bar inside the reception room. During setup, the planner instructed them not to do this and to only keep an outside bar. I was okay with having the planner call the shots when unforeseen situations arose, but I was definitely not happy when I heard that she reversed a decision that I had specifically communicated to the venue a few days earlier.

- After hiring Mint, another vendor told me not to hire anyone that doesn't list out California sales tax on their contracts. I then went through all my contracts and noticed that Mint doesn't charge California sales tax. That's sketchy and it will probably force me to have to figure out the taxes on my next tax filing - what a pain!

- The venue had provided neither chairs nor water in the ready room. The assistant called the front desk and then proceeded to stand in the ready room doing NOTHING as we took photos. An hour later, we insisted that she call for water and chairs again, and she called again. The chairs and water showed up five minutes before the ceremony. I brought this up to Kelly afterward and her only response was "This is the venue's fault. The assistant called the front desk and they were unresponsive." If the assistant was half-competent, she would have gone to the front desk herself instead of standing in the room exploring her belly button. That's what wedding coordinators are supposed to do!!

My wedding was wonderful. Everyone had a great time. So, I don't think Mint did a horrible job. However, there were way too many issues that came up that made the helpers look either totally incompetent or just uncaring (and made Kelly look just as bad when she blamed the venue afterward).
Services Used: Wedding Planning
I used Kelly for my wedding this past October at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Kelly and her two assistants executed our wedding day extremely well and really pulled everything together. Not a single detail was overlooked.

The reason why I absolutely must give Kelly 5 stars is because she averted a major crisis for me! I had gone to three dress fittings up in Northern California (where I purchased my dress) and the final fitting was the weekend before my wedding. However, when I tried on my dress at the seamstress, the area around the torso needed to be taken in some more. Although this was a less than ideal situation, the plan was for my parents to pick-up my dress once it was finished, and bring it on down to San Diego 2 days before my wedding. When I went to try on my dress 2 days before my wedding, I found out that the seamstress had taken in the top part so much that I was unable to zip it up! Talk about a bride's worst nightmare.

Needless to say, I called Kelly hysterically and was in tears, but she went into action and was able to have a seamstress come over to my house within just a few hours. The seamstress worked on my dress that night and I went to pick it up the morning before my wedding, and it fit PERFECTLY. Also, the seamstress was sweet and charged me an EXTREMELY reasonable amount and did not even take advantage of the situation.

Talk about great service.
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Kelly Aull at Mint Weddings was a pleasure to work with. She is very kind and professional, and she has wonderful ideas as well. It is a must to have someone to help you on the day of the wedding, and her team did a great job. I didn't have to worry about a thing, and the wedding & reception went off without a hitch.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
kelly is fantastic! she worked hard for us, made things run smoothly, and was very creative. use her if you can!
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