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Located just minutes from I-36 and only just 15 minutes from Denver makes this our most popular wedding site. Here you can choose to have a morning, afternoon or evening wedding or other... Read more
Located just minutes from I-36 and only just 15 minutes from Denver makes this our most popular wedding site. Here you can choose to have a morning, afternoon or evening wedding or other event, unlike many other event halls. With bride and groom dressing rooms, 2 roomy reception halls, fantastic landscaping, including an antique waterwheel, you can’t help to be enchanted with this precious hall.
We also pride ourselves on being a full service event center. You may choose any one of our many services such as - catering, rentals, photo/video, bar/bartending, ministers and more. Or you may also choose to bring in outside vendors. Our main objective is to assist you in having a beautiful, stress-free wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Read less
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If you book the Miramonte Lodge for you wedding, be sure that you DO NOT work with Mitch Wiggins or anyone in his group! He is irresponsible and unreliable! We had our wedding there on July 28, 2012, with many issues and have yet to receive a valuable response from them. The seating was all wrong: 160 chairs outside for 200 guest; head table set for 7 instead of 16; linens were not the colors we choose, as they ran out from the event the night before; photographer was dressed very unprofessionally, did not know how to set up photographs and in fact 50% of the photo request on our list did not get taken! As of today we still have not seen a single photo from the photographer. Please do you research fist, I unfortunately did not but have since found sever sites where there are many unhappy customers.
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Stay away from 303 Weddings. This is a nice venue to look at. However I would not tell my worst rival to use 303 weddings as their coordinator for this venue. My sister got married there in May and it was a mess. Everything for the wedding the day before was still set up when we arrived and we had to remove all the decorations ourselves. They didn't set up enough chairs outside for the guests so there were guests standing through the ceremony. The chicken dish was completely inedible; we could played hockey with it. There were dirty linens, dirty flatware, dirty chair covers, dirty glasses (not just some, many). The floor at the bottom of the stairs was filthy and got my sisters dress dirty before she even walked down the isle. The bartender was drinking our alcohol and arguing with guests over what was available when they could see it behind the bar. He told the DJ that he didn't have time to pour the champagne right in front of several guests and myself (MOH). The coordinator, Susan, arrived 3 hours after the wedding party got there and left at 9pm (we had the venue until midnight). She told no one she was leaving.
The DJ and videographer were great but we later found out that they are not associated with 303 weddings. The videographer apologized to my sister for the way things turned out and said that 303 weddings has been going downhill and this kind of thing is normal for them. When we told Susan of our issues she blew us off and told us that there was nothing she could do about it. I have contacted the owner of the venue and have yet to receive even an apology.
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We had my daughter and son-in-law's wedding ceremony and reception at The Miramonte this past weekend. The gazebo area was a perfect place for an outdoor wedding, but yet still with the convenience of being close. We also had the peace of mind that if the weather didn't cooperate we could move indoors to the reception area.

Kris B., our coordinator, was so easy to work with. She answered all our questions, offered advice where needed and helped in so many ways. Between her efforts and our decorations - the bride and grooms personalities were able to show thru out the entire day.

Ken was the photographer, he put everyone at ease and made sure all had a good time.

The reception area was a perfect place for the dinner, many compliments on the food especially the slow roasted beef. The two way fireplace is a nice addition, with an elegant yet a homey feel.

The staff and the attention the bridal party and guests received was awesome. If we needed anything, Kris and her staff were right there to help.

We had so many compliments on everything! What a success! All had an excellent time.

The Kris and Ken combo was awesome! I would highly recommend them and The Miramonte.

Mother of the Bride
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beach themed wedding
We had our wedding held last September 18, 2011. We like the venue especially the ceremony area. Our coordinator of the said place, Mitch, was also accomodating and helpful. I just have a few comments that we and our family did not like about it, listed as follows

1. The Chicken Marsala that was HIGHLY recommended was awful!!! They mixed the pasta to the chicken and sauce and made it so dry & saggy that made it look so yucky! Some guests thought it's some type of chicken Alfredo.

2. We were told that there will be enough food for everyone. We have reserved 90 persons but only about 75 came and yet, the food was gone already. We even added some other things such as chips/salsa, fresh fruits, chocolate fountain, and a whole big roast pig just like in Luau. We were surprised that they never placed a second servings anymore.

3. Photographer was rude to our family members. When our family member cutting the cake, she insisted to do the cutting as she stated it is part of her job. When she was asked to take pictures as the bride and groom started the first dance, she just left the cake and as a result, the cake wasnt served to all our guests. Some guests took a plate but as I said not all. Yet, she promised to send our wedding pics in 3 weeks but its almost 6 weeks now and we still have not receive our pics up to this time.

Although the person in charge of the food was very nice to us and so as Mitch, our coordinator. but our overall experience was not great at all! As a conclusion, we are all disappointed!!! I guess you deserve what you paid for... if you want a nicer and satisfying wedding, and you have extra money, do it somewhere else.
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We had a wonderful wedding in September 2011 at Miramonte Lodge in Broomfield and it was gorgeous! I never thought we could get our dream wedding for less than $10K but it is very feasible. The food, DJ, and ambiance were very tasteful and exactly what we wanted, none of what we didn't want. Our wedding coordinator Kris Bowen was very patient, helpful, and efficient. I would definately recommend hosting your wedding, commitment ceremony, etc. at Miramonte Lodge with Kris as your coordinator. It was a great, very low stress experience and a gorgeous wedding. Ceremony was outside, reception inside.
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Throughout the wedding process Kris was very flexible and appeared to provide me a wedding at a great value. She was easy to work with.

However, the day of the wedding was quite the other story. The ceremony and Reception were not set up for enough people and there was not enough staff working to adjust the room in a timely manner and keep food replenished. Many of my guests got very limited food or no food at all.

Also the services I paid for were not all rendered. And at the reception 3 chairs broke and collapsed on my guests. I did not have a stress free wedding day due to the lack of planning on the coordinator for the Miramonte's part.

The location itself is really pretty, but the experience outweighed that.
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We had our wedding and reception at the Miramote Lodge and worked with Kris Bowing. We felt that she had given us such a great deal that we used them for the catering as well. Planning the wedding was great and we had little to no issues. The day of the wedding there were a few things that I was not happy about but in the end we had a great time and enjoyed our party because we were among all of our family and best of friends.
The wedding reception area was set up beautifully. It was elegant and very tasteful. There was a mix up however on how many guests were supposed to be in attendance and there were not enough tables set up. The coordinator had not set up enough seats for the final count that I had given them and we had people standing around while the staff put up more tables. This was not the end of the world and was taken care of quickly.
For some reason the facility coordinator decided that she should be the only person manning the bar with 200 guests, which I did not appreciate. The reception was well under way and we ran out of appetizers before all of the guests could go through the line. I can appreciate that after this happened we were able to start dinner right away so that our guests didn’t get too stir crazy.
The food was very good but I later found out that most of our guests had only had a choice of chicken because they had run out of the beef that we had ordered. The good part to this was that everyone did get to eat so at least no one starved.
We had chosen to do an open bar of beer and wine for our guests. I can only assume that our guests really like beer because not only once did we run out of beer but twice we ran out of beer. This was a little frustrating but Kris and her staff did what they could to accommodate us by doing an open bar of liquor and going to pick up more beer in the meantime.
Overall we feel like our wedding was a great day. I feel that things could have definitely been worse but I hope that the staff at the Miramonte learned from this experience and are better able to handle this type of event better in the future. I think that things would have worked out a little bit better had they had more staff there and had someone else behind the bar other than the person who was supposed to be running the WHOLE show. I think we all saw that day that it is not possible to keep an event flowing correctly from behind a bar with a never ending line.
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salleyhansen@ yahoo.com
Miramonte Lodge is a nice place,but menu was wrong shorted bar time,dirty linens that were used before us Lipstick on water glasses dirty silverware,Wrinked table cloths.Would not recommend them.
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***EDITED*** After digging further into this, I have found out that Mike Klien is not the owner of Miramonte Lodge, he is a vendor that they use that is like a one stop shop for getting the customer vendors (catering, dj, etc). Kris Bowen, the main Event Coordinator of Miramonte Lodge, has been working with me to resolve the below issues and has been AMAZING! I still would not recommend working with Mike Klein (of Colorado Weddings), but I would look into whether or not you can use your own vendors for everything. As far as I am aware you can. I know for a fact you can use your own catering and dj, so I'm almost sure you can provide any vendors of your choosing. Kris Bowen has been extremely accomodating since she found out about my issues that I had.

***Previous Review*** (replace Miramonte Lodge with Colorado Weddings)
Miramonte Lodge is a very pretty venue. My wedding went great, due to me planning every last detail of it. That being said, here are the issues I had with them. The day of the rehearsal no one showed up. We had met with Mike (the owner) 4 days before and he had told us someone would be there at 10am (when our rehearsal was scheduled), and that we needed to bring everything for the reception (decorations, etc) so that we could show them how we wanted it set up the next day and we wouldn't have to worry about remembering everything on our big day. Well, like I said, nobody was there and we waited an hour before we left. We just left our stuff in the entryway since we didn't know what else to do with it.

During the 2 meetings that we had with Mike preceeding the wedding, he had convinced us to book their DJ, which we were okay with since they were around the same price we had budgeted. He assured us that their DJ was amazing at keeping the party going, seeing that they only do weddings so they are great at making things run smoothly. Well, we didn't find out until the day of the wedding that we weren't getting a professional DJ, the same guy (Mike) was going to DJ our wedding. While we were eating the speakers completely crapped out and we couldn't find him anywhere to fix it. I've worked with sound ssystems before, and during an event there should ALWAYS be someone at the sound booth in case something goes wrong. The music eventually fixed itself, but then he ended up announcing some song that he was going to play and played the song he had just played 2 songs before. He didn't even notice even though everyone stopped dancing and had dumbfounded looks on their faces, until I walked up to the stage and told him. I do not feel like the experience he gave us with the "DJ-ing" was worth the $600 we paid for it.

A couple of days after the wedding I had called Mike to find out when we could go pick up our stuff from the wedding (centerpieces, etc), and he said the first day anyone would be there was that Saturday, only 6 days after our wedding. When we showed up to get our stuff there was absolutely no organization. We had to dig around in their storage room for at least a half an hour trying to find everything. They lost my vail that I had taken off during the reception and had forgotten to take with me at the end of the night. Not only that, but we had extremely nice crystal vases that are my grandparents (one of whom passed away recently), and when we counted there were only 9 there. Well, we had used at least 13 of them, so I knew there were some missing. They were setting up for a reception that was later that day and had taken our vases (that were in a box that was clearly marked with our name) to use for that reception. Needless to say, we took them back, rightfully so. When I told them that I couldn't find my vail anywhere they told us that we should have come back sooner to get our stuff if we didn't want anything to get misplaced. It had only been 6 DAYS and that was the first day we were told was available for us to come get our stuff. If we were any other just married couple we probably would have been on our honeymoon still. If this is what happens to stuff left there for less than a week, I don't want to know what happens to everyone else's stuff.

The food was delicious, and we had ordered a cheesecake wedding cake from them that turned out phenominal (I even took the rest home to eat, lol), but those were really the only plusses that they had to offer. I will never recommend this venue to anyone. Your wedding day is surrounded by enough stress as it is. Why add unnecessary stress when you don't need to.
Services Used: Wedding Cake, Catering, Ceremony Music, DJ
Miramonte Lodge responded with the following comments:

Hello and Congratulations!
I am sorry that a bride had a bad experience with a vendor at the Miramonte Lodge. We have several vendors that book our beautiful hall, and we do work hard to make sure that each and every bride leaves the hall happy with not only us but with the vendor that they choose. I have had a conversation with the vendor and I have been assured that this situation should not occur again. I have also been in communication with the bride and she has posted a very nice statement that it was not the hall that she was angry with, but the way that she was treated before and after by the vendor.
We here at the Miramonte Lodge wish that each and every bride (and groom) walk away with the wedding that they always wanted, and we wish them well in all the years to come.
For more information please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail for more information-

Thank you �
Kris Bowen
Event Coordinator
Miramonte Lodge
Miramonte Lodge is a beautiful facility with an amazing event coordinator, Kris Bowen. They are very accomadating, and allow you to use your own vendors or do everything yourself if you want. They have very spacious bride and groom changing rooms, and the grooms room even has x-box, a big screen tv, and a fooseball table, lol. Their is an option to go through Colorado Weddings for your vendors, but I would not recommend them (Colorado Weddings). They were more trouble and stress than was worth. They handled almost evrything with little or no professionalism. Miramonte Lodge is amazing, I highly recommend them.
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Miramonte Lodge is a beautiful venue! It has a gazebo in the back which is ideal for having the ceremony and photos. The catering staff is amazing! They went above and beyond to make sure I was at ease and things were set up to make my day perfect. The responsiveness and professionalism of the owner Mike has something to be desired. He didn't even show up for our last meeting 4 days prior to the wedding, leaving it to the catering staff to try to figure out what was going on and put my mind at ease. Overall, the value for cost was totally worth it, if you can deal with the owner taking days to return your phone calls, not showing for meetings and cashing your refundable deposit check prior to the event. The venue was decorated perfectly and everything went fairly smooth due to the catering staff (Jim and his wife). The food was amazing and all my guests really enjoyed themselves regardless of the little "snags" at the event (It rained so the ceremony had to be held inside and the DJ/owner used the wrong version of "La Marcha" so the music ended in the middle of the wedding march). I'm still awaiting my photos and video. I did, however, get a dvd of the rough drafts of photos. Of over 700 pictures taken, 40-50 were good and needed little color or lighting correction. If the owner was more organized it would have made my experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Perhaps he needs to hire additional staffing to help him in the future.
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Keely Smiley
My experience at the Miramonte Lodge was great. Mike and everyone else there were nothing but helpful to us and made sure everything was the way that i wanted it. It was very inexpensive and very beautiful!! I really liked it because i didnt do have to look for a photographer, minister, dj, caterer or coordinator, all of that was a part of it!!!! SO helpful!! :)
Services Used: Band, Catering, Ceremony Music, DJ, Officiant, Photography, Wedding Planning, Transportation, Wedding Venue, Videography, Unique Services
This venue is a wonderful place to host a wedding or any event. The large yard is wonderful to have a large outdoor ceremony with a wonderful privacy fence. I grew up 4 blocks from this location and they have made some wonderful changing and improvments. We used their DJ, which was alright, didnt even meet her until the cermony was getting ready to start, which wasnt the best thing ever. Mike assured me that the DJ would have all of the music we wanted and of course they didnt. But the day still went on. The food that they provided was wonderful. If it wasnt for Jim and Sandy (who should be the ones who run this place anyways) my day would have been a disater. Mike does not return phone calls. We ended up dealing with the bartender for everything else. All Mike wanted was our down payment and once he got that he didnt have anything else to do with our wedding, Jim and Sandy did everything else for us. I just now got my wedding pictures this week, which I should have had a long time ago. A family friend came from the east coast and took some pictures for us as well and I already have them and she already made me a photo album for us and we have it. But Mike wouldnt return phone calls so we could get our cd with the pictures on them. Lets see how long it takes them to get us our prints. Other then that, we had a wonderful time at our wedding. Thank you so much Jim and Sandy
Services Used: Catering, Ceremony Music, DJ, Photography, Rentals & Photobooths, Wedding Venue
We had our wedding at the Miramonte Lodge on 8/23/09 and we had a great time. The food was really good, and the caterers worked really hard at getting everything just right for us. The event pretty much went off with out a hitch and the ceremony was perfect outside at the gazebo. The DJ played Yanni during the ceremony and the minister was funny and our ceremony that she wrote had every one touched and moved. The photographer and the video guy really put alot of the family at ease before taking the pictures, I really appreciated that.
For the money that we paid, we really got a really good deal. Everything was included and I didnt have to shop around looking for vendors, which to me was a real time saver. I am recomending the Miramonte Lodge to anyone.
Services Used: Catering, Ceremony Music, DJ, Officiant, Photography, Wedding Planning, Rentals & Photobooths, Wedding Venue, Videography
2+ years ago
We had our wedding at the Miramonte in June 2012. It seems as if the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing there. Even up until the day of the wedding I was very uncomfortable with everything. Thank God I had my own photographer, cake person, flower person and DJ. The only thing they did for us was set up, bar and food. The food was horrible, it tasted like a pound of salt had been put on the chicken marcela, the beans had so much pepper it made my husband’s daughter cry it was so spicy. It was quite embarrassing when I overheard numerous guests talking about the inedible food that was served. The salad was good; I guess it's hard to mess up a salad though. The place is not clean and the tables and chairs were very cheesy and cheap/flimsy. As someone else had mentioned, the linens were not clean, the wine glasses had huge lip prints all over them, not just one or two glasses but 90% of them. Disgusting! I was happy with my night as a meal does not define my wedding but I am extremely disappointed to pay well over 5k and get what was given to me. I would NEVER recommend this company.
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Venue
1+ year ago
This place is horrible. Do not use this place!!! They have horrible customer service and everything went wrong on our wedding night. They give you a few DJ’s to choose from and he did not even show up on the day of the wedding. He was a no call, no show. His name is DJ Cooper. Do not use him either!!! We had to pay the Miramonte Lodge up front for the DJ and the owner, Mike, will not credit us the $700 they charged us for the DJ. They also did not show up for our wedding rehearsal. Do not use this place!!!
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Miramonte Lodge responded with the following comments:

My name is Kris Bowen of BowenArrow Events.
I am deeply appalled by the reviews of the experiences that some brides and guests have written.
Because of this I would like to take a moment to clear up a bit of confusion with this venue.

There are several different wedding companies that use the Miramonte Lodge for weddings and special events
Please do not judge this beautiful venue by the actions of a few, but take a moment and consider the hard work, dedication, flexibility, and integrity of some of the wedding/special event coordinators of BowenArrow Events who do hold many smooth, well planned out special events at the Miramonte Lodge on a consistent basis. Visit our website http://themiramonteodge.com and look at the on-line video reviews.
We are looking forward to helping you create that special once in a lifetime event.


1200 Miramonte St., Broomfield, CO 80020 See On Map
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