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Mission on the Hill

Vacaville , CA


1300 E. Monte Vista Avenue
Vacaville, CA 95688 US (map)




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Welcome to Mission on the Hill where Old World beauty and elegant entertaining co-exist flawlessly. Providing both indoor and outdoor facilities you will have an abundance of... Read more
Welcome to Mission on the Hill where Old World beauty and elegant entertaining co-exist flawlessly. Providing both indoor and outdoor facilities you will have an abundance of possibilities to customize your event to your needs. The banquet room accented with shuttered, high arch windows and elegant antique style lighting fixtures is adjacent to the gourmet style kitchen for use by you or your caterer. The room opens onto a dramatic courtyard through French style double doors and is complete with unique stone fireplace to add that special warmth to any event. As guests enter the gated entry they are greeted by a refreshing fountain reminiscent of a Spanish plaza. The ambiance is enhanced by the majestic Canary Island date palm trees, the view of the hills and the authentic church bell. There is a chiming system that rings on the hour and can be programmed with selected tunes as well. The hidden jewel of the venue is the “wine cellar” which is masterfully tiled with stone. This area is utilized for the bridal dressing area and has a bridal suit embellished with a beautiful arched stained glass window. The arches are echoed on the opposite wall and a unique heart shaped indentation provides a perfect photo opportunity. The “wine cellar” is complete with full bath facilities. Not limited to the bridal party this space can be used for a more intimate gathering or a romantic dinner. Please visit us at Mission on the Hill and see for yourself the endless possibilities offered at this unique venue.

Contact us for additional information via email info@missiononthehill.com or phone (707) 455-7530. Read less
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Banquet Hall, Historic
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Indoor, Uncovered Outdoor
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Bridal Shower, Ceremony, Engagement Party, Reception
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Catering / Bar, Event Rentals, Lighting / Sound, Outside Vendors OK
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Outside Cake OK
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1300 E. Monte Vista Avenue, Vacaville, CA 95688 See On Map
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