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At first when we met with mitch and donna they appeared to be professional and seemed to be willing to work with what i wanted. In the first meeting i told them several times I am a traditional bride I don't like all the games and catchy stuff.
Before my wedding day they asked me to get online and fill out the information required on their website. I did that and i submitted everything. They persisted to call me several times the days before my wedding regarding the information needed. They had that information all on the sheets they asked me to fill out online. She actually called and made the statement she didnt have them infront of her and then asked me every question that i had filled out.

come to my wedding day. I get to the reception that night and they didn't even have the right list of the bridal party writen. I asked for my father to introduce us and so that went well. They couldn't do anything with out constantly asking me to figure out what to do next. Time for the mother/son dance and they didnt announce it. Time for the father daughter dance: they cut it off towards the middle end and left me on the dance floor crying while instead of butterfly kisses they played white wedding. The introduced my husband and I for our dance and announce the wrong song. The bridal party dance was a mess. They didn't have the right names, the bride and groom were not called to the floor, then with everything she announced she was completely unprofessional as well as inaudible. I had to take the mic from her and hand it to my father to announce our dance because the dj could not perform. Once we got through that they continued to play songs and I asked that my guests be invited to join the bride and groom for a dance and then they needed to do the garter toss. The song they were given to play for the garter toss was not played..they chose to play something of their own selection. second then they played some wierd rappy song that they claim was the theme to cops but it sounded very rappy. They were instructed to not play a lick of rap for my entire reception. I asked that the dj starts off with slow and a little older songs for my older guests. They did not do that. I had to repeatedly go over there and correct them. I had a list of must play songs and not one of them got played. My husband had to go and request one of the songs again. The dj was out dancing with my guests and I asked her not to join my guests on the dance floor. I told her that it was unprofessional and she persisted to argue with me about it and then I told her it was very tacky. Well almost directly after that she was back out on the dance floor dancing with my guests. They brought their son to help them I guess. I was never introduced to whom he was and he was out grinding on my guests. Any time I asked them to make an announcement they would do it very upbruptly and just very wierd. They played the chicken dance and just cut it off. At the end of the night they topped it off with them not even knowing our names they just said they wish the bride and groom and because they didnt know our names. Several songs were just cut off without any transition. I also asked them to play the last song and just shut it down. They couldnt even do that. I had to send people back to them several times time change the music that was playing. I called the dj the next morning because i could not bare to talk to them that night. The think they did a fantastic job and she peristed to argue with me and then hung up on me. My photographer, videographer, and venue all stated they would never recommend him and added them to the do not hire list.
When we met with them they gave us the impression that they had 15yrs experience. After everything that happened on one of the most important nights of my life I can not believe they had any experience. They were unprofessional from the start and ruined my wedding. They showed a video of an ipod wedding at the beginning of our initial meeting and looking back we would have been better off having that.
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We met Mitch and his wife Donna at a bridal show. They seemed very nice and willing to work with us, so when it came to booking a DJ, we gave them a call. I gave him an exact schedule and song list, including everyone's names, roles, and pronunciations. After a few lengthy phone calls and e-mails, I can honestly say I didn't have any worries about this vendor working out on our big day. HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Before I got there, Mitch was shouting at his son so much, the waitstaff at the banquet hall were scared to approach him. Once I, and my guests, arrived, we couldn't believe how amateur and down right ridiculous their performance was throughout the evening. 1) All announcements and names were butchered and awkward, 2) none of our dedications were played nor announced, 3) they played repeat songs- none of which were on our list to begin with, 4) they told my guests "the bride doesn't allow that song" and "their playlist sucks", 5) we asked for Rat Pack music during the cocktail hour- they played Earth, Wind, and Fire (not that there's anything wrong with E,W, and F, but they are NOT Sinatra), 6) the wife came up to me throughout the night, each time ruder than the next when we had legitimate complaints, 7) static and sound defects left and right, 8) mess ups on the special dances (particularly the mother/son and last dances), 9) and to top it all off, when my guests had mostly left and I was in tears arguing with them at the end of the night, they showed no remorse. Their son actually had the nerve to tell us he "hoped our marriage was stronger than the DJ performance". All in all, the least professional people I have ever worked with (and I've worked with all kinds) and the only regret from our wedding. The banquet manager at our reception facility has put them on the "Do Not Allow" list at the hall and all of our yet to be married friends made sure to get his name so as not to book him. Even our photographer and videographers got his name so they can be sure not to recommend him to future brides. Beware brides, and all others in need of a DJ, Mitch's Music Xpress is NOT a wise option. As a matter of fact, RUN!
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