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I loved my venue. Old New York, very vintage, dark wood & stained glass... What is there not to like? We fell in love with this with the Montauk Club after seeing pictures online. It's not your traditional venue. It's a social club in an old mansion in Park Slope. The day of your wedding, you have both floors just for you event. The food is delicious, Sanya, the club manager is is great, Victor, the Maitre'D is super friendly & attentive, Sara, Sanya's assistant & the hostess the night of your wedding is just so superb.
The only drawbacks here is the limited flexibility regarding price (no negotiating, the price is the price regardless). As this isn't a traditional catering hall, we took it for what it was, but given the chance to try & negotiate, who wouldn't? But with adding a platter here and open bar, etc., it's not a cheap venue in the least. It's definitely Manhattan prices, but the service is comparable to that.
Regardless of that though, we were very happy with our choice. If I were to do it all again, I would've chosen Montauk Club all over again.
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We recommend the Montauk Club for a couple who is looking for old New York charm, a great Park Slope location, and a classy but not pretentious atmosphere. You will need a day of coordinator, which they themselves will tell you. You have the whole club to yourself on your wedding day. If you stick with the gold package with just beer and wine, it is a reasonable cost for a Brooklyn wedding.

Our actual wedding day exceeded our expectations- the food was great, the staff was great, and something about the club just makes you want to dance!
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1+ year ago
The Montauk Club was the perfect venue for our wedding! The architectural design of this building is striking from the outside (my husband actually stumbled upon it randomly before we got engaged). The inside is also magnificent in its detail and elegance. The ceremony was held upstairs on the second floor, which boasts an array of beautiful stained-glassed windows that look stunning in the photos as the backdrop. The reception was held downstairs in a grandiose space dotted with chandeliers and rich colors. Again, this room looks beautiful inside, but even more striking in the photos.

Sanya, who coordinates the weddings at the Montauk is a delight. She worked with us through several changes and had some great ideas for what to do with the space and how to coordinate the day. She also worked with us as we tried to incorporate many cultural elements, including a processional line led by African drummers that started from outside the building.

For a reasonable cost, the Montauk Club was a spectacular venue that accommodated our needs and looked even more impressive when we got our photos back.
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I held my ceremony and reception at the Montauk Club. The Club is a gorgeous historic building and provided a beautiful venue for our wedding. Sanya, the club manager, and other club employees were generally responsive to our concerns and tried to meet any of our individual concerns. The food was very good, and the waitstaff did a great job with the service. The club employees were very professional and friendly. One word of advice in response to previous reviews: Sanya made it very clear during our initial meeting that the club does not provide any type of coordination. They are responsible only for the food and beverage service, therefore Sanya strongly advised us to hire a wedding planner for the day of. We followed her advice and our wedding was absolutely flawless.
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First off, the Montauk Club is an absolutely gorgeous, historic space in Brooklyn. The architecture and stained glassed windows are beautiful. At first glance this space seems very affordable, but beware they will nickel and dime you over everything. We were not only asked to provide platters for the chocolate covered strawberries that we paid the club extra for, but they wouldn’t even split the cost with us to have their piano tuned.

Dealing with the management, particularly Sanya, was such a hassle. Emails were rarely answered in a timely fashion and when they were our questions weren’t fully answered. We didn’t find out until the night before, when we inquired on our own, that Sanya wouldn’t be present at the club the day of our wedding, which caused quite a few things to go awry since she was our only point of contact throughout the planning process.

One of the biggest problems seems to be a lack in communication between management, the staff, and the people that live on the top two floors of the building. We arrived at the venue to discover that there was a stoop sale happening right outside the venue. My husband spoke with the people and they were more than happy to remove their things, but told us the venue never tells them when they are having weddings. Also, the staff at the club was walking through the back of the room during our ceremony and causing a bit of a disturbance.

The thing that upset me the most was that I has asked repeatedly if a few slices of cake could be set aside when it was being cut in the back so I could mail them to my best friend that couldn’t make it to the wedding. I was told every time that the club could do this for me no problem and they would even provide the airtight containers. When I went to pick up my remaining cake the day after the wedding, it wasn’t there. After a series of emails with Sanya, I was left with no apology and I was told that it was my fault for not following up with them the night of the wedding. Its no surprise the club is broke with the way they treat people who rent their space.

In all honesty, it is such a shame. It’s a beautiful, historic venue, in a great location, but it will never become a great wedding venue until there is a complete restructure of their management and the way they do business.
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Jennifer Mc
The Montauk Club was the perfect venue for our wedding--our friends and family are still talking about what a wonderful time they had.

To start, the throwback setting is beautiful with the dark woodwork, stained glass windows, and gothic architecture...full of character; the opposite of the boring, sterile hall or hotel ballroom venues.

The service was wonderful--Sarah is amazing and she went above and beyond to help us not only the day of the event but every step of the way! She helped by supplying sample floorplans and even helped me visualize by moving the tables around one evening in preparation to finalize our plans. The bartender, Antonio, went above and beyond to accommodate our not so easy to find special craft beer requests which was greatly appreciated from two self proclaimed beer snobs, ha. The floor captain and servers did a great job and were very accommodating. Sanya responded timely to all of our emails and ensured our vision for the evening was carried out.

The food was amazing! We weren't sure what to expect when we signed the contract as you cannot taste the exact food on the wedding menu, rather when you become a member of the club you can go for dinner and try various things on the menu to get a sense of the food and what is good. While it would have been nice to try beforehand, the chef far exceeded our expectations. We chose the pork tenderloin and the beef sirloin which was carved by the staff. Both meats were outstanding, full of flavor and very tender. We substituted the salad with the truffled macaroni and cheese which was the best menu decision. It was so delicious, some of our foodie guests actually emailed the Montauk Club attempting to get the recipe! The Chef also went above and beyond providing delicious cheese and cracker plates in the bridal suite so we wouldn't get too woozy from all of the champagne. This was much appreciated.

The only negative of the evening was the temperature in the club once the dancing started. Unfortunately, the air conditioning had not yet been serviced so it got pretty steamy when we were tearing up the dance floor. There is also a noise ordinance so windows could not be opened in excess. The staff were as accommodating as possible though bringing in fans to cool us off.

All in all, I highly recommend the Montauk Club for a wedding venue. We were extremely pleased after a most memorable evening : )
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The Montauk Club is a unique and attractive venue for your wedding. Plus, the food is good. That is where, unfortunately, my positive comments must end.

We had our reception at the Club on December 17th. The scaffolding was still up completely, despite some buzz that it would be removed. Regardless, we were advised (long after booking) that should the scaffolding still be in place at the time of the wedding, we would receive a discount. (We, like others, were not advised when we submitted our non-refundable fees that scaffolding might be up at the time of our wedding.)

When we received our final invoice and request for payment -- a little over a week before the wedding -- no discount was provided. This gave us hope that the scaffolding would be removed during the week prior to our wedding. When we asked the manager, Sanya McAndrew, she said she simply forgot or neglected to incorporate the discount to our bill. We then realized that despite our contract with the Montauk Club and the prices set forth and agreed therein, the Montauk Club jacked up the price and was charging us 2012 prices. This led to a prolonged argument with Sanya -- just a week before the wedding. Of course she was wrong, and eventually gave us what we were entitled to -- and what we had agreed to in our contract -- but why the aggravation right before the wedding? Completely unprofessional. (By the way, of course the scaffolding was removed during the week FOLLOWING the wedding.)

Otherwise, the reception was discombobulated. I am not sure if the reason for that was that two holiday parties occurred at the Club the evening before the wedding or what, but the service was terrible. We had a sit-down meal, which we paid extra for (vs. the buffet), and people had issues ranging from no bread at the table to getting the wrong meal to not being served coffee and tea (a table was set up on the dance floor for coffee, although some people were served, as ALL should have been) to being served a slice of cake that looked like it had been regurgitated. For the cake cutting ceremony, we were not even provided a fork with which to feed each other. Silly annoying things like that...that were simply unprofessional and led to aggravation on the big day (which NO bride ever wants).

The reception had to end at 11 pm because it is a residence on its top floors. This was understood, but everyone virtually was kicked out by rude staff at the end of the night. Unnecessary.

At the end of the day, the problem with the Montauk Club lies in its management. The Club has SUCH potential, but Sanya McAndrew (and undoubtedly others) is its downfall. Sweet lady, but an awful manager who either tried to cheat us or was too dense to understand a simple contract that she drafted.

Sadly, I wholeheartedly warn you to avoid the Montauk Club.
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Our wedding here last month truly was amazing. To start with the obvious, this is a magnificent historical building that requires minimal alteration or decoration to make it a classic and unique wedding venue. Part of the amazing value is that included in the basic cost was set up and use of the club's tables, linens, and chairs-- for all three parts of our evening: ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner/reception.

Food/catering: Chef Mark was incredibly accommodating and met with us personally to help go over the menu. Direct contact with him was prompt and responsive. We especially liked the focus on menu items that were sourced locally and sustainably. We have gotten rave reviews from our guests about the taste and quality of the food. We had passed hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour and went with the buffet during dinner (our preference to begin with but also most logical in the somewhat tight space downstairs). My wife and I managed to try everything from the buffet and I really had no complaints! The kitchen was also very helpful for outside toast and dessert items.

Bar service: Antonio is a seasoned bartender and was incredibly accommodating with cocktail requests and the volume of our max capacity wedding. They really hustled during cocktail hour and kept a great pace during reception. Top shelf alcohol and service.

Service staff: The staff helping during the wedding was really efficient, friendly, and generous. None of the issues in prior reviews re: buffet serving or limitations was an issue for us. In fact, about 10 minutes before the buffet closed they went around to our guests letting them know there was plenty more food and they could come for more before it was set down. We did get a little nervous before the wedding when set up seemed to be running late but it was all for naught: once in action the staff set up everything incredibly quickly and efficiently.

I've seen the negative reviews and complaints. I do think that perhaps as the Montauk Club became more popular as a wedding venue recently, there were some growing pains to handle the volume. But if prior reviews are in fact true, they have done an amazing job stepping it up and becoming a truly exceptional venue to get married in. If I had one area for improvement, it would be the responsiveness and personal attention in the planning stages. While we knew we were one of scores of couples getting married there, it's nice not to feel like you're just another couple.

**An extra note- we got married here while scaffolding was up outside the building for restoration purposes. We were treated respectfully regarding this issue, were compensated for the unexpected construction, and in the end we felt a negligible impact on our wedding due to the scaffolding.
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If we had not had a problem with the food service, I would be giving the Montauk Club 5 stars! However, we made arrangements for a
double entree buffet and I double-checked in writing and in person with Sanya, the manager, that my guests would receive both meats with they went to the buffet. She wrote me twice that this would be the case and also had two verbal conversations regarding this. Imagine our surprise when our guests
were told "no, you may have one or the other, not both. We may run out of food if we give you both"....When I told the floor captain that
our buffet was both meats for the guests, he told me "Sanya did not
communicate that with the kitchen. I do not have enough food to
give both meats to the guests". Plus they were giving very small portions to the guests....the plates looked skimpy and meager.
I then requested a meeting after the wedding with Sanya. She also
had the chef and floor captain in attendance. She somehow got it in
her head that I was accusing them of running out of food, rather than
not honoring our contract and plans.
The chef and floor captain immediately told us that their buffets are
always "either/or" and never both meats for the guests, to which Sanya
said, "Oh, I thought it was both". The floor captain said they always
give small amounts to the guests til everyone is served and then guests
can return for more food and this way the guests won't waste foods on their plates. Our meats were loin of pork and rack of lamb. The guests were being given 2 ribs of lamb if they chose the lamb and that
is an appetizer amount! The chef stated he allowed 3+ ribs per person.
The floor captain stated he was told the serving was 2 ribs per person.
The meeting got nowhere because Sanya kept saying our guests could
return to the buffet for more foods (although many did not after being told they could have only one meat and there was the possibility of
running out of food!)
In follow up to this meeting, Sanya is now saying the chef felt pork and
lamb don't go well on a plate. Sanya also now says that the chef and
floor captain are now saying buffets at Montauk are always both meats
for the guests.....just in separate servings. So, they want the guests
to get one meat and small amounts of food, go to their table and sit
down and eat and then come back to the buffet for the other meat to complete their meal. Whoever heard of such a thing? For guests to
be told "no, you may not have that" and to expect them to return for
the other meat? If this is the way Montauk wants to do it, so be it but
they never, ever told us of this convoluted style and keep telling us
different reasons now every time we talk as to how their buffets work.
We have not been able to get a straight answer. The building is so very charming and our wedding was absolutely beautiful and all the components of the wedding came together beautifully----except the
food service.
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We had a wedding last year at the Montauk Club and I am still somewhat saddened by how we were treated and how much money we paid. I am not one to complain and certainly was attempting to be easy going on our big day, but honestly..if you can find another venue..please do.

The general manager is a wonderful sales person, but completely incapable of delivering on a promise.
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A little pricey for what we got. But had a lovely cocktail hour and the food for dinner was excellent. Made a sign a contract that had way too many clauses for how we could incur additional costs, like "No confetti or there will be a $150.00 cleaning fee."

Also interesting: on top of what we had to pay to have the reception there, we had to become "members" of the club for a year, so on top of what we had to pay for the reception, we had to ay $300 in membership dues.
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