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String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo, Solo Violin, and many other ensembles available!

Our groups have performed events at the most prestigious wedding venues in South... Read more
String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo, Solo Violin, and many other ensembles available!

Our groups have performed events at the most prestigious wedding venues in South Florida such as the Aqualina, Villa by Barton G (former Versace mansion), Woodfield Country Club, Westin Diplomat, Club 50 @ The Viceroy, and many more! Our elite roster of ensembles have been hired for corporate events for many prestigious companies such as Spirit Airlines, Invicta, Datapro, just to name a few!

Hiring the right live entertainment for your event is the single most important decision you have to make! We are a well established, reputable firm that only hires musicians great talent, expertise, and experience.

Feel free to check out the clips on our website: http://www.montybloomensembles.com

About the Director:

South Florida based violinist Monty Bloom has been recognized as a sensational performer ever since his solo debut at the age of seven. At the age of twenty-five, he is highly regarded for his warm, powerful sound, and brilliant technique. He has performed all around the United States and abroad. Local venues he has performed in include the Arsht Center, Broward Center, Kravis Center, Coral Springs Center for the Arts, and the Miniachi theater, just to name a few. He received his Bachelor's degree in 2008 from the prestigious Eastman School of Music, and has since resided in South Florida where he maintains an active performing and teaching schedule.

As a musician contractor, he has booked string ensembles all over South Florida, for weddings, recording sessions (including one recently with Grammy-winning producer Robert Navarro), concerts, private parties, and corporate events. Orchestras he has contracted the string players for include the "Magic City Pops" and the "Coral Gables Symphony and Opera Guild". The calibre of his musicians is unmatched, and he works with all of the finest professional musicians in the area.

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Ft. Lauderdale Wedding String Quartet

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Miami Beach Wedding String Quartet

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Ft. Lauderdale String Quartet

Palm Beach String Quartet

Naples String Quartet

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What ceremony music arrangements can you provide?
Acapella, Instrumental - Duo, Instrumental - Solo, Instrumental - Trio, Orchestra, Soloist / Vocalist, String - Quartet, String - Quintet, String - Trio
What instruments does your group play?
Cello, Flute, Guitar, Harp, Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Viola, Violin


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We are so happy that we found Monty for our wedding day! He responded quickly to all our emails, he was always very friendly and professional. He did exactly what we wanted for our ceremony and cocktail! We had so many guests ask us where we found him because they absolutely LOVED him, that was so important to us! Hopefully the need for a violinist will come again so we can have the pleasure of working with him another time. We couldn't be more satisfied, he went above a beyond our expectations! Thank you so much Monty....we will definitely be sending referrals! :)

Forever Grateful,
Maite & Jamarr
Services Used: Ceremony Music, Unique Services
Although I didn't get to hear much of the music, I received so many compliments on the violin / cello duo. I wanted some obscure songs and Monty was open and willing to do what it took to make my dreams come true. Whether by email or text, it was so easy to communicate with Monty, and he was incredibly flexible when it came to timing. Can't say thank you enough for making this important part of my wedding both simple and successful!
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty is an OUTSTANDING violinist. If you preview his work on youtube you will see he is superior to his competitors. Very prompt and professional.
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Sunny & Justin
We had a string duo from Monty Bloom Ensembles provide ceremony and cocktail hour music at our Islamorada wedding. They did a fantastic job, were extremely professional and prompt, and went above and beyond. They were preparing to leave for the evening just as we were having our first dance, and they stopped packing up to join in with the recording of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love." So sweet and memorable! Five stars is not enough!
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty was amazing! He is super talented and very professional. We wanted something different for our ceremony and Monty delivered. His strings rendition of Nicki Minaj, Your Love and the Chili Peppers, Zephyr Song was spot on and so beautifully executed! He was spot on with timing of our songs and our guests really enjoyed it all. He was super easy to work with and always offered his expert opinion. We were so lucky to have found him!
Services Used: Ceremony Music
This quartet was the best decision I ever made! They are organized and extremely knowledgable in all areas of music! They played my entire wedding at ACQUALINA from down on the beach for my ceremony to up on the veranda for
my entire reception. It truly made my wedding an intimate setting.
I only hope that you enjoy your wedding as much as I did mine! CHOOSE Monty Bloom! My wedding guests are still talking about the music!
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Elsa MP
We were totally pleased with Monty Bloom Ensemble for our beautiful home wedding. During the ceremony and reception, we had to move the ensemble around several times for convenience, and they had no problem with that. They were professional and flexible. They learned some pieces we requested. Our only regret is that we weren't able to just sit and listen -- we would have been enthralled.
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty is an amazing musician, very communicative and professional. Monty accommodated our unique request and over delivered! I would highly recommend him for any venue. Thanks again Monty for making my proposal so special.
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty was great! He truly set the tone for our ceremony. His music suggestions in the planning process were ideal and he really recommended music that was made for the violin. He was relaxed, yet extremely professional. I highly recommend him and his services. Monty really helped make our day that much more special!
Services Used: Ceremony Music
I wasn't around to hear much of his music (I was waiting backstage to walk down the isle), but from what I could hear, it was LOVELY.

Monty showed up early and played the songs I wanted. My only complaint was that he was not good at communicating... I hadn't heard from him in 6 months and now it was 2 weeks before my wedding and I had a hard time getting ahold of him.
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty Bloom Ensembles responded with the following comments:

It always pains me to receive a review of less than 5 stars!

I'll admit that for us musicians, it can sometimes be difficult for us to respond to inquiries/emails/requests from sometimes 25+ different people every single week, in addition to calls and emails from the many wonderful musicians we have to coordinate for these events! I always try my best to respond promptly, and most of the emails I received from the above bride were about confirming times which had been confirmed in prior correspondence, and song requests that were routine (if the song requests were NOT doable, I would have immediately called her, but all the songs she asked for were on my repertoire list).

As for flexibility, to not receive a 5 for flexibility surprises me, as I actually allowed the bride to after the fact change the time of engagement.

Either way, we were there on time, played all the requested songs, and obviously received good reviews on the quality of service, that's what matters most!
Plays well, but VERY unprofessional. Unless you can keep him from talking, I would NOT hire him.

When first speaking to him he seemed nice. But he did make an unprofessional comment about someone in our first conversation, should've been a warning sign, but I figured he'd be playing violin, not talking to guests. I was wrong.
I had to contact him 2 days before the wedding with a run through, since he didn't contact me like other vendors. Reading a prior review left, I think Monty thinks this is unnecessary. Although it may seem tedious, it's important so you can make corrections if needed.
Day of the wedding I was running late (chairs never showed up). Monty played the correct songs & played them well, but was very UNPROFESSIONAL, before & after ceremony.

1. I paid the the deposit (1/2) prior to wedding. I gave the groom $100 to pay Monty the remaining $87.50.

2. Monty’s contract mentions a $40 per 15 minute extension. Right before the wedding, he asked someone who my mom was & then rudely bombarded her to pay. She said she didn't have money on her, & he said "Then write a check."

3. IMMEDIATELY after we said I do, Monty bombarded me to pay up. He said it should be $80 worth in extended time, but that he would do it for $50. He didn't say this nicely, it was abrupt & rude. Luckily, I had the $50 on me. Later that night the groom told me that Monty kept the change, I know it is only $12.50 in change, but add that to the $50 and that is not “doing it for $50, that is doing it for $62.50 aka SNEAKY/Dishonest

4. Officiant is a family friend, & officiated for free as a wedding present. Later found out Monty kept telling her to charge more for me being late, & also asked her if she wanted to use his speaker system, and if so, to charge more because he was going to. Monty & I discussed not needing the speaker system in our initial conversation, due to me having a small intimate ceremony.

Space is limited here, had to take a lot of details out, sorry
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty Bloom Ensembles responded with the following comments:

This review is all over the place.

The most important issue here is that no matter what musician you hire for YOUR wedding, if it runs late, you will have to pay overtime. You will be approached at the end of the wedding for payment, whether it is the balance OR overtime. That is just how the business goes, other vendors have similar complaints, it's just the way it is. Best solution is to have a wedding planner coordinate payments so you don't have to be approached for payments due during your big day!

As for speaking with your officiant, I did not recall you giving me a definitive answer as to whether we were going to use the speaker system or not, so I brought it anyways. Since the wedding was running way late, I decided to play a couple songs with my tracks just for fun and people enjoyed them. I didn't at all charge extra. However, I did not remember whether you were going to be having the officiant use it as well, like we discussed, so I told her not to use it unless you authorize it. I didn't tell HER to charge anything extra -- why would she charge extra to use MY speaker system? that makes no sense at all!

I assumed that the extra $12.50 was a tip when I received the $100 balance, and hence didn't give change right then and there. If I was in error and did not give you the $12.50 in change, all you have to do is email me about the error and I'll quickly send you the refund!

Nonetheless, I discounted you on the price of overtime, you should be more appreciative. Even with the $12.50 mistake on my part, I still charged you $18.50 LESS than what was due as per the original contract.

As for not calling you, the phone works both ways, and not all of my brides want to be called by me the days before the event. We already spoke at length on the phone and by email, there was no need for further contact until the day of the event. If you were worried, you can always call me or email me and I'll answer. If there WERE indeed changes to the flow of your ceremony, it would be best for the BRIDE to contact me about it FIRST, instead of waiting for me to ask.

You received a very good deal on you wedding due to the scheduling and distance convenience this was for me (only a 5 minute drive), and as you said, the music was very good.
From the little bit that I heard before and during my ceremony, the music was quite lovely and performed as expected. My experience with Mr. Bloom prior to that was not. Two months after I sent in my deposit and executed contract, the check was still not cashed I had not received a fully executed contract back from Mr. Bloom. After several email attempts to discuss why my check was not deposited, he informed me that he thought he lost it but that he had found it and would deposit as soon a possible; I never received the fully executed contract. As my wedding date neared, I contacted him again to discuss the selections we wanted him to play. When I requested pop music geared more toward the alternative side for prior to the ceremony, he told me “We don't really have that many "alternative" arrangements besides the coldplay because to be honest with you, I strongly dislike that type of music...” A simple, “I don’t know any” would have been sufficient without insulting my musical tastes. The final straw for me was just before my ceremony. The venue was running a few minutes with set up and my mother approached Mr. Bloom to let him know what was happening. His response to my mother was a snippy “And you are?” She responded with “the mother of the bride” although I don't believe that should matter. He then informed her of the provision the contract requiring additional payment if we went over the contracted time, which we were aware of and was not relevant since the musicians still finished 10 minutes before the contracted end time. I do not believe any vendor that is hired for a wedding should talk to anyone associated with the wedding the way Mr. Bloom did, regardless of who they are. It was rude and very unprofessional. I am not sure if my type A personality just clashed with Mr. Bloom’s but he was the only vendor I had any issues with and I would have a hard time recommending him due to his lack of professionalism.
Services Used: Ceremony Music
Monty Bloom Ensembles responded with the following comments:

Hello Chelsea,

congratulations on a beautiful wedding! Thank you very much for your feedback. We always take constructive criticisms seriously.

First of all, yes, I will acknowledge, I am very sorry that I was slow in returning the contracts, it is very difficult running the office without any assistance (we are still a small company, and I do this all myself with no help). I did fax it to you, but for some reason, you didn't receive it, and I'm sorry that I got sidetracked and didn't resend the fax or scan.

As for music selection, I sometimes get frustrated when I don't have music for a bride's request. We have so much, and keep buying more and more and making more arrangements every month. I personally am only a fan of classical music, although I have made a lot of mainstream pop arrangements because of demand. Apparently alternative means many different things and I have learned that what some customers call alternative is actually mainstream! String quartets sound best on Mozart and Bach, however, we did deliver an excellent rendition of Viva La Vida at your Recessional!

As for speaking to your mom, I'm sorry that you were offended that I asked her who she was. I did not intend any offense at all, I simply wanted to know whom I was speaking with. You have seen pictures and videos of me, so you would know who I was, but I wouldn't know whom your mother was. I generally only take instructions on wedding day from the event coordinators, the bride, the groom, and their immediate families, so I wanted to make sure I was speaking with someone that was authorized to give me instructions!

As for us warning about the "overtime", this was simply us letting her know that the provision is in the contract as a courtesy. We do not like surprises, and the last thing we would want is to charge you extra unexpectedly. We also let our clients know about this provision so they know that we are willing to extend the booking on the spot. Our overtime rates are very reasonable, and we only mention it as a courtesy -- you would be surprised at how many Miami weddings run late and how many people do not understand the overtime provision.

I felt very good about how the performance went, and I think you did too. You had one of my best string quartet lineups that day, including one musician whom is a professor at a respectable state University, and another whom has international competition awards on his resume. I work with the best musicians in the area, and even though my personality can be sometimes misunderstood, I deliver a great product that I am very passionate about. I treat playing a wedding as if it's a real concert on a big stage.


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