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Gorgeous space, we got a million compliments on it. And amazing value! My darling husband, who builds financial models and does contract negotiations for a living, did all the scalable math to determine that when you factor in decor, permitted caterers, equipment, fixed fees, etc. this place is cheaper for 100-150 guests than City Place, the DMA, Old Red Museum, The Magnolia, the Adolphus, and even hotels further out of town.
One caution, though: the people in charge of event coordination are very, very kind people, but they would benefit greatly from professional training and the use of software to manage all the details that go into planning your event. You can get a 5-star experience out of this facility, but, ONLY if you hire a good month-of coordinator AT LEAST. If you don't have time to dedicate to being the detail-oriented project manager of your own wedding, and you want to use this space, hire a longer-term wedding planner who can keep track of the details of your floor plans, headcount, etc. If you don't hire a wedding planner, write everything down, and ask for copies of everything they write down. Call them back if you don't get things when you expect them to be sent and they'll kindly send. My husband and I are management consultants so we're used to wrangling vendors and leading teams and overcoming organizational challenges, and we still had a day-of coordinator to make sure things came together. These people really are SUPER NICE though! And they really will try to work with you.

Wedding was lovely, though! Had a million compliments on the place, like I said, and, it made for great pictures.
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The Museum of Biblical Art is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL venue. It makes me so sad that they do not have an event manager who has her act together. The event manager, Rebecca Harris, is very hard to work with. There were several times that I sent her an email and never got a response. When we set up meetings with her to go over the linens and lighting, we never actually met with her but instead with one of her part-time assistants. The problem was every time we met with a different part-time person, we had to go over EVERYTHING again. It was very frustrating even though I know they were all doing their best, but it's too time consuming when you have to repeat everything at every meeting. We had our final meeting 1 week before the wedding and I thought that everything was set, but then I got an email on the day before the wedding from Rebecca confirming the lighting. I just don't understand why she wouldn't have "confirmed" that in the week before the wedding. It was lucky that I was reading emails the day before the wedding. I just love everything else about the museum and it was great that you can bring in your own alcohol, but it is such a shame that it is run so poorly. It just adds more stress to a high stress event.

We also, as part of the event contract, paid for a security officer. We found out later that he is not allowed to patrol the parking lot and we had a car broken into during the wedding! The museum staff insisted that it was a rare occurrence, but the security guard told us that it has happened 3 times in the last 6 months! That would have been good to know before hand.

I can't say that I would recommend this venue for a wedding, unless you have a wedding planner so you (as the bride) don't have to deal with the disorganized museum staff.
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Mandy Lu
This venue was BEAUTIFUL! I can't tell you how many compliments we had. It worked perfect for us because we didn't want our guests to have to relocate from the ceremony to the reception. They flipped the ballroom for us after the ceremony in RECORD time. Our guests had cocktail hour and appetizers in the atrium and they LOVED IT. When they returned to the ballroom for the reception they were in shock. The LED lighting on the pillars had a HUGE effect.
They have vases, etc. that they let you use for centerpieces for free which came in handy and saved us money. They were willing and able to meet us for several planning meetings and were very accommodating for us and our vendors. They were not flexible on the price as I tried to negotiate, but in the end it was worth every penny.
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I had my reception only at the Museum on Sept 22, 2012. And it was AMAZING! Oh my goodness, I wish I could relive the evening right this moment :)
I started off with my initial meetings with the 2 coordinators Rebecca and Marina. They have done so many weddings at the museum that I really trusted how they did things. One thing you must be aware of if you choose the museum, is that they are not solely an event venue, they really are a professional museum that is a museum first, not your reception site first. So you have to respect them when they make you aware of paintings and statues; just been respectful and listen and it will go great. They are not as responsive in the beginning, but let me tell you, they really shine by the last couple of months of your wedding and they become completely focused on you. But any time before that, just be patient.
They really will work with you on everything....i wanted specific colors of napkins and other linens and they were able to get it all. I tried to speak up and really tell them what I wanted (some of which they didnt have in stock themselves, and they are glad to find it for you.)
I LOVED that tables and chairs were included. We didnt use chair covers and it was beautiful without them. They're lighting team did a great job, but, again, I was very very involved in the planning process. Literally went around and had them show me each uplight, etc. which they were so willing to do. They were just marvelous! I brought in my own wedding coordinator, but I know Rebecca will coordinate it as well. We had 230 guests and it was the perfect size....the atrium for the cocktail hour was perfection, and then the ballroom was full and we were able to have a seat for each guest. It was perfection!!
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The Museum speaks for it self...its gorgeous. This was the first venue I visited and there was no need to see the other three on my list. Make it a must see so you can invision your perfect day taking place here.
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This venue is beautiful and has great space for events (large catering kitchen, huge banquet room, beautiful artwork, etc). My wedding reception turned out amazing in spite of the event coordinator at the museum and thanks to my other wonderful vendors.

Rebecca (the event coordinator) is worse than useless. She's terrible at responding to emails and her voicemail inbox is often full. She would often tell me that she was going to send me pictures and videos of past events, and she never did. We met with her about 5 times before the wedding with various other vendors, and it was like she had no idea who we were every time. At each meeting we had to explain what we wanted all over again. She would then ramble about things that didn't apply to us... like the best place for the buffet table when we weren't even having a buffet. She was completely out of touch with what we wanted to do. Luckily, our other vendors were amazing and were able to pick up the slack.

She also charged us an extra $200 since our caterer was not on the preferred vendor list. This fee was nowhere in our contract and an unexpected, last minute charge.

We agreed to pay an extra $100 for an extra hour of setup (which thanks to her incompetence, she never charged us for). Even though it was stated in our contract that we had the Atrium and Main Gallery reserved beginning at 2:00, she would not let anyone set up in the Atrium until 4:30ish. This was a huge problem for us since many of our family friends were doing the set up, and the ceremony started at 4:00 at a nearby church. Our friends thought that they would not be able to make it to the wedding except our caterer and her staff stepped in and helped. No thanks to Rebecca.

Also during the setup, Rebecca insisted that anytime anyone went in or out the backdoor, they needed to call her. This is a completely ridiculous request as the florist, caterer, and wedding coordinator needed to unload multiple vans in a short amount of time. I understand that the museum needs to maintain a level of security, but she should have had a museum employee stand by the door for security instead of keeping the door locked and disappearing into her office. Luckily, my vendors ignored her and just propped open the door.

The best thing about Rebecca is that she just stayed in her office during most of the reception. I was so happy to have her out of the way.

We have some family friends who also had their reception here a few weeks before us, and they had a very similar experience.

I have absolutely nothing good to say about Rebecca and believe it will only be a matter of time before someone at the museum realizes what a horrible job she's doing. This museum is so beautiful and really makes the perfect place for an elegant reception. It is such a shame that Rebecca is such a terrible event coordinator. It is completely beyond me why such a nice place couldn't find someone amazing to fill this position.
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I had my reception at the Museum of Biblical Art. I had my ceremony at Park Cities Baptist Church, so I liked that the reception was close, so did the guests. The Museum of Biblical Art is a fun place to have a reception, very pretty, you can make the dance floor however big you want it. I was glad I had my reception here, it worked out. The main complaint I have is with the MBA's event coordinator, Rebecca Harris. She is absolutely useless and is horrible at her job. We hired a wedding day planner to set up the room the day of. If you have your reception here, you must hire a wedding day planner. Rebecca is horrible and will make your reception a nightmare. I was so glad that I didn't have to deal with Rebecca and I had our wedding day planner to make sure everything was perfect. The room itself is a great place to have a reception but the people there are very difficult to work with.
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The building was beautiful and I cannot deny this! This ended up being the wrong venue for me. Here is my story:

My situation with this vendor was unique and I felt was handled very unprofessionally. It ended up being a nightmare for me. The orginal wedding coordinator was suddenly terminated. Her personality and knowledge of the building was the ONLY reason I chose to go with with this venue. She understood the bride and wanted to do everything to make her happy. I received a phone call from the new coordinator one week prior to the wedding. I was informed that the previous coordinator would not be handling my wedding plans anymore. I had to vist with the new wedding coordinator and explain all of my plans "again" on the week of my wedding. During this meeting, I was asked to pay additional money because I was informed that the previous coordinator made a mistake in my contract. I explained that the previous coordinator discoved this, but chose to honor the contract because it was her mistake. The venue did decide to honor the contract after a serious discussion.

There were also other changes due to inflexiblities that affected my vendors. My florist had very little time to finish decorations prior to guests arriving. The florist had to cover 110 chairs, and decorate the room for the ceremony. She also had to prepare to flip the room for the reception. This caused a problem because all vendors had to arrive at the same time through the exact same entrance. The time restraints were stressful and very unrealistic in my opinion.

The cost of the building was $2800 for 4 hours. This included a two hour set-up and one hour breakdown and four hours for the wedding and reception. I was informed that if the wedding went past the time on the contract that I would be charged additional fees. You can choose to pay for additional hours if you wish, but the set-up and breakdown remains the same.

During the wedding event, a security guard walked the building to ensure that no one touched anything. Guests were constantly reminded to step back from the pictures and do not lean on the walls.

The other disappointment was the lighting in the building for pictures. The grand room was beautiful, but the lighting in the room made it difficult to take pictures. It would put shadows over the attendants as they walked in. The previous wedding coordinator had made suggestions on how to correct this problem, but she was terminated a few days prior to my wedding. I didn't remember her suggestions because I was scheduled to have my last meeting with her two weeks prior to the wedding and I depended on this.

I would not recommend this venue, because of my personal experience. However; yours could be different. What are the chances of having this exact same thing happening to you? GOOD LUCK!
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