Mustache Pete's Intalian Eatery
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4090 Burton Drive
Cambria, CA US 93428 (map)
About Mustache Pete's Intalian Eatery
The Fine Print
Thank you for contacting Mustache Pete's Catering about your special event. The information on this web site will explain much about what we can provide for you. Our catering department will provide you with the highest professional standards of catering and we are extremely cooperative in making your special event the finest it can possibly be. While looking through this site, please keep in mind the following points.

Booking Our Services:
We do not "pencil-in" bookings. When you are ready to book our services, we require a deposit of $300.00 to hold the date. Dates are booked on a deposit only basis and not on the fact that we have been discussing your event. For any given "busy" date we might be talking to several different groups about their events. Not all decide to have an event and not all decide to utilize our services. Hence, the only way we can proceed is when we have your deposit.

This deposit is non refundable.

When you send your deposit, please include a brief note with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the bride and groom or contact person for your group. Also, please note the date, time, place and approximate size of your event. We will mail to you a receipt as confirmation of your booking so that you can relax knowing that your caterer is on line. When we have discussed all of the details of your event (no later than 90 days prior to your event), you will be sent a contract with all of the details delineated. Please sign and return the original. At this point, depending upon the size of your event, we may also require a further deposit equal to 20% of the estimated value of your event.

Two consultations are planned as part of the development of your event plans. At least one of these must be at the event site. The initial consultation, following your decision to book our services, is to discuss your event in general terms and to prepare you for all of the questions which will need to be answered regarding your event. The second consultation, at least 90 days prior to your event, is to establish all of the details of the event including the menu, services which you wish for us to provide, etc. In essence, all of the information needed to formalize the contract of services for your event. You may wish to have other consultations as well, however, these will be billed at $50.00 per hour for travel and consultation time. Call to make an appointment with a representative and discuss your event particulars.
Missing a scheduled meeting without prior cancellation will result in a consultation service charge of $50.00.

Guarantees and Payments:
Ten days before the event, we will need your guarantee of attendance. You will be billed for this amount and payment must be received no later than three days prior to your event. Any extras in goods or services which cannot be accounted for prior to your event, or any attendance beyond your guarantee count will be deducted from your $300.00 deposit following the event. An itemized statement and refund will then be mailed to you. We currently accept cash, checks, or Visa/MasterCard. Credit card payment should be made in person.

How We Operate:
For all events which we serve, we will provide for 5% more meals than your guarantee. We encourage you not to pad your count with "maybes". For most events, for every guest that arrives without an RSVP, another who has RSVP'd will be unable to attend. Your guests can enjoy seconds (buffet only) until we run out or it is obvious that the days events are moving beyond the dining phase. At that time we will close the buffet. Because we provide you with percentages of food beyond your guarantee, provide your guests with seconds (for buffets), health department standards, and our liability insurance requirements, all leftovers are the property of the caterer. If you are planning a gathering the following day for which you would like to have food prepared, you can make arrangements for this food in advance. It will be prepared and packaged for delivery to your home or readied for you to pick-up.

Pricing, Discounts and Up Charges:
The prices on this web site (except for the "Wine Country Dinner" page) are based upon the average party between 126-250 guests. The prices shown are subject to change based upon the specific conditions of your site, special needs, and overall menu choices. Prices listed are based upon your actual, guaranteed, adult guest attendance.

Children between the ages of 5-10 are charged half of the adult food price. Children under 5 are free. You will be charged the appropriate service style charge per place setting for the number of seats you have set up beyond your guarantee, even for children. Plated, full service set-ups are charged the same as a Diamond Service Buffet.

Sales Tax:
None of the listed prices include sales tax. Currently, a sales tax of 7.25% will be added to all goods and services sold to you.

Should you require rentals, we will gladly handle them for you. This insures you, and us, that everything necessary for your event gets there in a timely manner, eliminates the headache for you, and gives you only one check to write. You will pay exactly the same as you would if you handled the rentals yourself. We absorb a small discount from the rental company for the service.

Set-Up / Breakdown:
Because many sites within the region provide table and chair set-up for you, we do not include this service in our pricing. If you desire for us to provide for the set-up, breakdown, and janitorial of your event site, we will happily provide this service for you at the price of $1.00 per person. This covers set-up/breakdown of tables and chairs for the reception area and general janitorial. Set-up of double chair events, events which require chair movement from ceremony to reception area, or sites with extra janitorial requirements may be charged extra for the labor.

Bar & Beverage Service:
We at Mustache Pete's Catering will be happy to help you with any of your beverage needs. For non-alcoholic beverage requirements, beyond that which is provided with your meal, such as sparkling cider, juices, sodas, mineral waters, special punches, etc., a fee of $20.00 is added to your bill for set-up. Ice is charged at $15.00 per 50lb. bag and the costs of your beverage ware is extra and will be determined by the service level which you choose.

Difficult Sites:
Because our services are designed for a somewhat generic site or banquet hall, the prices shown are subject to extra charges for sites which require more labor to set-up or serve. These costs, should they apply, will be discussed upon viewing your specific site and learning of the details regarding your event.

Your Event Representative:
To avoid confusion, it is helpful to have only one individual with which we converse regarding your event. This enables us to keep a clear and un-muddied picture of what services and menu we are to provide for you. We will also ask you to specify the only two individuals who will have authority to change the agreed upon details of your event. These individuals will be specified in the contract. We will also request a point of contact for the day of the event. This will be the person that we interface with for all of the details of the event while ongoing.
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