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I found the employees to be very professional, but you can definately find tux shops that are a better value. Half our tuxes had something wrong with them (incorrect measurements), but the staff was able to promptly fix the error & all the guys looked great. One tux didn't get returned on time, and they were very courteous to let us turn it in a day late with no charge.
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I actually went to the MW tux in Oak Lawn, IL, and it was horrible. They were very friendly when I first went to make the arrangements on the color and styles of the tuxes, but after that everything was horrible. They are supposed to be experts at measuring, and that could be the farthest from the truth. MOST of the groomsman and my dads/brothers tuxes were wrong!!! They were too big, too short, too long, I heard all sorts of complaints. Even though they did say they would fix what needed to be fixed, I didn't expect for the MAJORITY of the suits to be the wrong size!!! I mean isn't this a very important part of their business to measure their customers, and they couldn't even get that right! Also I wanted the grooms tux to be different than the rest of course and they were trying to give the same style tux to one of my uncles!!! Luckily my uncle called me while he was at the fitting and they changed it but come on!!!! Also they gave my dad the wrong suit jacket!!!!!!! It was the right color but the wrong style and even though other people couldn't really notice when you're the bride you notice!!!! I mean a bride doesn't want to be getting a million phone calls about this the week of the wedding, In total there was 7 people that got their tuxes wrong, 5 were given the wrong size, and 2 the wrong style...come on this is unbeleivable!!!!!! This is not what you expect from people that measure as a profession. All in all they fixed 5 out of 7 tuxes, but in my book this wasn't good enough. They shouldn't of got that many tuxes wrong in the first place, I would NOT recommend this place to anyone.
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When you have a wedding that is during porm season make sure to check the shoes. 3 of the groomsmen and my dad had glitter covered shoes. Also, make sure all of the pieces are there when you grab the tux's I was missing my brother's jacket and best man's vest and had to rush to get them. Always go over you order about 2 weeks before the wedding to make sure you allow time for any changes to be made without being charged a $25 fee per person.
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