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Nathaniel Thompson Photography

Santa Barbara , CA


Santa Barbara, CA US




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accomplished wedding photographer, based out of santa barbara & santa ynez, classic romance infused with hollywood glamour; unparalleled artistic eye; world traveler; destination wedding... Read more
accomplished wedding photographer, based out of santa barbara & santa ynez, classic romance infused with hollywood glamour; unparalleled artistic eye; world traveler; destination wedding photographer, meticulous attention to detail; captures timeless emotion; very friendly and easy to work with


please check the *DEALS ICON to see if we are running any deals and also, please click on the PRICING ICON at the bottom of our pricing page, to view our thorough PRICING SHEET PDF. we can create custom packages too, and offer a la carte services as well, which are great for elopements! Read less


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What primary photographic style do you identify with?
Contemporary, Photojournalism
What photography services do you offer?
2nd Shooter, Add'l Hours, Engagement Shoot, High-Res, Liability Insurance, Multi. Locations, One Event/Day, Slideshow/Montage, Toning, Trash The Dress
What photography items do you offer?
Albums, Canvas, Digital Files, Flush Mount, Matted Prints, Prints, Proofs, Save the Date, Thank You Cards


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Wonderfully talented and creative. So much fun to be around!
Wonderfully talented and creative. So much fun to be around!
Wonderfully talented and creative. So much fun to be around! Read less
Services Used: Photography


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