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If the owner had called me back, I might not have been mad enough to post this. Problems are only problems when they're not dealt (or even responded to) by the owner/management. I didn't want a refund or anything, just an apology and the knowledge it wouldnt happen to another bride. July 1st, 2009 I took my mom and 2 daughters (7 and 10) to get pedicures and manicures before my wedding. My manicure and pedicure was great (Michelle) but my daughters and mom had Audrey and Angela. Audrey, although INCREDIBLY pleasant, didn't know how to do a french manicure and blamed it on the "ridges on my mom's nails" and then when I reminder her that the ridges are supposed to be buffed, her next excuse was that my mom had natural "oils" in her fingernails causing it not to stick. That's ridiculous, as she gets french manicures a few times a year, as do my daughters. Angela was just a young selfish girl more concerned with her upcoming trip to Jamaica than my daughter's nails. Angela treated my very mature 7 year old like she didn't care (since she was young) and left blobs on her french manicure. I pointed out a flaw (green crayon under the nail) and she asked me what I wanted her to do about it; I was flabbergasted and said I wanted her to do nothing. I realized I'd just have to take off the polish later, and we never had time before the wedding to go to another salon, so she went without. My daughter's pedicure also looked horrible, and smeared in the middle. She said my daughters nails were so little. What? Are you professionals or not? As any mom knows, you'd rather have your daughter's services better than your own, so any technician who "dismisses" a little girl is really missing the boat. I pointed out the problems to the front desk and they said they'd have the owner Julie call me (who was on vacation). Here it is July 15th, 2 weeks later, and there has been no return call even though I've left 2 additional messages on her voice mail (and one with the receptionist in case her voice mail is problematic), explaining I don't want anything from her and just want to provide the feedback. We spent about $300 and it was a total disappointing experience. Beautiful location doesn't mean beautiful service. Additionally, they originally told us there were only 2 nail technicians in and that we'd have the upstairs to ourselves, but we'd have to wait a while since they couldn't do us all at once with just 2 technicians at a time. When we got there, the place was packed and I asked them why they didn't call us so we didn't have to be there for 3+ hours. They said they didn't plan it and didn't know why they didn't call. So we had the massive delay since the 4 of us were back-to-back, without the privacy. I didn't care about the privacy, but would've appreciated them letting us know we could do the services at the same time with more technicians. I told them it was before my wedding, so extra care should've been taken. Total lack of attention to personalized service, nevermind the lack of skills of the technicians (Audrey and Angela) and the lack of regard by the owner. She can't even be bothered to return my call. How can they stay in business?
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