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Situated in beautiful Paso Robles wine country, the Historic Paso Robles Inn is conveniently located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California's Central Coast. The Inn... Read more
Situated in beautiful Paso Robles wine country, the Historic Paso Robles Inn is conveniently located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California's Central Coast. The Inn has been a premier location for California getaways for over a century and is a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America.

The Inn is directly across the street from the Paso Robles town center, which offers shopping, galleries, restaurants and theaters,all within walking distance. Read less
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Our stay at the paso inn was a big mistake we got chargeed spa room charges and then lied to about the spa water was less then luck warm no pressure. We have been comeing fir 10 years. And only came because of the spa baths that was the only reason well we wont be back so i would advise any one looking for a spa bathe go some where esle dont wast your money at paso robles inn
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We planned our wedding reception at the historic ballroom at the Paso Robles Inn, and would HIGHLY recommend this location to others, especially those looking for a larger venue at a reasonable cost. We initially looked at winery locations for our reception, but a variety of factors led us to the PR Inn. Compared to wineries, the PR Inn ballroom was VERY reasonable from a price point, and while you have to use the PR Inn's restaurant for catering, the food options were perfectly good and price-wise were comparable to other caterers. Key overview:
1) Event planner Carla Ruano was incredibly kind and VERY flexible. We changed our mind and asked a variety of questions numerous times and Carla never seemed fazed. We were able to drop some items off up to a couple days before the wedding, and Carla was awesome at coordinating this.
2) Price - as already mentioned was VERY reasonable (compared to other venue options).
3) Venue itself: the ballroom is a very classy location and fits up to 250 people (although at that number would not accommodate a dance floor, so dinner tables would have to be moved to make that happen). We had 160 people and that was a great number for the ballroom to still accommodate a dance floor and not feel too crowded. MANY people commented on how beautiful the building was, so it turned out to be a great alternative to a vineyard setting. Plus, with evening weather hard to predict in Paso Robles, everyone was comfortable in the ballroom, especially the older generation. The foyer to the ballroom is also a great room for cocktail hour and accommodates a good-sized bar. If you can't make a beautiful vineyard setting work, at least the PR Inn is very conveniently located in downtown Paso, within walking distance to other restaurants and tasting rooms and the great park downtown.
4) Food: Great! To be honest our expectations were high but not over the top. We had filet mignon and salmon, and we emphasized our desire to have the filet cooked medium-rare. I loved my filet (yes, I actually ate at my own reception!), thought it was cooked perfectly, and several others commented on how well the filet was cooked. Not many people had salmon and we heard it was good, but it was the filet that got the raves. We also asked for a late-night appetizer (grilled cheese sandwiches!) to be served after cake (and after people had consumed a few beverages...), and even though the Inn had never done this before they easily made it happen and it was a huge hit! (highly recommend to others out there).
5) Drinks: we utilized the corkage fee option for bringing in our own wine/sparking wine. Beer and hard liquor must be purchased through the PR Inn, and beer is only served in bottles (no kegs). Staff is very flexible on the bar options depending on your wishes/budget, and so we opted with beer/wine and 3 specialty cocktails. Very happy we added the cocktails and the final bill was not as steep as we were anticipating considering it was an open bar for 160 people!
6) Service level: we had several people comment on the high service level during the reception. Staff was pleasant and helpful, with no complaints (that I heard of).
7) Rooms: the nice part about having a reception at a hotel is the ease of accommodations for guests (i.e. able to walk to your room after partying). Staff at the hotel were great at working with us to block off rooms and coordinate filling up the rooms above the ballroom (there are 12 rooms above the ballroom that are the nicer spa rooms, and to keep the party going until 11pm instead of 9:30 then your wedding guests must occupy all 12 rooms). While it was harder than anticipated to get these rooms filled up, we made it happen. The few comments I got back from guests were that the rooms were very nice and comfortable.

Even with the best venues there are a couple downsides, so here are the few for the PR Inn:
1) the need to fill up the 12 rooms above the ballroom to keep the party going until 11pm (especially if your guests are on a budget)
2) lack of options for colors on linens (only black, white, and ivory options) - not a problem for us but we might have opted for something else if there were other options.
3) ...that's all I've got!

Amazingly, as a native from Paso I didn't think this venue would be good and didn't look into it for a while. Finally decided I would to check the pricing, and can't emphasize enough how happy I am we ended up using the PR Inn for our reception - was even better than I imagined!
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I was very impressed with the service, food and professionalism of the Paso Robles Inn. The Ballroom was a perfect place to hold my daughter's wedding reception. The lightening, decor and food were perfect for our event. My guests are still talking about how great the meal was. Jan and Carla were wonderful to work with and the staff the night of the reception was wonderful with my guests. I would highly recommend the Paso Robles Inn for a special event.
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The Paso Robles Inn did a wonderful job with our dinner the night before the wedding and the wedding and reception. Our dinner the night before was a big event for us. We had many friends who travelled across the country for this evening and they were thrilled with the ballroom, the beautiful setup and the food and music. I did all of the planning myself. I presented a detailed set- up plan to PRI and took care of making sure all of the vendors knew when they were supposed to show up and what they were supposed to do. Having said that, the PRI staff were extremely helpful and accommodating with carrying out our plan. It was a magic night to remember. The wedding day was also perfect. The PRI took care of all the setup and set out my flowers for me that had been saved in their refrigerator from the dinner the night before. Taylor Rentals delivered the arch for the ceremony and apparently it fell over before the ceremony started. I wasn't there to see any of this, but my friend and volunteer coordinator for the wedding day got PRI to set it up for us. It looked great! The food was over the top delicious. It was such a pleasure to have our guests enjoy the wonderful food. I would highly recommend Paso Robles Inn for a very special event.
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I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience as a bride at the Paso Robles Inn. By far the best group coordinator I have ever dealt with is Sybil Bonelli. I booked my ceremony and room block with her almost a year in advance and was in contact with her on a regular basis from that time until the wedding. She took the extra time to speak with me about every concern, tend to the entire party of 100 (most of which were staying at the Inn Friday and Saturday nights) and go out of her way to make the experience the best of my life.
From the second we arrived at the Inn our weekend was flawless! The chef took care of storing my wedding cake, they provided us a suite at the price of a garden room, Carla set up for the ceremony EXACTLY how I wanted it, provided a refreshment station that was beautiful and most importantly treated every single one of our guests as if it were their special day as well.
Not only will my husband and I have these gorgeous memories to hold for our entire lives, the most important people in our world will have those same precious memories...we will come here for years and truly value what the Paso Robles Inn has done and means to us.
Julie and Mark Smith
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I was very disappointed with our wedding reception. Our primary contact was Carla Rauno who was responsible for coordinating our wedding day at the Inn. A wedding coordinator is not required at the Inn because Carla and Nick do pretty much everything. But they will not assist with set-up or tear-down of personal items or of other vendors. In our situation, we were using the flowers from our ceremony at our reception and needed to hire someone to do this for us. Carla was initially very friendly and willing to work with us. We were having an intimate wedding of 50 guests. We kept it simple. We were unable to finalize our wedding plans with Carla until 2 weeks prior to our wedding date. She was on vacation and did not attempt to finalize our plans prior to her leaving. We had requested a tasting and no one was there from the special event department. The chef had prepared a marvelous meal and the presentation was fabulous. I was very pleased with chef Kelly's work. We were disappointed that Carla and/or Jan did not join us.

Carla had reassured us that between her and Nick, we would be completely satisfied. I trusted her and made final arrangements in regards to our wedding one week out. I had even brought along the person we hired for moving the flowers and setting up our favors. At that meeting, Carla had changed her demeanor. She was short and rushed us through the final decisions. She started commenting that she would have to start adding fees if we needed furniture moved or any "special accommodations." I was truly concerned about filling the ballroom and making our reception look nice. We agreed to have our cocktail area inside to fill the room and discussed the layout of the ceremony. Carla charged us for 4 cocktail tables and said that we would need to pick them up and drop them off on the day of.

Taylor Rentals did not have a reservation for the tables so we had to pay for the rentals again. When we dropped off the tables, Nick had said that he did not need the tables and refused to set-up the room according to our agreement with Carla. When I talked to Carla about this she simply said, "I told Nick but since you had a wedding coordinator I didn't push the issue." I was very upset with this response. My wedding coordinator was responsible for moving and setting up the things that the inn would not do. At that point, it became obvious to me that Carla had a bad relationship with the person I hired. She was independent from the Inn but had stated that she works with the Inn on a regular basis doing side jobs. Carla did reimburse us for the table rentals.

Nick set-up the cake table without our cake knives. Our DJ had noticed that our knives were not out there and informed Nick. Nick replied, "It not my responsibility. I was not given the knives." I was disappointed that we were not notified that our knives were not on the table. Carla simply replied that it was not their responsibility for the knives and our coordinator was suppose to set them out. I agree that it was the responsibility of the coordinator to set-up the knives but when they noticed that they were not set-up why didn't they do something or say something to me? This was another issue I brought up and I felt that I was being punished because they didn't like the person I hired to help.

We had planned our rehearsal dinner at the Inn the night before with a limited menu. We had unexpected guests and the Inn did an excellent job with accommodating about 6 additional people to our dinner. The food was excellent. I was a bit disappointed with the beverage service and handling of dessert. Carla and I had worked out the menu prior to the dinner and had discussed the payment being added to our wedding bill to avoid a bill being presented and our guests from trying to pay the bill. Once again, Carla did not communicate this with anyone and we were presented with a bill. Not expecting to receive the bill, we had to pay with our debit card. Michael had apologized and helped us with other issues that came up that night.

The room accommodations were prepared by Jan. She was suppose to request a garden room for the night of our wedding. This was a complementary room because we booked when we did. The Inn does not provide a room for the bride to get ready in so I booked a first floor room in the gardens for the night before. That way I would have a place to get ready in. I was also wanting to get pictures of the garden view from the room. Jan had called me a couple of days before and said that she had noted my requests and the rooms would be ready for check-in on Friday after 4. When I went to check-in, I was booked for one room on the second floor for both nights. They had us above the ballroom. My friend complained and spoke to the manager, Mike, who was very helpful and worked out the details for us. He comped my room for Friday and apologized since no notes were written. Carla was suppose to be at our rehearsal and did not show. She called in sick.

I am not very picky or a "Bridezilla." I am pretty flexible and was very trusting of the Inn. My thought was that they get paid to worry and stress about the planning so that I don't have to! I guess I was wrong. Now I know why so many brides freak out. I would have been happier with the garden ceremony and a toast with cake outside. My ceremony was perfect! Our cake was yummy! Our officiant was right on! I couldn't have been happier with those services. Even my flowers were great! I was only disappointed with the Inn's ability to provide a decent reception. I would not recommend the Inn for your reception.

We were treated poorly. I can keep going...My friend ordered Champagne and Chocolate covered strawberries for us. She asked for the champagne to be delivered at 5 and the strawberries at 8. She went to the room around four to set-up and everything was already delivered and sitting out on the table. She was furious. She had to put the champagne on ice and called for them to return with the strawberries at 8. We did get our strawberries delivered at 8. I think that when you make arrangements for something to be delivered and/or pay for a certain service, it should be provided as discussed and you shouldn't have to complain about it for it to be done right. I hate complaining and having to deal with things like this.
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