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2+ years ago
I purchased my wedding dress, vail, slip, 3 bridesmaids dresses and my mother's "Mother of the Bride" dress at Petoskey Bridal. My initial experience during my first visit with Melva was absolutely wonderful. I had no idea what I wanted and Melva was patient and offered many suggestions to help me through the decision making process. One very nice thing about PB is they have many sizes of dresses to try, not just size 8, so I was actually able to try on a number of dresses in my size (2). I didn't find a dress during my first trip, but noted the manufacturers that PB worked with and hit the internet when I got home. Based on what I learned from trying on dresses, I knew what I was looking for and found the perfect dress online (from Maggie Sottero). Melva helped me find other bridal salons in my area where I could see the dress in person, and was extremely quick and responsive with my questions about the "sight unseen" ordering process. She also provided great insight about how to decide which hem-length to choose based on my outdoor venue. So all of that was perfect and I waited patiently for my dress to come in (6 months!). Since PB is near my venue but 4.5 hours from my home, I planned to see the dress over a holiday weekend, giving PB time to put the bustle in and let me take it home that same weekend. My plans were put on hold when the dress arrived MISBUILT. One side of the dress was BIGGER than the other, the waistband didn't line up in the back, and the bodice cut across my chest at an angle. This was not PB's fault, of course, it was Maggie Sottero's fault, but this is where my relationship with PB got strained. Instead of dealing with Melva, I was now dealing with the owner, and she was not as good at the customer service as she should be. She did not agree that the dress was misbuilt, and wouldn't guarantee that the company would stand behind it, and explained that it was too late even for a rush order, and even explained on two different occasions that she wasn't interested in buying two dresses just to sell one - if in fact Maggie Sottero wouldn't stand behind the misbuilt dress. As you can imagine I was furious. I waited two terrible weeks to get the "verdict" from Maggie Sottero about what could be done. When I got the call from the owner, she explained that Maggie Sottero would be sending a NEW dress OVERNIGHT, in my size and my color and my hem length. Huh, sounds a lot like they recognized their terrible error and were going to extreme lengths to make it right. All the angst that the owner at PB put me through, describing the worst case scenario was for nothing. When I tried on the dress it was perfect, and the owner suggested a beautiful bustle design that I had never seen before. We took the dress home and thought we were out of the woods. UNTIL two days before the wedding when I tried the dress on again only to find that one of the bustle buttons was not there. So, on the day before my wedding, when I should have been relaxing with my out-of-town guests, I had to drive to Petoskey to get the bustle fixed. Of course, Melva was sweet and they were able to fix it while my mom and sister and I went for some breakfast. But it shouldn't have happened in the first place. When I picked up the dress, Melva scolded me for bringing it to her in a plastic bag, that I must always carry it in an acid free bag like the one they delivered it to me in. So I explained to Melva that the plastic bag WAS the one that the owner delivered the dress in. So Melva placed the dress in a beautiful pink acid free bag - the kind it should have been delivered in - in the first place. So decide for yourself. Basically, as long as you work with Melva you're fine. But stay away, far away, from the owner. She should stick to ordering and leave the customers to her wonderful staff.
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Sara Lyn
I was getting very frustrated because I could not find a dress that would work for me. My mom and I stopped into the salon in Petoskey and meet Melva. She helped me to find the dress I needed. When I put it on, I started crying and I knew it was the one. Melva is such a sweet woman and she helped us out SO much. I am very happy I chose to there and look around.
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Found what i wanted, just wish it cost less.
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