Rachael Foster Photography
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North Chambliss Street
Alexandria, VA US 22312 (map)
About Rachael Foster Photography
Through timeless photojournalism and artistic portraiture, I capture real moments and beautiful memories.

My style is warm, natural, and light-filled with a fresh and clean composition that will stand the test of time. I love capturing the moments, big and small, that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

I take a mix of candid photos and natural, fine-art portraits. With just the right amount of encouragment and enthusiasm, I keep everyone comfortable and relaxed so they look their best.
Frequently Asked Questions
There are so many wedding photographers. What sets you apart?

This is such a great question, and I love answering it for new clients. I am a full-time photographer with a passion for capturing your wedding the way you want to remember it. I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. I start every consultation with a conversation about you: how you met, what matters to you, and the style and feeling you want to achieve for your wedding.

I do not have another “day job," and I don’t overbook myself. You will never have to worry about my ability to be responsive to your questions, concerns or desires. You are a high priority for me because I choose to work with only a limited number of couples each year.

My clients and their families LOVE working with me. Every couple I’ve photographed has been thrilled with the final images and thanked me for being so fun and flexible on their wedding day. Their family members say how kind and helpful I was during family portraits.

I take beautiful photos in all kinds of lighting: sunrise, noon, sunset, bright sunshine, clouds, rain, extremely low light, harsh overhead light, strong backlighting, multicolored stage lighting, incandescent (yellow) light, and fluorescent (greenish) light—to name a few.

Nothing is more important in photography than proper lighting. It kills me when I hear from people who hired beginners for their wedding and are wondering if there’s any program that can fix the lighting in their photos. Quite often they hired a friend or family member who was just starting out but had some beautiful photos online. The couple didn’t notice that those photos were almost all taken in good natural light. When their photographer had to work in more difficult conditions, he/she didn’t know how to compensate.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do in Photoshop or any other program to fix bad lighting that wasn’t properly supplemented at the time the photo was taken. When I’m helping friends and family members choose a photographer, I always recommend they see an entire wedding--including photos taken inside during the reception.

How do I book you?

I believe the relationship between the photographer and the client is one of the most important factors in creating beautiful images, and I book a limited number of weddings, portraits, and events per year so I can give my clients the time, attention, and creative energy they need. Before booking a wedding date, I require an in-person consultation so we can both decide if we are the right fit. To schedule a consultation, please contact me at rachael@rachaelfosterphoto.com

This all sounds so wonderful, but it seems expensive. How do I know how much to spend?

Every wedding has a budget. (Yes, even celebrity weddings have budgets. Their budget is just $5,000,000 while yours is probably closer to the national average of $28,000.) Whatever your target numbers are, you know some things are priorities, and you’re willing to spend more on them.

Photography is the one thing that captures your wedding day—the emotions, the moments, and the details you’ve worked so hard to put together—in its entirety.

I recently read that it takes the average bride over 400 hours to plan her wedding. That’s the same as working ten 40 hour work weeks. After all that work, guess how long the wedding day lasts? 24 hours. It can be the most wonderful and magical 24 hours of your life, but unfortunately, no one has found a way to make a single day last longer.

That’s why photos are so important. Looking at a photo can transport you back to the moment it was taken. You can experience the joy and happiness you felt on your wedding day all over again. You can see all the people you love and cherish gathered together to celebrate your marriage. And you can recall how all those details came together to create something magical.

Think about what your dream wedding looks like and what it really means to you. Then imagine being able to experience that day over and over for the rest of your life through beautiful, authentic photos.

Who do you work best with?

I work best with people who are excited for their wedding and marriage and want the best possible photos to remember their wedding day. My clients plan beautiful, unique weddings, but they don’t always know exactly what it takes to create gorgeous, unique photos. They are happy to share their vision and trust me to capture their wedding the way they want it.

What is a “First Look” and should I have one?

The concept is actually very simple: the couple chooses a time and location to see each other before the ceremony with only the photographer present to capture their emotions. It's a great way to settle nerves, enjoy a private moment together, and get some photos before all the wedding day events begin. Sometimes it’s the only way to allow enough time for portraits of the couple, their wedding party, and families.

A First Look can definitely make it easier to capture all the photos you want, and many people prefer to have a private moment together, but it’s ultimately up to you whether it’s the right fit for your wedding. I can talk you through all the important factors you should consider at our consultation, but I will always leave the choice up to you. I happily photograph weddings with and without First Looks.

May I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Definitely! My couples and their families have become raving fans of my photography services and love to talk with other potential clients about their experiences with me. You read your reviews below and let me know if you'd like to talk with anyone in particular.

I have a couple more questions before getting started…how can we discuss them further?

I would be happy to answer every last question you have during our consultation. Send me an email at rachael@rachaelfosterphoto.com to schedule at time for our meeting.

Congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait to meet you!


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