Razberry's Banquet & Conf Center
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Quality of Service 
1+ year ago
4.9 out of 5.0
A winter wedding is something out of a fairytale story. The venue was the most beautiful event I have ever attended. The food was just the best I have ever had. When suggested different items to include they were outstanding. This venue does not event compare to any restaurant's we have been going to. Always mentioning what we had at Razberry's. Price was fantastic and had nothing to worry about. Just enjoyed our self and let the Staff and Debbie take care of everything. My guests were so taken back. They have now been looking into having their own family events. Everyone should take a look and ask someone who has attended. You will never regret it.
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5.0 out of 5.0
My husband and I were extremely pleased with our wedding reception and wedding ceremony at Razberrys. The service was superb - always friendly and great presentation. The owners went out of their way to make our experience special. Their attention to detail ensured that our special day went smoothly. Outside there are gorgeous grounds for pictures - elegant surroundings of beautiful evergreens, flowers and a water fountain. The inside is truly stunning with a large glass atrium overlooking a garden and chandeliers. Razberrys provided a perfect, full service, stress-free wedding destination for us.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
4.6 out of 5.0
We recently had our wedding at Razberry's in November 2010. The venue was absolutely perfect for what we wanted - a large venue with separate cocktail hour, large dance floor for a large wedding (>200 people), beautiful setting, the only wedding at the site, and all included in the price. I was a little nervous about the food quality because the price was so reasonable with everything included (cocktail hour, top shelf liquor, entrees, wedding cake, champagne toast) but the food was one of the highlights of the wedding. Every guest came up to me and raved about the delicious cocktail hour and said it was the most food they had ever seen at a wedding. The service was excellent with food constantly being replaced and served at the cocktail hour and reception. Also, the manager was very involved in the wedding and was very involved in making th enight a success. She threw in extra appetizers for cocktail hour without extra cost, decorated the wedding cake with flowers and decorations from my wedding theme, decorated the entire venue for free (we saved a ton on centerpieces), and was my husband and I's personal assistant throughout the night. Near the end of the night they became more strict about guests dancing wtih drinks (but to be fair my guests had already dropped at least 4 glasses on the dance floor so this was a reasonable request). I definitely would recommend this venue.
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3.8 out of 5.0
I'll start by saying my wedding was great. they really did a good job, and it wasn't too pricey compared to the other places, and they really get everything done for you. you get the hall, catering, your cake, and a planner who will make sure everything gets done.. my only complaint was the woman we dealt with. I think she forgets that it's not her party, and she basically tries to bully you if she doesnt' agree.. she said we didnt' need a rehersal, but i had to put my foot down and make her let us have the rehersal. she was not happy, and ignored us while we were there rehersing, and gave us short answers when we asked her waht we should do. at the actuall wedding, she was wearing white gloves and walking around like a drill seargent. she got upset when the wedding party wasn't exactly where they should be, and got my sister in law very upset at one point. Due to getting married during a huricane, the power did go out for a minute, but they took care of it and it came back on.. that was great, but the woman actually was a bit nasty with some of my guests when they tried to go use the bathroom. no need for the rudness! after talking to some people after the wedding, the woman from Razberrys got the nickname of the "wedding Nazi" if i could change anything about my wedding, it'd only be the hurricane, and that woman. she needs some sedatives!

the only other bad thing was that you dont' really pick much of your cake.. it comes with the place, so you pick a filling and yellow or chocolate cake.. icing will be white, and she will put some of your flowers on it and a cake topper.. like she's doing us a favor... the cake was actually really bad too.. although i think we just got a section with no filling. when we ate our top layer a eyar later, i realized it wasn't even the cake that i had asked for.

so, I'd say yes, look into this place, but as a ground rule, tell the nazi lady to calm down, and let you decide some things!
Services Used: Wedding Cake, Catering, Wedding Venue
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