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Absolutely one of the most stunning and memorable places to have a wedding. They accomodated us on the Rehearsal Dinner, provided great rooms for our guests all in the same building and had everything set up to a "T". Thank you so much for helping make our day perfection!
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Venue
Rosario Resort has so much going for it, but the stress of dealing with the staff makes it really not worth it. The resort is located on beautiful Orcas Island, but it is just a pretty face with no substance behind it. I had problems from the very beginning and I was very close to canceling our wedding there even though we would have lost a $1,000 deposit. It started off with problems with the staff not responding to my emails, which was followed by me getting incorrect information from several staff members, which then led me to be labeled as a "difficult" bride when I tried to straighten things out and get my facts straight. They canceled an appointment with me at the last minute that I had planned months in advance and while they gave me reassurances the week before my wedding that they were going to be 100% focused on my wedding, they didn't respond to my emails or phone calls that I left starting on Monday until late on Thursday night when I was frantically trying to get everything organized. Thankfully, a good friend of mine stepped in and pulled off the wedding plans I had so carefully laid out for the Rosario Resort staff. The wait staff went to her for her all their instructions rather than to the manager on duty who obviously wasn't briefed about the details I planned.

To add insult to injury, two and a half months after the wedding I'm still having to deal with their messes. They billed my photographers for a night they didn't stay and when I tried to correct the error their Director of Catering "accidentally" sent me an email that stated how horrible she thought I was and how miserable my husband was. Ironically, I had thought this individual was one of the more professional members of the staff, but I was apparently mistaken. After getting the nasty email they then sent letters to all my guests who stayed at the resort stating that they accidentally billed our account for one night of our guests' rooms in error and that they have to bill another night on the credit cards on file. I know we weren't accidentally billed for 20 guest nights because I would have noticed a surprise $2,500 charge. They shouldn't have lied to my guests to correct their error, but that is how they do things. I honestly don't know how to get to the bottom of figuring our how to deal with these letters now that I have vowed never to deal with Rosario Resort again. I feel like I'm letting my guests down...

It is a beautiful place to get married, but the management staff is a nightmare which caused me many sleepless nights. If you really want to get married there, hire a wedding planner to deal with the staff and make sure he or she is there on the day of the wedding to make sure that the catering/wait staff know what's supposed to happen. Don't fall victim to their pleas to hire someone from the island either. Many people from Seattle are more than willing to make the trip to Orcas Island for a small fee if any.
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Venue
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