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We used Royal Carribean Cruise Line Freedom of The Seas for our honeymoon in January. Hands down it was the best vacation I have EVER been on. We flew to florida to get to the ship then from there went to Coco Cay Bahamas, St Thomas, and St Maartin. It was incredible...there is so much to do on the ship. All of the employees are just amazing and genuinely love their job. The food was awesome and abundant! The staterooms were clean and always maintained. You want for nothing on this cruiseline except a longer trip...LOL
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My wedding was chaotic. I was warned only a week before my wedding that the boarding time of the ship might be delayed because the ship was arriving from Europe so it takes longer to clear the boat. A few months ago the story I was told was that my guests would get to enjoy an early check and and get to walk around the boat and take pictures. That didnt happen. We were told to arrive at 10:30am. The wedding coordinators were not that visible to my guests as they were not holding a sign that I was told they would be holding. My wedding was scheduled at 1pm. I didnt get on the boat until 1:30. I had to rush to get ready in the bathroom by the Sphinx room. Good thing my ceremony and the reception were in the same room to save more time. I had the ceremony in the Sphinx room because not everyone would fit in the chapel. The floral pilars did not show up. I dont think the coordinators read all the specific requests i had in the contract. In fact they were asking me at the terminal the order of the ceremony when its all outlined in the contract. The wedding songs were all screwed up. The coordinators really tried their best knowing so much went wrong which i appreciated. The food and cake from Royal Carib were good. Dj didnt show up so I ended up using Pandora from my friends Iphone to start the wedding (good thing i had a sound technician that could at least do that). I was immediated reimbursed for that and for a wedding coordinator not being able to board the ship (I never noticed they were missing a coordinator on the ship). Everyone felt that the wedding was rushed. The photographer and some really good pics but the majority were blurry and I had NO PICTURES OF MY GUESTS!. So remember to request that. I don't think I would have done it that way if I had known we would check in so late. It was a hassle for my guests to come from so far and wait all day for a rushed 2 hour wedding. Guess I got what i paid for.

This is the letter I wrote to Royal Romance in requesting additional reimbursements. They were granted to me after some arguing. The text is screwed up from the pasting and copying:

First I would like to thank my weddingcoordinators for sincerely doing the best job that they could. Withthe delay in customs clearing the boat and the fact that my DJ did not show upat all, I thank my coordinators for being able to almost pull itoff. My wedding started an hour late but the two hours of the receptionwere delivered. I thank you for extending the amount of time mynonsailing guests could stay in the reception. While I understandmishaps can happen during weddings, there were several services that were notdelivered that I am kindly asking for reimbursement.

· In the contract I requested that the champagnebottles not be opened and that they be delivered to my cabin. This did nothappen. I request that the cost of the sparkling wine bottle bereimbursed.

· Several of my guests complained that their drinkswere either never delivered, delivered with extremely slow service, orthat they did not have alcohol. I request for an hour's worth of alcoholservice be reimbursed because the service was unacceptable and verydisappointing.

· The DJ did not show up. I request the full reimbursement for this.

In addition to these requests, I would like to makenote of some of the other services that did not go according to plan. Iam unable to put a price on these mishaps. Perhaps we can negotiate a partialreimbursement of some sort.

· The quality of the food was excellent, however mymother informed me that there were several instances of the food being emptyand her having to remind the servers to refill the food.

· The incorrect songs were played during theceremony.

· The silk floral arrangements and pillars neverarrived. This make the expensive photography I paid for come out less thanideal.

· I have not received a certificate.
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The Royal Romance Wedding Coordinators I worked with were amazing. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a destination/port of call wedding.
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