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About ten days ago, I visited "Kathryn's" for a full set gel manicure, done by Twila, and overall I was not pleased.

The good:
-English-speaking. A huge plus. Love the work that Korean salons do, but hate when they speak to each other in Korean. Most of the women who worked at the salon were bright, upbeat, smiling, and all speaking ENGLISH! Yay!

-The price. I only paid $35 for a full set, but beware: that price is not typical at Kathryn's. They are normally $60 (outrageous), but that week they happened to be running a special. (If you aren't aware, a typical gel set should cost between $40-$50. Acrylic generally runs about $25-$35.)

The bad:
-Twila has absolutely no people skills whatsoever. If you have to sit with someone for an hour and a half, the least they can do is try to keep it from being awkward. Instead she worked in silence and often stopped working altogether to listen to other manicurists' conversations. Even when I tried to stimulate the flow of conversation, Twila only answered questions about herself and did not reflect the conversation at all. I found this very off-putting. I would have expected at least a "how are you" but instead when I greeted her and asked how she was, the most reply I got out of her was "Fine". I don't think she was actively trying to be rude, maybe she's just shy or was never taught manners, but it was not the relaxing experience I had hoped for.

-Method. For the past few years, I have been seeing Valerie Ramos at Absolute Nails for gel manicures. Suddenly, Absolute Nails is out of business, hence why I came to Kathryn's. When I explained Valerie's method to Twila (sculpted gel, no tips or acrylic), she basically told me I was wrong and that it wasn't done or Valerie must have been fooling me. If I wasn't as confident as I am about Valerie's method, Twila might have made me feel very stupid. As it is, she wouldn't budge on the issue and I ended up with a layer of acrylic underneath the gel. Which - surprise, surprise - has now broken less than two weeks later. (Acrylic is very brittle and prone to breakage.)

-Hideous manicure. I left the shop extremely dissatisfied, but did not reschedule or ask her to fix it because I simply don't have the time. The fact that I had an hour and a half free to do something like get my nails done was a fluke in the first place, so the chances of me freeing up that time to get them re-done are nonexistent. Anyway, the manicure is uneven, cloudy, and has bubbles in it. She did not check that all nails were the same length. The white of the tips is brushed into the clear gel behind it, giving the nails a sloppy look. The nails are all different shapes. The edges are sloppy. The back ends (toward the cuticle) started lifting within two days.

-Ouch! Twila is not gentle with her file. I left with very sore cuticles.

Overall: I would not recommend this salon to anyone - at least not for a gel manicure. Granted, I have not seen any of the other ladies there, so I can't speak for them, but Twila's work was not up to par. Next time I will shell out the extra money and go to a different salon that won't cut up my fingers and force acrylic onto me when I don't want it.
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Nicole & Craig
I walked in 2 days before the wedding to book appointments for 4 girls and they were able to accommodate us. Extremely friendly American staff talked to us the whole time and made me feel extra special as the bride. They also gave me a discount for bringing in 3 others. They could only do one pedi at a time so allow a few hours. Everyone's nails looked gorgeous and mine didn't chip or anything on my honeymoon. I was extra satisfied with the pedi. It was all so relaxing and fun! The prices were reasonable as well.
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