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Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas A. Edison

This quote stays with me for a very long time and completely reflects my approach to photography, business, and life.

In 2005 I bought my first Olympus and realized that it was the love at first sight, the love of photography. For a very long time it was my hobby. I photographed my travels and friends. After some time photographing people became the most interesting aspect of photography to me. It was the emotions of the people, their movements. At the same time I knew all I wanted to do was photography. I thought how great it must be to record the events of the most memorable days in peoples' lives, when they are in a great place and are shining from the complete happiness. Everything around is for that moment in life when we feel the happiest. For many of us it is the wedding day. I shot at a few weddings and it was exactly what I wanted to keep doing. Since that moment I became the wedding photographer and it's been four years so far and I am getting more and more passionate about my work.

Two years ago I traveled around the United States, from the East Coast to the West Coast in one month, and felt in love with this country. It was the spirit of freedom, the pursuit of the beauty in life that attracted me the most. I also started working in the lifestyle and fashion photography and wanted to find the place with many different shoot locations - the beach, desert, forest, and the mountains. The decision was simple - California became my new home. I've been living in Los Angeles for over two years now and keep doing what I love, which I'm sure you can see on my photographs on my website www.sergeygreen.com . I used any opportunity to travel more around the States while working on various projects. In the last few months I was in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Iowa, and California.

About my photography style.

I like shooting in the journalistic style, capturing the moments with the camera. Sometimes it happens that the people get nervous and it's normal, it is a big day for many people at each ceremony. At such times everyone needs to get a boost of positive energy and the photographer is in the perfect position to create a light and friendly atmosphere, and then get back to the main role - capturing the timeless images. There is nothing better than the real emotions.

About my gear.

I always work with two cameras, so I can save the time on changing the lenses that are powerful enough to work without the flash and shape the scene with the natural light as much as possible. I love all of my lenses. It takes a while to get used to them, really study how they work in different conditions, and master the craft of working with the top-line lenses. You might see some interesting and unusual gadgets in my hands...

My clients are my friends.

Yes, this is exactly right, because after the first ten minutes we become friends. It happens all the times and makes me very happy. This is another reason for why I love my job. My clients choose their photographer because they like the style and the quality of the work and want to see on the special day.

It is difficult to choose the photographer from so many options, and I understand that. You need to find a person with whom it will be easy and convenient to work with. Send me an email or give me a call so we can discuss your wedding, wedding plans, what kind of wedding photos you like, and we can figure out how you can get exactly what you need. If you write me during June-July and haven't decided on your wedding photographer yet, I will do your engagement shoot for free.

Our package starting at $1890.00.

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email: sergeygreenstudio@gmail.com

{ Website } http://www.sergeygreen.com

{ Blog } http://www.sergeygreen.com/blog/

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