Silverthorne Pavilion
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400 Blue River Parkway, PO Box 1309
Silverthorne, CO US 80498 (map)
Quality of Service 
4.5 out of 5.0
This venue is absolutely beautiful and was perfect for our wedding. Rob was extremely responsive, warm, and helpful throughout the planning process. Overall this was a great place to hold our reception; the price was reasonable, it's an absolutely beautiful setting and the staff was very friendly.

My only complaint was that we'd made tentative arrangements to drop chairs off the day before the wedding and then were unable to reach anyone that day which left everyone in limbo. Also, they told us someone would be there at 9 a.m. the day after the wedding to allow some of our wedding party with trucks to pick up larger items we'd left the night before. We had people at the venue at 8:45 who waited until after 10 to pick those items up. Nobody showed and nobody from the venue answered their phones. Again, this left everyone in limbo, left our friends waiting who had volunteered to help us out, and had us managing more stress while making alternate arrangements to try and get our stuff the next day.

Again, overall wonderful place and experience. The communication, responsiveness, and flexibility just could've been better once we got down to the actual event. I would definitely recommend this spot though!
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4.2 out of 5.0
Overall, really happy with this venue. The building and surrounding area are gorgeous. Perfect for pictures and really really happy we chose this place. All of our friends and family were impressed.
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0.8 out of 5.0
I would not recommend this venue for your wedding or anything else. My friend got married at the Pavilion this summer and I watched as the employees treated her and her groom with disrespect and horrible customer service. I felt so bad for my friend and that she was stuck with such a horrible place to get married. This place lacks EVERYTHING. They're not helpful, they're overpriced, and they have a lot of hidden "got yas"
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0.5 out of 5.0
I would not recommend the Silverthorne Pavilion for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. The experience I had with Pavilion was not good. I feel like they have poor customer service and that they are not equipped for weddings. After my wedding, I confronted some issues over the phone to the Pavilion about my concerns of how the groom was yelled at by their staff, that the employee working at that time didn't even know who the groom was, and their threats to shut down the wedding as we were setting up (as well as other issues). I asked how we would be repaid for all the issues and was told we wouldn't because each party had a different story. Although they say that they are an affordable venue, the underlying costs are what get you in the end. My suggestion to others is that if you are going to use this venue, be sure to research Harvest Catering (or the company that holds the liquor license at the time) before you commit. When first visiting the Pavilion, we were told that Harvest Catering's prices were comparable to that of restaurants. A keg of Bud Light costs $275 - had we received this specific information, we would never have booked at the Silverthorne Pavilion.

I feel that the Pavilion is only in it for your money. If you want good customer service at an affordable venue that really cares that you are there, I would not suggest this venue for your wedding.
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Silverthorne Pavilion responded with the following comments:

At the Pavilion, we strive to provide excellent customer service throughout the planning process, beginning with your initial site tour and through your wedding day. After 50 weddings a year for the last 10 years, though, we've learned that - as Abraham Lincoln said - "...you can't please all of the people all of the time."

As this individual says, we also HIGHLY recommend speaking with food and beverage vendors before committing to a venue (that goes for any, not just ours). Alcohol is the most expensive part of most weddings, followed closely by food, and then the venue. (On the Silverthorne Pavilion's wedding blog we have lots of articles to help you budget and plan financially for Your Day.) If you find yourself overwhelmed by the planning process, we're happy to provide you with the names of contact information of local wedding and day-of planners - something we don't function as.

As with any venue, we have policies. Though it may seem like a high-pressure sales tactic, brides receive a copy of our contract during their first site tour to get a good read of the policies and rules. And, as with anything in life, unfortunately there are consequences for breaking the rules. It's certainly not a part of our job that we enjoy, but we do our best to be upfront with folks both onsite during the event, and follow up afterward if there were serious issues.

All that said, we welcome inquiries about our venue, policies and procedures so brides can learn accurate facts directly from us about the services and amenities included in the Pavilion's site fee, and what is additional. We can be reached at 970-262-7396, or weddings@silverthorne.org.
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