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Hi! :) My name is Christine and I'm a wedding coordinator based out of the SF Bay Area. Planning is my passion and details are what makes every event unique! I love weddings and would... Read more
Hi! :) My name is Christine and I'm a wedding coordinator based out of the SF Bay Area. Planning is my passion and details are what makes every event unique! I love weddings and would love to help any couple on this big day. As you start planning your wedding, I will be here to answer any questions and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

I want you to enjoy your special day and make your event 'simply exquisite'! Please contact me today for a free consultation. I would love to help! Read less
Wedding Planning


What types of weddings do you accommodate?
Civil, Destination, Double Weddings, Eco-Friendly / Green, Military
What wedding planning services do you offer?
Day-of Coordinator, Partial Planning
How many planners do you work with?
Always 2 at every event. We will work together to make sure everything goes smoothly!
What style of wedding do you specialize in planning?
Anything and everything. I'm always open in designing unique events that fit the couple's needs.
What sizes of weddings have you coordinated in the past?
Small intimate ones (<10 people) and up to 300 guests.


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Christine is simply fantastic. I don't think anything I could write would really do her justice. She is everything you'd hope one of your bridesmaids would be, but better.

Because I used to plan events and know the extensive details involved, I procrastinated delving into my wedding details. Christine was on top of them sending me gentle reminders monthly before my wedding. At our few meetings leading to the wedding she asked me questions and gave helpful suggestions that I just wouldn't have thought of. It was definitely a huge burden lifted to have Christine there the day of the wedding to hunt vendors and give directions to the lost ones.

The only thing I would suggest is that you don't torture her the way I did by only having one Maid of Honor and no bridesmaids to lend a few helping hands.

Christine excels in wedding planning because she is intelligent organized, detail-oriented, sweet but not a pushover, and has been a recent bride herself. Her passion and true love for weddings is the ray of light that helps to center you when your wedding dress doesn't fit, guests are being fickle about attending, and people tell your fiance his only job is to show up to the wedding. Going above and beyond, Christine also gave me two shoulders to cry on.

Love her!
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Christine is very detail-oriented and easy to work with. And she seems to enjoy planning ahead. She was really helpful to me as my wedding was relatively complicated in terms of timing issues. (I believe even for the simplist wedding it can be much different and easier with Christine's help.)

My wedding had a church ceremony and a golf clubhouse reception. The two venues are more than 10 miles apart, and each of them had other events before/after my wedding using the same site. I thought I could handle the wedding planning all by myself until I started arranging for the transportation and logistics of the big day. Even though my two venues provided their experienced site-coordinators separately, they couldn't help me with the time limitation, the transition from one site to another and many customized details. I realized that I definitely need a day-of coordinator dealing with the whole wedding day and the rehearsal the night before.

Fortunately I found Christine. She offered a lot at very reasonable price. And most importantly, she did a great job helping me plan ahead and executing my ideas on the day.

From 3 months ahead, she started scheduling meetings with me and my fiance to customize our timeline and "To-Do" list. After knowing what we want to include in our wedding, she suggested a sample schedule/timeline. Then she went into detail asking what restrictions my venues may have, what special requirement/difficulties my wedding party members may have, what are provided by my venues, and so on. Then she would suggest modification on the day-of timeline accordingly and document them well, until we are all satisfied with the schedule. At the end, she would contact all my vendors and confirm the final version of timeline with each of them.

We had 3 pre-wedding meetings with her in total. I found those meetings extremely helpful in two ways. First, they help me screen out relevant stuff which I neglect and improve on the timing and all the lists (must-take photo/video lists, drop-off item lists, wedding party's task lists, etc) to be much reasonable and managable rather than wanting everything and making things impractical. Second, she assigned "To-Do" tasks to me and my fiance respectively as well as a deadline of each task. As a result, my fiance became more involved in the planning process and released part of the burden on my shoulder. When my fiance lagged on his "action item" or running behind deadline, Christine would kindly reminded him to finish his part, preventing me from blowing up on my fiance and being pissy all the time.

She was effective in executing my plans and ideas. I guess her key is to make sure everyone (wedding party, vendors, other site-coordinators) is on the same page. She even printed out schedules and tasks on a small card for wedding party members to carry with. I was so glad she could constantly take my "order" and designate right person to do stuff I suddenly came up with, considering I didn't have a cellphone on me that day.

Except for going through the rehearsal with us the day before and coordinating my wedding the day of, she also threw in a favor of picking up all the decor/stuff which I couldn't drop off to the venues beforehand. She made a check list of those items and checked them off one by one when she fetched them from me or my bridesmaids. And she also transferred everything from church to reception. Later on, I found out there was not a single item missing or late.

All in all, I and my husband were very satisfied with Christine's coordinating. I couldn't imagine what my wedding would be like without her. I am sure if I tried to save a few hundred bucks by not having a coordinator, I would regret now.
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Alan and I were truly thankful for Christine’s help in our wedding day on 2/28/2009 J

I remember that when we started preparing the wedding a few months ago, we didn’t know how and where to start since both of us had never gotten involved in a wedding planning. As we talked to our friends who were already married and read wedding related books to get more information in the wedding planning, we started to realize that preparing a wedding was so much work, but we still followed the checklist and prepared step-by-step. It just took us so much time. Our weekends were gone in just doing the planning and contacting vendors. I was “complaining” to a co-worker about this “tough” job. He asked me why I didn’t hire a wedding coordinator. “What’s a wedding coordinator?” I asked him. I’d never known there’s such thing. He told me that a wedding coordinator would help me in planning the wedding and give me suggestions and advices so we didn’t need to spend so much time ourselves. That sounded very interesting. He introduced Christine to us J

First time meeting with Christine, she gave us an impression was that she was very knowledgeable in wedding planning and had strong organization skills. We told her what kind of wedding theme we would want. We wanted to have a traditional Chinese wedding including Tea Ceremony and Chinese style banquet, and would like to invite about 300 guests. She said she’d never done a Chinese style banquet and with so many guests, but she had experience with Tea Ceremony from her own wedding. We were questioning in our mind “can she do a good job since she’s never done a big wedding party and Chinese style banquet?” After discussing between Alan and I, we still decided to give it a try. And later proved our choice was absolutely correct J After our first meeting, we met with Christine several time before our wedding day to finalize on the details and run-down schedule.

Christine did a fantastic job for our wedding. We had the wedding day run-down schedule that Christine helped us edited many times to follow in our wedding day. Everything went very smooth from Limo decoration, door games, picking up the bride, to tea ceremony. After tea ceremony, we went to Stanford University to take pictures with friends and family. After the picture taking, we were supposed to be back to the restaurant by 5pm to get ready for our wedding banquet since the guests would start to show up at 6pm , and Christine would arrive at the restaurant by 3pm to make sure the vendors shown up on time and everything set up alright. From Stanford University to the restaurant is about 40 miles distance. Since it was a weekend, the traffic should have been light so we estimated an hour of driving to get to the restaurant. Christine had called our best man to alarm us half-an-hour earlier than the scheduled leaving time to get ready to the restaurant so we would have enough time. However, we got stuck in traffic. The traffic was very bad and looked like that we could not get back to restaurant by 5pm. Our best man called Christine to let her know our situation. Christine told us not to panic and everything had been set up in restaurant. If guests came before we arrived, she would take care of it. We finally arrived at the restaurant a quarter before 6pm. Since Christine had taken care of everything in the restaurant before we arrived, I still had enough time to touch-up my make up and got ready for the guests. The whole wedding banquet also went very smoothly. Without Christine's help, things wouldn't be as smooth. We were very happy to have Christine as our wedding coordinator. We were very thankful!!

Thanks Christine!!!

Bicky & Alan
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