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364 Cathedral Pkwy
New York, NY US 10025 (map)
Quality of Service 
3.8 out of 5.0
I hired Spoonbread to cater my September 2013 wedding. The food was wonderful and many of my guests told me so as well. They cater large events regularly, and the owner, Norma Jean, knows her business. They've covered many venues, including my wedding venue. On our very first meeting, Norma was even able to draw a picture of my reception area from memory, complete with what it would look like with all the tables and chairs set up. I was impressed! She works with a rental company and a liquor supplier. She does provide beer as well, but we decided to go with an outside beer supplier and Norma was totally fine with that.

I had to knock one star off because Norma was hard to reach between the signing of my catering contract (about 9 months before my wedding) up until a month before the wedding. I would call the restaurant and have to leave detailed messages with different staff members and many times I would get called back by other, different staff. Email wasn't a much better means, until about a month before the event. This was time-consuming and frustrating at times, especially for someone planning her own wedding. Perhaps, if Norma hasn't done so yet, Spoonbread can create a permanent catering division with staff members who handle each client exclusively from booking through the end of the event. Everything turned out beautifully the day of the wedding, so no harm, no foul. And Spoonbread's catering pricing was a fraction of other caterers' quotes, so it truly is a great value and I still highly recommend.
Services Used: Catering
Recently Married
4.2 out of 5.0
Norma and her team were excellent with execution on the day of the wedding. The food was excellent and guests are still talking about it! You can create your own menu with their expert help. Early in the planning, their email response was not quickly forwarded. Calls worked really well though, and there was regular communication in the 2-3 weeks prior to the day! We were very pleased with the quality and food value. Just be sure to confirm the hours that waitstaff will be on call during the reception.
Services Used: Catering
2.3 out of 5.0
I was very excited to use Spoonbread because we loved Norma. Unfortunately, they were the only vendor that did not live up to our expectations. I found it stressful to work with them. They could work great for someone who is *really* laid back, but that's not me.

First of all, good things: Norma is likeable. Food is good tasting and interesting. They actually show up and can do things in a timely manner. They can make things look fancy.

Unfortunately they are very unresponsive--our calls would usually not be returned for days, and sometimes for over a week. We had to keep calling about the same issues 2-3 times. This would have been okay if problems were resolved after communicating on the issue, which brings me to the biggest problem: miscommunication. We asked for a specific main dish, they gave us a different one; we said let's remove that main dish, they forgot; we said 173 people, they attempted to charge us for 180; etc. They just kept forgetting things we told them or messing up our instructions.

I probably would have cancelled their services if we hadn't put down a big deposit, but we hoped they'd be pretty good on the day of our wedding.

They did show up on time and set up beautifully. There were a few problems on the day of:

1) One of their waiters apparently hit on our guests, which we found out after the wedding. This is unacceptable.

2) They messed up the dessert: we were promised dessert in chocolate cups. We did not get that-our desert was something different, which was disappointing. Our cake was not served right either--it was a tres leches cake with milk, but they forgot to put milk on it.

Overall, they got the job done, but it was stressful and time-consuming to work with them, and I would not use them again.
Services Used: Catering
prospect park bride
2.0 out of 5.0
they are very flexible in terms of working with you to accomadote yor menu and prepare anything you want for your weding but sadly service wasnt so good, many times i e-mailed them and did't get a response untill days later, sometimes i felt like erick and norma were a little rude, they had to fix my menu so many times because they keept adding and removing things i didnt asked for : / the day of the wedding they forgot to bring milk or cream for the lat coffe we served so they had to ran out to get it, i asked for a cup of cofee too and never got it at my own wedding : (
Services Used: Catering
3.7 out of 5.0
This has got to be one of the best New York City wedding bargains out there! If you're looking for really delicious food and fantastic waitstaff at your wedding, I highly recommend Norma Darden and Spoonbread. I will say that if you are a super type-A bride, this place might not be for you. There were a couple of times during the planning process where I felt they weren't 100% on the same page as me. I'm pretty laid back, so I just put my trust in them and, luckily, everything came out perfectly. I was thrilled at how amazing the food came out (especially considering the price) and the waitstaff were professional and very friendly. Another really great thing is that they work with you to cut costs - for instance, instead of billing you per person for alcohol, they order from a liquor store and then you can return what isn't used (we probably saved $800+ dollars on this alone).
Services Used: Catering
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