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Stephen Kiers Wedding Photography

Edmonton , AB


Edmonton, AB T6M 0A4 CA (map)




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I'm a supertaster who likes cinnamon on my rice and fries on my burgers. I am a proud Canadian, yet I know my love for travelling will enventually pull me away from here. I have climbed... Read more
I'm a supertaster who likes cinnamon on my rice and fries on my burgers. I am a proud Canadian, yet I know my love for travelling will enventually pull me away from here. I have climbed a mountain and swam a lake. I enjoy reading wikipedia for fun, and part of me wishes I could be a f/t university student. I am most passionate about making other peoples lives better.

I think I have always been an artist. I loved crayons and walls; pencils and paper; chalk and sidewalks. Photography has been a relatively new path for me; stemming out of my graphic design work about 6 years ago. It started as a way to create personalized stock photography and blossomed into a love for the medium.

I love people and creating things, and when I first picked up the camera I knew that those two things finally fit together. I guess that is why wedding photography has become such a big part of my life; the magic of 'that day'. To be invited into two peoples lives to record the short period of time that their relationship permanently twists together into one loving, lasting bond. I love the small detail, the intimate moments and the big entrances. I love the crying, laughter and love.

My own wedding saw our cake knocked over, a groomsman dice his fingers open, the caterers royally screw up, our photographer lost family pictures and there were family squables. Yet, although I would probably change some things if I could, I still celebrate the day as one of the greatest in my lifetime. The day an angel in human flesh became a permanent part of my life!

For two years I shot wedding photography full time. I pulled back this last year however as I found that the love and attention I wanted to spend was getting spread to thin for my liking. Shooting over 25 weddings in a year started to see my passion wane and, although the pictures were fabulous, creativity begin to be stifled. I now limit the number of weddings I will shoot in a year, and spend the rest of my time doing graphic design.

I would love if you chose me to be a part of your wedding, and look forward to what we will create together! Read less


130x130 sq 1267586097985 edmontonweddingphotography1
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130x130 sq 1267586105767 edmontonweddingphotography11
130x130 sq 1267586105798 edmontonweddingphotography17
130x130 sq 1267586106063 edmontonweddingphotography14
130x130 sq 1267586107313 edmontonweddingphotography16
130x130 sq 1267586112235 edmontonweddingphotography18
130x130 sq 1267586112548 edmontonweddingphotography12
130x130 sq 1267586114423 edmontonweddingphotography10
130x130 sq 1267586120782 edmontonweddingphotography13
130x130 sq 1267586124657 edmontonweddingphotography24
130x130 sq 1267586125032 edmontonweddingphotography20
130x130 sq 1267586125470 edmontonweddingphotography21
130x130 sq 1267586125876 edmontonweddingphotography19
130x130 sq 1267586126954 edmontonweddingphotography22
130x130 sq 1267586127173 edmontonweddingphotography26
130x130 sq 1267586128845 edmontonweddingphotography2
130x130 sq 1267586131251 edmontonweddingphotography23
130x130 sq 1267586136938 edmontonweddingphotography25
130x130 sq 1267586139001 edmontonweddingphotography3
130x130 sq 1267586139220 edmontonweddingphotography28
130x130 sq 1267586140938 edmontonweddingphotography31
130x130 sq 1267586141220 edmontonweddingphotography27
130x130 sq 1267586144485 edmontonweddingphotography36
130x130 sq 1267586145657 edmontonweddingphotography29
130x130 sq 1267586146142 edmontonweddingphotography32
130x130 sq 1267586152735 edmontonweddingphotography39
130x130 sq 1267586155454 edmontonweddingphotography33
130x130 sq 1267586158751 edmontonweddingphotography4
130x130 sq 1267586160454 edmontonweddingphotography34
130x130 sq 1267586162892 edmontonweddingphotography35
130x130 sq 1267586165954 edmontonweddingphotography41
130x130 sq 1267586168470 edmontonweddingphotography30
130x130 sq 1267586169048 edmontonweddingphotography40
130x130 sq 1267586169470 edmontonweddingphotography38
130x130 sq 1267586169688 edmontonweddingphotography37
130x130 sq 1267586172235 edmontonweddingphotography45
130x130 sq 1267586174595 edmontonweddingphotography43
130x130 sq 1267586178220 edmontonweddingphotography42
130x130 sq 1267586180235 edmontonweddingphotography46
130x130 sq 1267586180970 edmontonweddingphotography44
130x130 sq 1267586183173 edmontonweddingphotography47
130x130 sq 1267586183673 edmontonweddingphotography5
130x130 sq 1267586185767 edmontonweddingphotography48
130x130 sq 1267586188345 edmontonweddingphotography49
130x130 sq 1267586194579 edmontonweddingphotography7
130x130 sq 1267586198407 edmontonweddingphotography51
130x130 sq 1267586199970 edmontonweddingphotography1
130x130 sq 1267586200329 edmontonweddingphotography6
130x130 sq 1267586200438 edmontonweddingphotography10
130x130 sq 1267586201595 edmontonweddingphotography53
130x130 sq 1267586205032 edmontonweddingphotography52
130x130 sq 1267586206032 edmontonweddingphotography11
130x130 sq 1267586206110 edmontonweddingphotography8
130x130 sq 1267586206595 edmontonweddingphotography12
130x130 sq 1267586211454 edmontonweddingphotography50
130x130 sq 1267586213454 edmontonweddingphotography14
130x130 sq 1267586214438 edmontonweddingphotography9
130x130 sq 1267586216048 edmontonweddingphotography2
130x130 sq 1267586216438 edmontonweddingphotography16
130x130 sq 1267586216735 edmontonweddingphotography18
130x130 sq 1267586216595 edmontonweddingphotography15
130x130 sq 1267586217798 edmontonweddingphotography13
130x130 sq 1267586218485 edmontonweddingphotography17
130x130 sq 1267586226001 edmontonweddingphotography26
130x130 sq 1267586227954 edmontonweddingphotography19
130x130 sq 1267586231001 edmontonweddingphotography22
130x130 sq 1267586233470 edmontonweddingphotography25
130x130 sq 1267586233673 edmontonweddingphotography28
130x130 sq 1267586233923 edmontonweddingphotography20
130x130 sq 1267586234032 edmontonweddingphotography23
130x130 sq 1267586234235 edmontonweddingphotography21
130x130 sq 1267586235376 edmontonweddingphotography27
130x130 sq 1267586239501 edmontonweddingphotography24
130x130 sq 1267586240610 edmontonweddingphotography35
130x130 sq 1267586243470 edmontonweddingphotography3
130x130 sq 1267586244032 edmontonweddingphotography29
130x130 sq 1267586245313 edmontonweddingphotography36
130x130 sq 1267586245970 edmontonweddingphotography30
130x130 sq 1267586252079 edmontonweddingphotography33
130x130 sq 1267586254548 edmontonweddingphotography34
130x130 sq 1267586255954 edmontonweddingphotography31
130x130 sq 1267586256548 edmontonweddingphotography37
130x130 sq 1267586258532 edmontonweddingphotography38
130x130 sq 1267586258813 edmontonweddingphotography32
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130x130 sq 1267586264595 edmontonweddingphotography4
130x130 sq 1267586267173 edmontonweddingphotography7
130x130 sq 1267586267673 edmontonweddingphotography6
130x130 sq 1267586268392 edmontonweddingphotography9
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130x130 sq 1267586275407 edmontonweddingphotography10
130x130 sq 1267586277595 edmontonweddingphotography11
130x130 sq 1267586278642 edmontonweddingphotography1
130x130 sq 1267586278923 edmontonweddingphotography16
130x130 sq 1267586281673 edmontonweddingphotography13
130x130 sq 1267586281751 edmontonweddingphotography5
130x130 sq 1267586283267 edmontonweddingphotography12
130x130 sq 1267586283923 edmontonweddingphotography18
130x130 sq 1267586286579 edmontonweddingphotography14
130x130 sq 1267586287079 edmontonweddingphotography15
130x130 sq 1267586290907 edmontonweddingphotography19
130x130 sq 1267586294173 edmontonweddingphotography17
130x130 sq 1267586295063 edmontonweddingphotography3
130x130 sq 1267586295595 edmontonweddingphotography2
130x130 sq 1267586296470 edmontonweddingphotography21
130x130 sq 1267586297360 edmontonweddingphotography22
130x130 sq 1267586298110 edmontonweddingphotography20
130x130 sq 1267586299626 edmontonweddingphotography5
130x130 sq 1267586300001 edmontonweddingphotography7
130x130 sq 1267586300673 edmontonweddingphotography4
130x130 sq 1267586300954 edmontonweddingphotography6
130x130 sq 1267586302470 edmontonweddingphotography8
130x130 sq 1267586356813 edmontonweddingphotography9


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Stephen was professional, honest and I LOVE my pictures. Don't know what else to say!
Stephen was professional, honest and I LOVE my pictures. Don't know what else to say!
Stephen was professional, honest and I LOVE my pictures. Don't know what else to say! Read less
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