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Stratos he has 30 years experience in the beauty and Wedding intustry,he works closely with the Brides to make sure your Wedding day is relaxing and stress free,he give each and every... Read more
Stratos he has 30 years experience in the beauty and Wedding intustry,he works closely with the Brides to make sure your Wedding day is relaxing and stress free,he give each and every member of the Bridal party the Celebrity Treatment.He desing from simple natural look to custom glamorous. Read less
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My wedding was on September 4th, 2010. I think every bride should read all of my comments below.

Stratos had completely shocked me on the day of the wedding and not in a good way! My hair did come out very nice (thank god otherwise I would have rated him a 0 out of 5), but this was small consolation for the nightmare he put me through. Everyone else in the wedding HATED how their hair came out!!!

When I went for the hair trial, Stratos was nice and was joking around. He originally told me that he would be gone for the entire month of AUGUST on vacation in Greece. Which was fine, but to me August means August, not September. So I called him on September 1st but couldn't reach him and I did not hear back. I just figured he might be getting back that day. I tried calling on both numbers I had of his and emailed him and still did not hear from him until the day before the wedding! I was so scared that I went and called a family friend and begged her to help me out just in case Stratos did not show.

Not until I was on my way to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding (7am the next day he was scheduled to do my hair) he finally called back. He said he just walked in his house from his vacation and that his flight was delayed. Keep in mind I did not get upset with him at all,.....yet.

The next morning he comes at 7am (which he said would be enough time for him to finish 6 hair styles),....his assistant came late. I told him I had to leave the hotel by 10:15-10:30AM so I can go meet the photographer for pictures. He did not finish my hair and everyone else's hair until around 11:00am. My ceremony I had scheduled for 11:15am and I did not end up taking photos with my photographer who I had payed the extra time for!!!! Talk about cutting it close!!!!

So not only did I worry if I would have a hair stylist and also worried if he would finish on time, but while he was doing everyone's hair he was yelling at the bridesmaids to telling them to "shut up" when they were showing them how they would like their hair to be done. He even would tell me "NO" if I wanted the hairstyle to be a certain way. None of us were being loud or chatty in anyway the room was very quiet most of the time, any slight suggestion he told us to "shut up".

When he was finished everyone payed him. He then had the nerve to throw a $100 travel fee in there after all of that! I refused to pay him the travel fee and was very upset just minutes before I was suppose to get married!! This travel fee was not stated anywhere in the contract I had signed with him. During the trial he had said as long as I had 6 or more people there would be no travel fee which I did have (bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and three bridesmaids).

It was possibly one of the worst experiences I've had as a customer ever!!!
Do not be fooled in the trials by his sweet old man acts, in the end he will do what he wants and really does not care about the bride.
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Stratos Hair Desing responded with the following comments:

Dear Wedding wire and all Brides,

As per the contract - it stated that I was scheduled to be at the hotel at 7 a.m., I was on time. As far as the time to have your hair styled and ready to take photographs - the reception venue bumped your time up from 11:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. I had nothing to do with the outcome of your time schedule change for photographs.

Your hair was styled beautifully as you admitted in your comments. I understand that you are trying to make me look like an unprofessional, bad hair stylist, who uses poor language such as "SHUT UP" - those are two words in the englist language that I NEVER say!

As for my age you stated in your comments that I am an "OLD MAN", you saw me on May 16th for your trial and you were very impressed with the outcome of your hair.

The main thing which caused all this to start was the fact that if you have a party with over 6 persons there was no travel fee as stated in the contract. You had only 6 girls and refused to pay me $100.00.

I have 30 years experience in this business with the result of providing bridal expertise to 30 to 40 weddings a year, I have never encountered a bride that was as uncooperative, and falsly blaming me with money, time and my expertise as you did.


Stratos is wonderful and an extremely gifted professional. He did the hairstyling for the entire bridal party: my mother, my husband's mother, five bridesmaids, and myself. Everyone was thrilled with how they looked, and we received many compliments. I HIGHLY recommend Stratos to other brides!
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Stratos works wonders! He did my hair plus 5 others the day of. He was at my house right on time and finished when he said he would. Everyone at the wedding commented on our hair! We looked so pretty! :) Def book a trial with him. You will not be disappointed!
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