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My soon to be mother in law got a cake from here for our engagement party. The decoration was sweet and very pretty but the frosting tasted like heavy whipped butter. It literally tasted like the only ingredient was BUTTER! It was awful. The cake wasn't that great either, somewhat dry but I really couldn't get past the frosting! It's a mom&pop's store which can be great but it unfortunately has alot of teenagers working out front and they aren't always aware of ingredients in the cakes, which creates a problem when you have an allergy. All that being said, I could look past customer service if their cake was amazing...but ugh...the butter!!
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I called this bakery for a tasting but had to change it a couple days before the appointment because something came up. When I went in for the rescheduled tasting the baker had forgotten and wasn't there nor could she make it. They gave us some cupcakes to take home. We called back to reschedule after the baker left me a message apologizing for the misunderstanding. We went back for a second tasting and she gave us the same flavors as the cupcakes we took on our first visit so there was nothing new to try. She gave us some more options and told us she would call us in a week to schedule another tasting with the different flavors. We called back two and a half weeks later after never hearing back. She sounded like she had forgotten about it but still scheduled the tasting. The morning of the tasting we received a call cancelling the tasting because the baker had gone home sick. We never heard a call back from them apologizing or asking if we wanted to reschedule yet again.
I had made other appointments with different bakeries during this time and one of the promising ones had a two week confirmation policy to book with them. Because I was waiting around for Sweet Cakes to get back to me, I missed the deadline. After seeing how unreliable Sweet Cakes was, I contacted the previous bakery and they told me since I missed the 14 day deadline I would have to pay an extra $50 dollars to book them.
Although Sweet Cakes's prices are reasonable, after all of the hassle of trying to even have a good tasting, I would not be comfortable booking with them because I would have doubt that they would even show up for the wedding.
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I walked into Sweet Cakes about two weeks before my wedding, and they were able to pull off EXACTLY what I wanted. I had spent months in appoinments with other vendors who would not/could not create the cake that I wanted-- which was odd because it was so simple. The owner sat down with me on a walk-in, understood my vision immediately, and was actually cheaper than any other baker I met with. She even hung around on the day of the wedding to meet with my florist and arrange some fresh flowers on the cake. For a more relaxed cake, I would definitely recommend them!
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What a beautiful cake
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