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This is a copy of the letter I sent to Sweet Satisfaction Cakes after our wedding:


I understand you're in a business and, obviously, as part of that business, your intention is to make money. But, I hope in the future your business will also be to make your customers happy. Your company's name, after all, is Sweet Satisfaction. I can say, unequivocally, that we are not satisfied. Our cake was ruined and as a result our wedding was nearly ruined. We had to hire another baker last minute to make a new cake so that we had something that we could be proud to display at our reception. So, instead of being out $550 for a cake, we were out nearly $1,000 for two cakes - one which was beautifully crafted and display worthy and one that sat broken in an ill-fitting cardboard box which had clearly been used to pack a child's toys and was obviously not intended for a wedding cake.

We had other issues with the wedding - a tent that was the wrong size and bathrooms that didn't have working air conditioners are just two examples. The difference is, when we called about these issues, the problem was handled. In the case of the tent, we were given a substantial discount due to the mess up; in the case of the restrooms, someone was sent out to fix the problem. When Ashley's aunt called you to give you an opportunity to fix the cake or give advice, you were nowhere to be found until almost midnight. Therefore, I think it's only fair to expect for some compensation. And I think it's a poor business practice that you aren't placing the customers' satisfaction above your profit margin. To blame Ashley's uncle for this disaster and to take absolutely zero responsibility is unacceptable and offensive. I know you watch enough cake baking shows that if ever they had a similar problem - and they have because cakes are fragile things - they would've made it right. They would've either repaired the damage or refunded some of the money. Any responsible business owner would have done the same. Clearly that's not you.

I realize accidents happen; and, I realize that you and Jessica are just starting out. Against my better judgement, I hired you to bake Ashley and I a dream wedding cake because I wanted to support a small, newly started business and an acquaintance. I had hoped for a delicious and beautiful cake with which we could celebrate the happiest day of our life; and, instead, I got a nightmare and a smashed cake. I had hoped that you would have taken a little more pride in your workmanship and, failing that, owned up to some responsibility for the damage incurred to the cake which rendered it unpresentable. While you offered to deliver the cake at an additional cost, when we discussed that option with you, you made it clear that picking it up was fine and that you would simply borrow a car to bring it to us, and take no additional steps to secure the cake. So, there's no reason to believe that the same thing wouldn't have occurred if you had delivered the cake. I never asked for a full refund; and, in fact, asked for far less than I feel should be returned to me. To say that I'm disappointed by your lack of commitment to customer satisfaction would be an understatement. Thanks to you, my wedding cake memories will certainly not give me Sweet Satisfaction.

If you didn't think you could appropriately handle a job of this magnitude, I wish for the sake of my wedding day, you would have been honest about it. At this point, I have no choice but to consider you dishonest at best; and incompetent at worst.

Fortunately, my relationship is stronger than the cake you created for my wedding. I sincerely hope you don't run into the same problems when planning your own wedding; but, perhaps if you do, you'd have a little more compassion and understanding for what you put us through.

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