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Helpful Links:

Your new favorite candy store: www.temptationcandy.com

Need some candy buffet help? Checkout our Candy Buffet Tips & Advice Page.

Everyone... Read more
Helpful Links:

Your new favorite candy store: www.temptationcandy.com

Need some candy buffet help? Checkout our Candy Buffet Tips & Advice Page.

Everyone needs inspiration! Our Candy Buffet Pinterest Page is here to help.

Help with measuring candy for your candy buffet.

So...you never heard of Temptation Candy? Checkout our reviews to see how FANTASTIC we are!

You can contact us at contact@temptationcandy.com or via phone at 562-693-1555 (M-F 10am-4pm PST)

Temptation Candy is your #1 online candy resource for magnificent candy buffets and sweet tables! We specialize in the most dazzling candy by color, the most delicious candy by flavor, and a wide variety of candy for all occasions, especially weddings! We serve customers nationwide with delicious candy at great prices and we offer flat rate shipping of only $7.99. Why? Because every wedding needs candy, but nearly every bride has a budget. So DIY brides and wedding planners, we're here for you. Let us make your candy buffet fantasies come true!

There's no denying that everyone loves candy, well at least 99.99% of people do. At your wedding, odds are that everyone there will also love candy…and we do mean everyone! From pink to blue, hard to gummy, new to old school, and gumballs to lollies, we have what you need. So why not provide some delicious candy treats for those who came from near and far? What a great way to make your special day even more memorable. So go ahead and give in to Temptation. Give your wedding guests what they really want...CANDY! Read less
Favors & Gifts


130x130 sq 1363212578144 bluecandybuffet
130x130 sq 1363212960193 redandpinkcandybuffet
130x130 sq 1385011682616 double lollie
130x130 sq 1385011769015 pink and green skittle
130x130 sq 1385011822996 shimmer green gumball
130x130 sq 1363234252586 frenchvanillajellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363239743385 justmarriedweddingcandy
130x130 sq 1363234255338 whitecandypearls
130x130 sq 1363234249111 champagnebubblescandy
130x130 sq 1363234254104 vanillataffy
130x130 sq 1363234250885 cinnamonrolltaffy
130x130 sq 1363235718683 bubblegumogl
130x130 sq 1363235721126 cherrytaffy
130x130 sq 1363235724666 cottoncandyogl
130x130 sq 1363235726542 cottoncandytaffy
130x130 sq 1363235727893 pinkgummybears
130x130 sq 1363235732398 pinklemonadeogl
130x130 sq 1363235733775 pinkmmscandy
130x130 sq 1363235735023 pinksaltwatertaffy
130x130 sq 1363235737090 strawberrycheesecakejellybellybeanscandy
130x130 sq 1363235740220 strawberryfrooties
130x130 sq 1363235745509 strawberrylaffytaffy
130x130 sq 1363235748306 strawberrylemonadefrooties
130x130 sq 1363235750515 strawberryshortcakeogl
130x130 sq 1363236470771 purplecandypearls
130x130 sq 1363236463700 grapegummybears
130x130 sq 1363236467428 grapetaffy
130x130 sq 1363236469180 islandpunchjellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363236460940 grapefrooties
130x130 sq 1363236465767 grapelaffytaffy
130x130 sq 1363234652461 blueberrytaffy
130x130 sq 1363234638290 berrybluejellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363234640464 bluefoilcandy
130x130 sq 1363234642110 bluegummybears
130x130 sq 1363234643655 bluemms
130x130 sq 1363234645811 blueraspberryjollyranchers
130x130 sq 1363234648025 blueraspberrylaffytaffy
130x130 sq 1363234649641 blueberryjellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363234654647 cottoncandyogl
130x130 sq 1363234656146 lightbluemms
130x130 sq 1363232037511 greenapplegumballs
130x130 sq 1363231914086 7upjellybelly
130x130 sq 1363231932405 appleberrytootsiepops
130x130 sq 1363231936066 applejollyranchers
130x130 sq 1363231937932 applenowandlatercandy
130x130 sq 1363231976675 goldenpeartaffy
130x130 sq 1363232034203 greenapplefrooties2
130x130 sq 1363232040854 greenmms
130x130 sq 1363232042302 kiwijellybelly
130x130 sq 1363232045478 mojitojellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363232047164 neccomintjulepscandy
130x130 sq 1363232048679 pineappletaffy
130x130 sq 1363232051817 sourapplelaffytaffy
130x130 sq 1363232053721 sourpatchapples
130x130 sq 1363233641324 yellowskittlescandy
130x130 sq 1363233629441 bananasplitogl
130x130 sq 1363233634049 lemondropyellowjellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363233632698 bananataffy
130x130 sq 1363233635798 lemonyellowstarburstcandy
130x130 sq 1363233637652 strawberrybananataffy
130x130 sq 1363233639842 yellownowandlatercandy
130x130 sq 1363233642990 yellowtaffy
130x130 sq 1363233626789 bananalaffytaffy
130x130 sq 1363236835164 orangegummybears
130x130 sq 1363236833669 orangecremetaffy
130x130 sq 1363236839094 orangepixystix
130x130 sq 1363236837095 orangemms
130x130 sq 1363236840791 orangeshebertjellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363236844029 orangeslices
130x130 sq 1363236846270 peachescreamogl
130x130 sq 1363235329562 redmms
130x130 sq 1363235321924 cherryheadcandy
130x130 sq 1363235325135 hottamales
130x130 sq 1363235326745 redapplejellybellybeans
130x130 sq 1363235332727 sourpatchcherriescandy
130x130 sq 1363235319194 cherrytootsiepops
130x130 sq 1360295533947 temptationcandyecardweddingcandybuffet


Describe the types of favors and gifts that you offer:
We offer candy, sweet beautiful, delicious candy. Green candy, blue candy, yellow candy and more. Pink candy, purple candy, white candy in store. Candy by pound, candy by color, candy by flavor and candy by price. Candy so good, candy so good that we had to say it twice!
What is your average turnaround time, from initial contact to shipment?
We ship 99% of our orders the next business day after we receive it. That means if you place an order on Monday, it will go out on Tuesday to UPS. If you place an order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it will go out on Monday. &#13; <br>&#13; <br>&#13; We are closed on weekends and major holidays.&#13;
Are you able to meet clients in person to showcase your product?
So sorry, we are only an online retailer. We figured if we had a physical store it wouldn’t be fair to our competitors…we would pretty much corner the market on candy and they’ve got mouths to feed too.
Is there a minimum order requirement?
There is no minimum order size! However to qualify for $7.99 flat rate shipping your order must be at least $15.00.


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Got all the candy for my candy buffet at an affordable price. All colors, perfect for weddings!
Got all the candy for my candy buffet at an affordable price. All colors, perfect for weddings!
Got all the candy for my candy buffet at an affordable price. All colors, perfect for weddings! Read less
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