The Beda Place

Meadow Vista , CA


990 Meadow Gate Rd., P.O. Box 1540
Meadow Vista, CA US 95722 (map)




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As a banquet and ceremony facility, The Beda Place prides itself on being unique and different. We specialize in friendly, first-rate service with an emphasis on accommodating your... Read more
As a banquet and ceremony facility, The Beda Place prides itself on being unique and different. We specialize in friendly, first-rate service with an emphasis on accommodating your specific tastes, designs, and personal needs. This “Versatile Venue” can transform your gathering into the Event of Your Dreams! Our amazing environment will enhance the experience of your private or business function.

Outdoors: The elevated stages on the courtyards give the breath-taking feeling of being in a theatrical outdoor paradise; waterfalls, terraced gardens, immaculate lawns, tall oaks and pines.
The Oaks and the Pines Courtyards seating capacity for ceremonies are 100 and 300 respectively.

Indoors: The ballrooms’ natural hardwood floors welcome your guests with big smiles. Brilliant ceiling café lights and plush window dressings invite coziness.
Vista Ballroom can seat up to 175 guests for banquets, and 210 for seminars. Meadow Ballroom accommodates smaller functions, up to 55 for banquets and 75 for meetings.

The ultimate year-round facility where you can relax, hangout, and share enjoyable moments. Any private or corporate occasion is enhanced by this venue’s comfortable elegance and gorgeous atmosphere. Costs and services can be All-inclusive, or, A la Carte to fit your budget.

Come see for yourself why this versatile venue is The“Beddah” Place to be!

Life is Wonderful! Celebrate!! Read less
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Recently Married
We did not have a wedding but rather an anniversary party for our parents. The Beda Place was extremely helpful in helping us design the kind of party we were hoping for. They gave us several wonderful choices of caterers and they allowed us to use many of their decorations (vases, mirrors, etc.) for no additional cost. All the employees are friendly and very accommodating and the site itself if beautiful.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
Dee and all the staff are tops. our family felt at home at the Beda Place. Every thing went just right and I would recommend them.
Randy May
Services Used: Wedding Venue
Recently Married
We are glad we booked the wedding at Beda Place. We had 140 guests and the ballroom was very crowded. One hundred guests would have been much better for us.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
It was truely a pleasure to work with Andy at The Beda Place on June 30th Oleg & Julia wedding. I really loved and enjoyed the hospitaly and home feeling of being welcomed at The Beda Place. The staff was really helpful and went above and beyond to make the event as beautiful as it was. I would totally recommend this lovely place to all of my friends. I'm looking forward to come back soon. Thank you Andy for all your help. You have an amaing place, and I wish you all the best in the years to come.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
We would HIGHLY recommend Beda Place to anyone for any of their needs from business meetings, to birthday parties, to a wedding etc. Love The Beda Place!! We held a celebration at the Beda Place in June 2011 in the Vista Ballroom. There was tons of space for our guest to mingle, sit, get food etc. The facility was clean, welcoming and accommodating! The outside was lite up and water fountain flowing to create an enchanted atmosphere. Thank you Beda Place our party turned out to be a great success! Andy the owner is very accommodating to my requests and helpful with any questions that we had!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
Andy Foley is one of the most honest people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! He is up front and honest, allowing to to create the very best event. Obviously if you go above and beyond requesting numerous things that are not in your contract you will be charged BUT he lets you know this from the very start. there are no surprises. They work hard to make you AND your guests comfortable and happy. I am VERY please with The Beda Place
Services Used: Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue
I had ZERO problems with the Beda Place. I am honestly shocked at some of these reviews! My experience was amazing!! It is not the cheapest place in the world...HOWEVER, it is laid out for you in the contract about how much its going to run...so its not really a super surprise! Do not get discouraged by these reivews people....my wedding was absolutely fantastic..My own family helped work, we set up the night of the rehearsal dinner, i brought in my own florist, my own caterer, my own planner, my own centerpeices, my own DJ....He never once pressured me to use his people! I am so sorry that these other people had bad experiences! My wedding was beautiful...and we used almost the entire venue...no extra cost. He even hired two extra people for us at no extra cost! LOVE THIS PLACE!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I got to work at the Beda Place as DJ and the Wedding Minister for a recent wedding.
I found Andy and his staff very professiional and easy to work with.
The venue was well maintained and looked AWESOME!
I know the bride kept telling me how happy she was with everything and throughout our planning sessions she commented on how she felt she got a good deal for the Venue.

If you are looking for a stress free wedding the Beda Place is a GREAT place to start the journey!
Mike @ A Night to Remember DJ
Services Used: Wedding Venue
First off let me preface by saying, Andy, your responses to these reviews are rather unprofessional. At least that is a preview of the service to come if you plan to do business with the beda place.

My wife and I make a very meager living after the fall of the economy recently and had to save up for a year and a half to have a small wedding. We were attracted to the Beda place because of it's beauty and seemingly reasonable price.

We signed a contract with Andy the owner of the place because he was very accommodating and was able to make it fit into our budget.

Come the day of the wedding the weather turned bad and we were forced to move the reception from his patio area to his indoor hall. When we signed the contract he promised us that the upgrade, should it be necessary would be $400. On the day of we were told the upgrade price is now $500. We were a bit pissed off about this but decided to let it go and try and focus on having a good time and a beautiful wedding.

The ceremony went great, and it was a beautiful smooth reception. Luckily it all fit into our budget, factoring out the extra $500 we were now shelling out cutting into our honeymoon fund. I was luckily able to organize myself and groomsmen well enough to make the setup and tear-down smooth.

Here comes the bad part. He pulled myself and my wife aside after the reception to slap us with $600 MORE in fees. He charged us for a 4 person crew of kids who did barely anything, showed up WAY too late to help setup. There was also NO prior agreement to have this crew present

Andy is a swindler, he will reel you in with his beautiful venue and then slap you with ridiculous fees. If you pay in advance he will be damn near impossible to get in contact with for questions, and if you manage to, he will come across as fecitious and short.

I plan to take Andy to small claims court and possible talk to the BBB about these business practices. I think you should seriously concider avoiding doing business with the beda place.

Andy's response:

Hi, Tim & Melissa,

I didn't hear anything more from your last request, so, I'm following up
to make sure there are no other questions. Throughout the months, I was
communicating by email with Melissa,so, I don't know how much of
everything we discussed came to you. I don't want you to feel left out of
any thing that you may have not known; as some times and some things can
be misunderstood.
There were two servers/workers that worked your wedding.
They were there one hour before the ceremony, helping with the parking
while the other was wiping the wet chairs. They are not there to set up
and decorate, as that is the responsibility you took.
You may not have seen them perform all their duties, as you were obviously
preoccupied. The following are some of their actions during the event.
During the ceremony they began to work the kitchen, preparing the pitchers
with ice and water, the punch dispenser, the coffee table, helping the
caterer unload and set up the buffet tables.
After the ceremony, while you were taking photos, and the guests came in,
they served the guests by filling their water goblets,
They continued to serve throughout the evening, and keep the tables clean
by clearing empty containers and glasses while continuously giving people
more drinks.
During the reception dinner, they assisted Rocky, the caterer, in setting
the food, serve the sparkling cider for the toast, bus the plates, scraped
the scraps, and sorted silverware-plates-glasses into their racks.
They helped serve the cake around the room. While people were enjoying
their (cup)cake, the servers were busy rinsing the dirty dishes (the
rental items) and stacking them in their respective racks.
While the guests were enjoying your dancing part of the reception, the two
workers were outside bringing the chairs up and stacking them into the
All the while, between these chores, they went back to serving, refilling
glasses and taking care of the guests at their tables.
Near the end of the evening, they finished rinsing and loading the
glasses, and prepared the crates of rented items on the porch for easy
At the end of the event, they spent an hour and a half cleaning the
facility: folding the chairs and tables and re-stacking them back to their
storage areas, gathering the dirty linens and placing them in handy bags
for easy carry to the laundry, emptied all the trash cans (hall, kitchen
and all bathrooms), cleaned the kitchen counters and sink & stove, one dry
mopped the floor while the other prepared the wet mop & bucket, and then
they proceeded to mop the floor properly together.
They made a visual inspection of the grounds for empty cups and debris,
and helped turned off all the outdoor lights and waterfalls.
They never stopped working, except to come out when I told them to take a
look at your unique ceremony with the Star Wars scene.
Up to that day, when I received the call from your Wedding Planner, Katy,
for your decision to move inside, I knew that the inside reception would
require help. I was fortunate to be able to get the two hard-working
servers to attend. One of the main reasons is the traffic through the
kitchen. If everything would have been outside, it would not have been as
work-intensive to keep things clean. This is why we had on our contract
the potential to have “Servers= $135 x ?2(TBD)” in section III.E.5.
The cost of the servers that night was not a last minute thing. It was
the last minute change to go inside, your call to go inside. And it was
my call to protect the event and the facility.
We both did great, the reception not only looked marvelous but it went
without any flaws. The inside decision was a great one, because I feel
you made the reception stand out much more than if it were outside.
FYI, as we agreed on our contract, section II.E., the workers were not
there to set-up and decorate, but to finish up. I’m sure you appreciate
not having your friends stay at least an hour and a half after the event
was done.
We all did good!, and I felt that everyone enjoyed themselves, which is
the main factor.
In spite of the dire circumstances, the wedding was really beautiful. We
turned what could have been a lemon, into delicious lemonade. Again,
Congratulations!, and Thank You for the opportunity to have your very
special event here at The Beda Place.
We appreciate you choosing to have your beautiful wedding at The Beda
Place. The photos should document all the smiles, all the beautiful
events and scenery inside and outside.
Congratulations! May you two have many more happy memories throughout
your lives together.
I apologize for not remembering that I said the inside fee would be $400.
Afterwards I remembered that I said that back in our initial consultation.
I’m just sorry I didn’t write it down to make a note of it. But the good
thing is, You reminded me and I took your word for it immediately. As you
saw I made the adjustment right away! T-Y
PS: Did that video of your great dance ever go up on YouTube?


Our response to Andy:


First off, yes, every E-mail that was sent to Melissa was shared and discussed with me. So I assure you there was no misunderstanding on our end.
Lets review your review:
Yes there were two workers before the wedding, 1 was helping park cars (along with my brother) who was instructed to help start parking cars (voiding the need for a worker.) Yes, there was a worker who wiped off the seats, (20 minutes AFTER my groomsmen performed the same task.) My groomsmen seated the incoming guests, (also wiping off their seats as they were seated, a slightly more logical way to execute this task.)
The coffee table, was not setup by your workers, as you must not have been present for most of the preparations, showing up so close to the time of the event. The coffee table and coffee was set up by myself and my grandmother as they wanted a warm beverage to keep warm before the ceremony.
The servers served guests water after the ceremony while we were taking pictures... Why? This is the precise reason that we rented punch and water dispensers, then also took care to seat the slightly less mobile elders with family members who would help fill glasses and grab buffet plates.
The servers poured the sparkling cider for the toasts... Why? We instructed the groomsmen to place the bottles on the tables for our guests immediately following the first toast. Our guests were certainly capable of pouring their OWN sparkling cider.
The servers helped serve the cupcakes, this is simply not true! Our cupcakes were set up specifically to be a self serve food. (Why exactly would we need help to serve these?.) Our guests got up and gathered around the cake table as we sliced the top cake and took our slices, then grabbed a cupcake of their own choosing (a couple different flavors. Making 'serving' them obviously silly unless your servers were taking orders.)
The servers washed the dishes. Why? We specifically found wares rental facility that provided dish-washing. Plus my Sister and a few of the bridesmaids were tasked with gathering/ scraping and placing the dishes at the end of the reception.
My groomsmen and bridesmaids went into this event with the knowledge that their would be a bit of work to do, to help make this possible, as our funds were very limited.
The contract did in fact say Section III-E-"5. Servers= $135 x_?2_(TBD) = $" However this is to be determined BY US. The Contractor does NOT have the right to determine variables in the contract WITHOUT the prior consent of the contractee. This is a very simple and fundamental business practice that you as a business owner should understand. When a problem arises building a house (you need extra labor to dig the foundation, as the terrain was full of large rocks,) it is the contractors obligation to go to the contractee to get approval to proceed, or the contractee to find an alternative. Let me give you another example, when your car breaks down and you bring it in to get it fixed, the mechanic gives you an ESTIMATE based on what he sees, if he runs into further complications, he calls you and explains the situation and how much it will cost for him to continue. He does not wait until the end of the job to say "It was an extra $500 to replace, the axle, sorry about that, had to protect my reputation!"
Now, let's look at your contract section II-E "Details -- Renters are responsible for: decorations, flowers, table & chair settings, caterers, center pieces, music, cake (set-up & clean-up committee OR 2 TBP staff). Let's go ahead and highlight that 'or' shall we? You chose to put setup and cleanup (supposed to be one word not hyphenated) committee on the LEFT side of the 'or'. Which simply reads, EITHER we are in charge of the setup and cleanup committee OR we employ 2 TBP servers to take care of these items.
So, by simple analysis of your contract your servers did NOT serve their core functionality. Not only did they not fulfill the terms of the contract, they were not authorized by the contractee (us) prior to the start of the event.
Lastly, I must say KNOW YOUR CONTRACT, let us review section II-D "Area(s) Reserved: Oaks Courtyard (ceremony), BBQ/Patio Areas (Reception) *option to use the Vista Ballroom for additional: $400.00" This shows one of two things on your end, either ignorance to your contract terms or an obvious attempt at price gouging. The forecast changed and we were forced to revise our plans an so the price of the only option magically goes up to $500? Secondly, there is no %20 gratuity in your contract that was charged along with the servers. In section III-E-3 you mention a %20 Service Fee which is immediately following section III-E-2 concerning the need for a bartender, therefore limiting this fee to the previous article UNLESS it is otherwise written in the contract. ALSO the signed contract agreement shows III-E- "3. 20% Service Fee = $0" is this correct on your copy?
So, with these obvious flaws in service we must ask for $324.00 back from you as the servers were not agreed upon prior to the fulfillment of the contract. Also, in any objection that they WERE, they obviously did not perform their core functionality as stated in your contract.
From your customers point of view, it seems obvious that you intend to take the importance of the wedding day in the young and inexperienced customers mind and extort every last drop of cash you can get, hoping that 'mommy and daddy' will come through and pay what is needed. Unfortunately, you picked the wrong couple, as we are not inexperienced in terms of contract and business.

Tim & Melissa

I hope this helps to clarify some of the problems in doing business with Andy.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The Beda Place responded with the following comments:

Special discounts, extra services, no flaws to the unique ceremony or during the wonderful reception, and the instant spur-of-the-moment adapting performed during fowl weather, made The Beda Place and the staff proud in making the wedding a success. We're despondent that it wasn't enough, but, we can only hope your reflection on the beautiful photos will make a difference. We hope you got thru the 1st year of Law School well. Best wishes always.
I loved that we had alot of flexibility of what we could do and what we could choose from to have for our wedding. We felt at home and comfortable there. For the price and service and what we could choose from we had everything we wanted and more!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
We had a wonderful experience planning my daughter's wedding at the BedaPlace. Of course there are always a few clitches here & there like timing with the coordinator but everything worked out wonderfully. I feel that the owner truly made an effort to work with us on our budget. Helping us decide what we could cut & do on our own or trade one thing for another. We loved the grounds!!! Some of the overhead decorations inside the hall could be something the BedaPlace might want to invest in so that the wedding party wouldn't have to worry so much about decorating above. I would suggest to all wedding parties who secure a venue to be on top of what your contract says, negotiate, & keep communication open . I would recommend the BedaPlace to anyone I knew looking for a Wedding Venue!!!!! The Greenhaw's & Thompson's
Services Used: Wedding Venue
We LOVED The Beda Place. Andy and the staff made everything so easy to plan. They even helped us find a DJ/MC who spoke spanish since my husband's family is from Mexico. The food was fantastic and we were very nervous since we didn't meet the cateror. I can't thank them enough for putting on a wonderful event for us. We hope to come back to The Beda Place for my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary in 3 years!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
Brad & Alissa
Me and my wife had the worst experience of our lives with Andy of
The Beda Place. He was the stingiest person in the world. Everything had to be done his way, and he would push you around. We dealt with all of this, and then towards the end of the ceremony he pulls me into a room and hands me another bill for $280. He said for napkins and cups which we had all inclusive. this ruined the rest of my night. Four weeks later i called him to ask where my five hundred dollar security retainer was and he told me that i never gave him one. I proved through bank statements that i had, and then he changed his mind to say that that $500 was part of our deal. We made a deal for $4000 for a all inclusive event. He has lied to us and really been the worst person in the world. this made our wedding a bad experience. We are now going to take Andy to court. Wish Us Luck!!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The Beda Place responded with the following comments:

The ceremony and reception was wonderful!
All the guests had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.
At the end when packing your gifts and things, I did present you with a bill that included extra things that your Mom incurred on the day of the wedding, dropping off piles of appetizers. The caterer not only didn't have time for this task, but refused to do it. So The Beda Place staff proceeded to accommodate this dilemma. Mom dropping off COSTCO platters, chunks of large fruits & vegetables, boxes of chocolate covered strawberries, sliced apples with only two small glass platters to set everything on was a daunting task. It's insulting to think that you and your Mom expected us to "do whatever." We proceeded to work fast and furious in chopping, setting, and bringing out our platters, utensils, plates & napkins, extra tables and tablecloths.We didn't charge for the extra service, and only charged for the extra materials used out of our lot. It honestly was alot of last minute stressful work for three people!, And it wasn't for free. You got a great deal, that we only charged $119.08 incl. tax.
You were presented an outstanding bill of before leaving, which you angrily objected to without even reviewing it with me. I was really shocked that you your joyful smiles immediately turned into a tirade. Even in your red-faced temper & objection you said you would pay it. Yes, two weeks later you called and still was ranting about my "nit-picking", and after listening to you both object so incredibly, I said that I would give you the option to pay whatever you want for the service we provided. Whether you wanted to pay something, or nothing, that I would accept whatever you decided, leaving it to your conscience. It was never a $280.00 bill! Just like your tantrum, this was very exaggerated. --- and you still haven't made the payment you promised.
My husband and I had a great experience working with Andy at The Beda Place. He was very flexible with what we wanted to do. With us being on a budget, he allowed us to bring in our own food and let us start very early in the morning. The grounds are beautiful and well cared for. He was very helpful and supportive of what we wanted to do. I appreciated his assistance and would recommend using The Beda Place for a wedding.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The site is amazing. It is so beautiful and andy is a pretty nice guy. He worked with us well. The only thing that i can say bad about this place is that the employees started to clean up to early and my guest got the impression it was time to go. They also cut into our cake before we even got the chance to take pictures with it and be the first one to cut our cake. But overall it was a good place. The site just over takes everything its so beautiful :)
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The Beda Place responded with the following comments:

We're so happy the wedding was so beautiful.
We do apologize that there may have been a couple issues that went untimely. We didn't know about it until we saw your review, so, we sincerely appreciate your remarks to help us in perfecting our performance. Always wishing you the Best!!
The Beda Place is a beautiful setting for a wonderful wedding experience. My daughter and son-in-law were married there last year and we were more than happy with the atmosphere and friendliness of staff.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The venue was beautiful but the owner was VERY difficult to work with. He claimed he had many connections with venders who "loved to work at The Beda Place" when in reality very few of them had even been there. He liked things done his way or else he was very difficult to work with.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
The Beda Place responded with the following comments:

TBP had 2 new associates attend the wedding for their experience (gratis) by watching and helping where needed, a photographer and an assistant coordinator. The latter was an aid in the evening's program, but your photographer got riled. We're sorry he became offensive because we didn't send ours home, but we know that we were providing a little more service for your album as well as ours. It was a wonderful event entirely, and we do have beautiful pictures to prove it. We are sincerely happy that the whole wedding was thoroughly enjoyed by all (except your picture taker).
I had the pleasure of working with the Beda Place as a photographer (www.aquarianphotography.com) for Natasha & Tony's wedding on October 1st, 2011. I had a very pleasant experience working with Aparna Jaituni (the wedding coordinator) who was on top of times and keeping things going in the order that they should have. They have beautiful grounds with gorgeous photo opportunities as well as a brides studio (almost the size of my house lol) complete with about 3 full length, two 1/2 length and two wall mirrors, salon chair in front of a trifold mirror, and great windows around which allowed for natural light to pour in beautifully, but only on one half, so that the other half can be out of the sunlight . I met Andy as well, and had great conversation with him as well as witnessed him while he seamlessly worked through an "issue" with the father of the bride, when one of the sides that were ordered, didn't make it. He got the vendor to agree to throw in the appetizers for free, which were going to cost extra and everything worked out great. The bride and groom were so easy going and they just seemed to have the time of their lives. They were very happy with the venue and seemed quite impressed by the bridal suite as well. I do believe that this venue is a little small for the reception hall for a party of 150 or more, but I think with this last group that we had (about 90 to 100) it worked well, and the staff made sure that when everyone was done eating that they cleared out a lot of tables so that they guests could get onto dancing with a little more room. All in all, I think that the staff did an amazing job of making this day about the bride and groom and making sure that everything ran smoothly without any pressure on the bride and groom knowing that it was their day.
Services Used: Wedding Venue


990 Meadow Gate Rd., P.O. Box 1540, Meadow Vista, CA 95722 See On Map
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