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The resort is absolutely beautiful, I would highly recommend it. The service from the event staff, however, is not so great. The hotel is historic, the decor and details in the constuction make it a truly unique experience. I booked the entire event online, sight-unseen, and was truly blown away when I saw the venue. However, from the beginning, the event staff was less than helpful. I could not get them to send me any additional pictures of the resort, even after putting down thousands of dollars on the deposit and booking the venue. They made a number of assurances that things would be taken care of that never happened. They were to be handing out welcome bags to my guests, which I had to remind them about 2 or 3 times as I found out my guests never received them. The coordinator told me she would lay out the numbers for the tables, which I gave her a map of, but laid them out incorrectly and ended up putting a table of teenagers next to my husband and I and his mother in the back corner of the room. She placed the linen for the gift/placecard table under the cake, which I was not aware of until the reception started and it was too late. I upgraded the bar to make sure my husband could have his favorite liquor, only to arrive and find out it wasn't there. I had to speak to the GM on my wedding day to make sure it was brought in. There was no A/C in the reception room, in Florida, in August and my guests were sweating, some had to go to their rooms and put on shorts! The staff did little to remedy the problem but did eventually compensate us monetarily, which didn't help my guests. And items went missing from my reception; a gift, a small stereo and the CD that contained my ceremony music. They were unable to locate the items and eneded up reimbursing us, but anything that I didn't keep an eye on seemed to disappear. The staff did not usher the guests to the appropriate places after the wedding and left it mostly to me to deal with the details. They were very little help until immediately before the wedding, and even then it was less than they should have been. I would recommend the venue, it is beautiful, but I would definitely recommend hiring your own planner, the staff is not one I would depend on again.
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The Belleview Biltmore was exceptional. I held my reception at the Tiffany Ballroom and the rehearsal dinner at the Seafood Buffet, and they gave us our own dining room. The rehearsal dinner was a little plain. I didn't like how they set up the tables, but the food was amazing!

The Tiffany Ballroom was perfection. My mother actually decorated the entire reception. It was an absolute dream. Stephen and I wanted a vintage, romantic feel and the Tiffany Ballroom was exactly that. It looked like something out of a magazine. My entire family stayed in the suites. It was very convenient. We enjoyed the dining room, the ice cream parlor and the grounds of the resort. I was a pretty disappointed with the roof of the hotel. They need to fix things up.
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The wedding cake is included in the price of having a wedding/reception at the Belleview. The cakes they recommend are amazing!! Both at the testing and at the wedding.

There are two things to be aware of that I am still mad about.
1. they got the color and pattern of the cake wrong!!!!!!!!! I personally made the cake design and printed it in color. We never got to talk to the chef, but my wife saw him as he started decorating it...he was doing it in the wrong color (we gave them a color swatch and my drawing) and he had the nerve to say that he did not think that was what we wanted. We ended up with a basic and marroon cake for a Pink wedding. The cake looked brown in the reception due to the lighting.

2. They cut the whole cake even though almost half of the guest had left to go home. They ended up with a pile of left over, unused, cake slices. Meanwhile I did not get any of the Strawberry cheese cake (we had two flavors)...they threw it all away!
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The Biltmore was the perfect place for my wedding. Kim is the head of the wedding department and was wonderful. She listened to everything I said and truly wanted to make my wedding special. The day after the wedding I saw her in the hallway and she asked to see the pictures of the wedding I was looking at. She was so sweet! Also, the food here was really good. Everyone commented on how great the food was at the ceremony. I would definitely recommend the Biltmore to anyone who wants to have a truly beautiful ceremony.
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The Belleview Biltmore was an incredible place to get married! I love old historic places, and this fit the bill perfectly. The planning was perfect, the location was perfect, the cake was perfect...everything was perfect! It was a one stop shop!
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In the middle of my wedding plans, the hotel lost its wedding coordinator. They weren't very helpful overall, and I had to do the calling if I wanted anything figured out. I think that because I was trying to stay low-cost, they didn't consider me a valuable customer. Despite the beauty of the Cabana Club, it was an average experience. I had to pull it all together myself though.
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