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Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful. We had a wonderful experience. You can actually rent costumes for midevil time period if you choose to. The chapel was georgeous. The officant was so wonderful and the wording he used in our wedding was great. Not only did they photograph and video the ceremony they LIVE STREAMED it for those that were not able to make it to the ceremony. Every time I emailed them they emailed back immediately. When I had to call in everyone was willing to help. My hair and makeup was done at their sister hotel The Luxor however, there is a walkway indoors between them so that nothing gets messed up on your way back. They have a Bride's room and you can change there but we went already in costumes.
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Unfortunately, my wedding chapel experience was the only bad part of my Las Vegas wedding experience. The service at The Excalibur Chapel left a lot to be desired: you are not "assigned" a wedding coordinator and I basically had to be on top of things that I know other brides were being approached by from their wedding coordinators. We upgraded flowers...and didn't receive what we photographer even heard that day's wedding coordinator complaining that she knew that I would bring it up and what to say if I did. By that time, I was so sick of the whole experience, I decided to focus on the wedding.
The chapel is also very 80s and needs updating. The blues on the chairs, etc, are fading and drab. The minister was great...though his facial expressions did ruin some of our photos.
As for photos, my advice, get a private photographer to do strip photos, etc. for your day. It's very common and will cost you less than the cost for buying chapel photos.
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The Canterbury Wedding chapel was absolutely beautiful. I was concerned when we decided to go to Las Vegas that we would sacrafice the beauty and intimacy that we wanted to have, but it really was a pretty venue. The service provided was very good, and on the day of, they made it so simple. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone. My pictures were very good. My only slight disappointment was the DVD - the video was not the highest quality. However, for the price of the entire wedding package, I can't complain. Plus, I walked out with my DVD the same day.
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The wedding chapel at the Excalibur's was absolutly fabulous! We paid $250 for a small (up to 20 ppl) wedding, which included the minister cost and an upgrade on the flowers from a (extreamly small) clutch to the small boquet. We also We had the chapel for 1/2 an hour, during which time the Chapel Photographer took mulitiple poses, (including one with all 12 of our guest). The package includes one 8x5 of these photos that we get to choose. All of the photos came out absolutly wonderful and professional. We are in the process of buying the copywrites to these (a cd with all the pictures to print as many as we want,) for only $175. We also purchased the Chapel's video of the wedding. It was very nice because they have multiple cammeras set up to get all the right angles and differant faces. This is the only thing I wasn't 100% satisfied with however because the video quality was hidious, and for somthing I want to keep and cherish I was not satisfied. For the quality I would not suggest the video, however you are not allowed any filming, (non-flash pictures are permitted) so it is the only option you have. We paid $165 for two copies.
Although I was late to the chapel, there was absolutly no feeling of being rushed, and while we did not have a rehersal dinner, the reverand was able to tell us how everything would go, so it worked out absolutly perfectly. It was beautiful. The chapel has everything pre-arranged, so there isn't much room for change, but it is also proves to be exceptionally stress-free. All you need to do is call the chapel, and whomever is available will help you. They ask you all the questions to set up everything you need, so they kinda double as a wedding planner. Originally I was planning on having orange flowers to match my oranges and cream theme. After discovering that the only orange bridesmade dresses I could find were hidious, I changed my colors to coral, and was able to change the flowers without any issues what-so-ever, even though it was only a month or so prior. Everything worked together perfectly. I highly recommend this chapel over any others I read about or heard about. It not only gives you the perfect traditional wedding at a very low cost, but it also provides costumes for the couple that want to marry as King and Queen. Not my cup of tea, but definantly a Vegas Wedding!
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