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Plan your special day at The Estes Park Resort, the only setting that offers panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. Our unmatched location, attentive service and numerous ceremony sites... Read more
Plan your special day at The Estes Park Resort, the only setting that offers panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. Our unmatched location, attentive service and numerous ceremony sites make us the ideal choice for weddings in Estes Park.
Exchange vows on the shores of Lake Estes with the snowcapped peaks behind you as the sunset silhouettes you, or say "I do" beneath vaulted ceilings in our Grand Ballroom. Each of our venues is versatile enough to accommodate you and your wedding party, including the Mezzanine for more intimate gatherings. We can arrange rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, bridal brunches, receptions and of course, ceremonies. Take full advantage of our Estes Park wedding services, which include customized catering menus, detailed setup and break down, cake cutting services, room block reservations and more. Our team is pleased to assist you in every step of the way to planning the perfect day. For more information on our Rocky Mountain wedding services, complete a request for proposal and a representative will be in touch with more details. Read less
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I had my June wedding at the Estes Park Resort and I couldn't be happier. They were always very responsive and flexible to make sure my day was everything I had envisioned. The event coordinator, wedding coordinator, servers, bartenders, front desk workers (basically everyone!) was so helpful and professional. The Estes Park Resort made my wedding weekend one that I will always remember!!
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We had our wedding here in May 2014 and it was amazing. Jamie, Caitlin and the staff at the Estes Park resort are incredibly responsive, accommodating and friendly. From a year out, up to the date of the event, they treated us as if our wedding was their top priority. The view is amazing and one of the best in Estes Park. Though the weather in Colorado can be a bit of a gamble in May, we were incredibly relaxed on the day of our event and knew if it rained (or snowed), the staff had a backup plan and would make our event just as beautiful and memorable.

The food was great. I wish that there had been drink packages available instead of by the drink pricing, but that is about the only piece of constructive criticism I can offer. This was a fantastic place to have our wedding and we look forward to returning soon!
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Best place to be married in Estes Park! Gorgeous views, outstanding accommodations, phenomenal food, attentive bartenders, basically everything you want in a venue! They offer the whole package, our guests and our bridal party were blown away by the services provided!!
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We had our reception dinner in the mezzanine, beautiful space for small party. Food was good and arrived quickly. Our waitstaff was very friendly!
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A beautiful venue for my sister's wedding. The event coordinator was very sweet, easy to work with and very accommodating. I would caution any future brides - the room was not ready when we arrived to begin setting up. There was a wedding in that room the night before. We were told we could arrive at 8:00 a.m. to begin our set up. We arrived at 9:00 a.m., but the room wasn't ready until 10:00 a.m. Otherwise, the food was great and the people were wonderful. It was a great event.
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Private User
Venue is beautiful. Views off the lake are amazing for a day wedding. Cost is reasonable and the food is incredible. They were very accommodating and we only had few problems with our day. Our concerns were that the head server (red headed older lady) was awful. She was rude to the head table twice and snotty for a majority of the event. Our other problem was they tried charging us for leftover alcohol after the ceremony. We weren't informed of this while signing the contract and they up charged the price an outrageous account. When my husband called them out they quickly backtracked and made it right. Over all we were happy with the venue and would refer others.
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Working with Meghan was great. She was so friendly and accommodating. We had such a perfect spot in the ballroom that overlooks the lake. The resort itself was remodled just before our wedding day and it looked so nice. The food was tasty. Everyone enjoyed their meal. And my crowd would've commented if they didn't like something!

The staff was great and attentive. Things flowed so easy before and during the wedding reception. And the deck makes for some awesome pictures. Meghan walked me through everything and we came up with the best value. This place is well worth the money and was much less than places that didn't nearly have the views, the location, the nice rooms and the people.

This place should be a must on your list to consider!

Thanks for the wonderful memories!
Dave and Holly
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2+ years ago
The planning process and the event planner were wonderful and prepared us for a wonderful wedding experience. There were some issues months prior to the event such as duplicate charges on the credit card which were reversed, but was quite unprofessional. The ceremony itself was wonderful and a beautiful event for all who attended. Evidently the air conditioning system had gone down prior to the wedding and nothing was done to fix it. For that reason the reception venue was quite hot throughout the entire evening. It seemed there were no attempts to solve the heat problem as no fans were brought out nor was a technician called. After having paid the amount we had, we felt we and our guests should not have had to experience the excessive heat in the reception area. Many of our guests stayed out on the balcony and did not join in events due to the heat in the room. When addressing this issue after the fact there were no accommodations made to us for this inconvenience.
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The Lake Shore Lodge was the perfect backdrop for our Colorado. The catering staff at LSL is great and so is Trevor at the front desk. We initially chose LSL because we loved Patty and Sandy, the ladies originally in charge of our big day. We were told that Sandy would be there on the day of our wedding to guarantee that the day ran smoothly. Three months before the wedding my mom went to LSL to check in with Patty and found out that Patty and Sandy were both leaving. I was never contacted until after my mom talked with them. For the three months up to the wedding I spoke with three different wedding coordinators at LSL and then on the day of the wedding I never saw anyone that I had spoken with. Luckily our dj and my sister in law were amazing and made the entire day perfect. I hope that LSL has hired someone because it is an amazing venue. The food and employees were great.
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This place is horrible and care nothing of there bride and grooms. We are still fighting to get a letter of response to the way they treated us and our guest. They beat there animals, swore at our guests, charge our guest for items we already paid for, and double charged our credit card while we were on our honeymoon. These are just a few of the issues we had. The whole planning process was horrible because I was constantly having to correct their mistakes that they kept promising would not happen. Below is a letter that I sent to the CFO and have heard no response. When speaking to Rick Kasch, the CFO, he promised me that I would get a response to these issues in a timely manner. I have finally tracked down the owner of this company and hope to get more of a response from him. Please beware of this company, as I would hate for anybody getting married to have the memories we do of our wedding and the planning process with this company. Our Reception was at Lake Shore and the ceremony was at Aspen Lodge, their sister company.

I have listed the various incidents that have occurred throughout our experience with Lake Shore Lodge. As I mentioned on the telephone, some of the problems may seem trivial or insignificant. I have listed these not to be fussy or hard to please, but rather to demonstrate the extent of our predicament. I fully understand that weddings take planning and time. We have, however, had to spend a large amount of time correcting errors made by Lake Shore Lodge.
I believe many of the issues stem from lack of communication and effort from the staff. There is incompetence and negligent behavior throughout Lake Shore Lodge. In addition, there is a lack of bookkeeping and accounting. There is a lack of responsibility and accountability throughout the entire organization. I have never been given reasons or explanations to why these errors occur or what is being done to correct the inherent problem in the future.
We had a lot of problems booking rooms. Our initial room block was set up for the wrong weekend. When we realized this we were worried the whole wedding was booked for the wrong weekend. Marcy was quickly informed of the situation and returned to the lodge in the evening to figure out what was going on. After working with Marcy and Alice, this situation was resolved.
When calling for a handicap room we discovered that one of our guests was booked in the handicap room at Lake Shore Lodge. He requested a standard room at Lake Estes Inn, not Lake Shore Lodge.
I was told that all of the Estes Valley Resorts was not pet friendly. When a guest informed us that they were able to bring their pets, I called to confirm since I had been told differently. They did confirm that they had three pet friendly rooms; however they were all rented, not to our guests. Our guests were told that they were in the pet friendly room and planned on bring their pets.
Our $700 dollar payment for the ceremony was not recorded. We were told that we did not pay. The situation was not resolved until repeatedly informing Lake Shore Lodge we had paid. We were also sent an email stating we had not fulfilled our contract that was very offensive. We had to take the time to look up the dates and payments on our cards, rather than them finding the record of our payments.
Lei cottage-My mother-in-law was to rent a cabin at Lake Shore Lodge. She was told the room slept 10 people. Upon inspection the room slept at most 6-7 people. We were told there was no Murphy bed in the room because it had previously fallen on somebody. There was a Murphy bed lowered at the time. After reporting the flaws, Lisa was argumentative and uncooperative. She argued saying there was no Murphy bed after we had came from the room. The people that stayed in the room the night before were complaining of mice and mice droppings in the room from the night before.
Rude front desk – Lady at front desk was repeatedly rude to us and our guests booking rooms.
Upon signing our contract we were told we would receive a tasting prior to the reception. When we were set to schedule the testing, we were told there was a new chef and we were not allowed a tasting. After several discussions, we were finally granted a tasting. We scheduled the tasting through Lisa. After driving to Estes Park from Colorado Springs, no one knew of our appointment and Lisa was out of town. The chef was very accommodating and made the meal for us on short notice.
Many of these problems occurred prior to the wedding and were in a sense settled after talking to Alice and Sandy a week prior to the wedding. At this time, I pleaded for a change in policy and demeanor towards us and our wedding. I was assured we would be more than just another wedding. We were also afforded the use of a dance floor and an extra hour of time free of charge for our troubles. They also agreed to upgrade Jessica’s mom or grandparents for their troubles. This was not possible because Jessica’s mom had already changed her reservations to another hotel and her grandparents had a pet. However, we were very appreciative, and hoped Lake Shore Lodge would follow through with their promises.
During our wedding, we had a more incidents that left a sour taste in my mouth. These included the following:
Our guests could not get pillows or blankets when requested. After three calls, a sheet was brought. After talking to the front desk, our guests were informed they could get the sheets, blankets and pillows from the front desk and make the bed themselves.
Other guests were given unclean rooms. After they complained, they were informed the room was not rented for a couple months, therefore being unclean and uninhabitable nature, but for some reason it was rented to our guests.
Other guests complained of spiders and other insects in their rooms.
We had confirmed several times prior to the wedding our vegetarian guest would receive a salmon meal. We confirmed again hours before the wedding. Our guest however was given rice and vegetables, and again we had to have the situation corrected while trying to enjoy our wedding.
We were assured there was air conditioning in the reception room that worked efficiently to keep the room cool with that many people in it. After asking for the A/C in the room to be turned up, we were told it would take an hour if the A/C was turned since it was not localized to the room. Again, we were misinformed. When expressing our concern about how hot it was in the room, we were told that the windows would be opened after sunset too cool off the room. The windows were never opened until Jessica did so herself.
Rude and unprofessional wranglers –The lady wrangler was inexperienced and panicked with lack of reason according to the other wranglers at Aspen Lodge. There was no control over the wagon and guests were forced to bail off the wagon. When jumping off the wagon the mother of the bride suffered a sprained ankle. The carriage driver abandoned the surrey to assist the other drivers. At this time, the horse started advancing, tripping the wrangler, and leaving the surrey with no driver. Several guests refused to get back on the wagon fearing their safety and did not ride on the return. The second wrangler of the wagon was unprofessional, swearing at and punching the horses in front of guests, including children. He also used many vulgar words towards our guests that were leaving the location. Both wagons did not return to the pond to take pictures after these major issues.
Lost Jessica’s cousin’s money – At arrival Stephen Matson paid cash for his hotel room. When checking out, Stephen was told he did not pay for his room. The staff told him to look for his receipt before he could check out. The receipt was misplaced. The front desk manager remembered witnessing him pay during his arrival and let him leave; however this too took our time to figure out Lake Shores mistakes. This was the second accounting error.
Before our wedding, we were looking for the travel boxes for the bouquets and the glasses that were in it. Lisa informed us that it was all thrown away.
Charged for coffee – My mother and other guests were charged for coffee when they were supposed to be served coffee and tea prior to and during the reception. Guests requested coffee and tea from their tables and were told that they did not have any, never told it was in the hall.
High prices at our bar – Our guests discovered that they were charged higher prices at the stationary bar than the hotel bar. During the wedding process we inquired about the prices of the alcohol and we told not to worry, the prices were competitive prices and there should be not concern. We believed that the prices we raised for our wedding due to some of the comps we received.
At this point, I was again upset and appalled at how we were treated after our previous discussion. I was, however, willing to accept these atrocities and move on. To my surprise, my wife and I were again stricken with the negligent behavior at Lake Shore Lodge on our honeymoon. Lake Shore Lodge charged us an unwarranted charge of $3341.08. This was the third time in three weeks that I witnessed an accounting error at Lake Shore Lodge. Rather than acknowledge the possibility of an error, Lake Shore Lodge, specifically the Manager, Lisa told me I was mistaken. She did not acknowledge the possibility the mistake may have been with Lake Shore Lodge. She was unsympathetic and unapologetic to the fact that my wife and I were on our honeymoon and my credit card had no available credit on it due to the error under her management. Rather, she was confrontational and rude. Rather than Lisa taking the initiative to resolve the situation, we were forced to make several international phone calls to Lisa and our credit card company to resolve the situation. In addition, I was forced to call on family to put funds into my account to ensure my wife and I had money to get home.
I have never seen a place which allowed incompetence and negligence, especially from the manager position. Even though negligence is unacceptable, Lisa’s attitude and customer service is outright appalling.
I would like to emphasize I have never had an organization treat me so poorly, especially from the manager. Our wedding through your locations was not cheap and brought in a lot of revenue and what could have been potential return customers. I do not know if you have a clear view of what exactly is occurring at Lake Shore Lodge, as I know our situation cannot be an isolated incident.
I am very tolerant and patient, but I refuse to be mistreated time and again. I believe my wife and I should be compensated for the issues I have listed from the wedding and honeymoon. Most of all, my wife and I would like a written apology from the general manager, Lisa. I would like her to give us an explanation to each of the incidents, why they occurred, and what they are doing to fix the situation so this does not happen in the future. In addition, I would like a letter from the male wrangler working the wagon at Aspen Lodge on our wedding day for is unprofessional behavior and out of line behavior.
I would appreciate a timely response to this matter.
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Great place, the staff was helpful for everything and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We used them for wedding site only.
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The service was great before the wedding. However, everything went downhill the day of the wedding.
--The coordinator informed us during the reception that she had been there since 7am and would not be staying for our reception.
--MANY things were not according to plan during the reception. If the wedding coordinator had been there, it probably would have gone more smoothly.
--We were told several things by the coordinator, and told different things during the reception (ex. that we would be able to take the extra punch to our room).
--The coordinator refused to do things we asked (ex. add additional appetizers because we thought we would be under the room minimum, serve the salads before introduction of the bride and groom because we were running late, etc.)
The kicker is that we sent them a letter detailing these complaints and many more. We received a response...A YEAR LATER! They did make some adjustments to the bill, but they never responded to the letter or offered an apology for the subpar service.
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