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The Forge was so delicious! We were so happy with the outcome of our menu. All guest enjoyed the food and complemented on how everything was so good. Adrain, the head chef is so nice and extremely helpful. The only problem I had with the Forge that they are hard to get a hold of. Overall, I would highly recommend the Forge.
Services Used: Catering
I just got marrried and the Forge was the exclusive caterer of my wedding venue.
When I complained to the venue, they basically said there was nothing they would do about it but apologize and try to change for the future. Hope this helps someone!

-Great tasting food, recieved many comments that the food was delicious, this I would give 4 stars for taste only.
-friendly waiters

Cons: They caused a bit embarrassement to me and my husband with their service. Our venue would do nothing about it, just said I am sorry we will change it for the future, no other guest has ever complained about these things. I attribute it to inexperience in throwing classy events.
-They don't know how to set a proper/standard table. Did not use bread or butter plates so my guests had to put their buttered bread on the tablecloth and salads were served on butter plates even though we asked many times would there be a lot of food or we would choose buffet. Not a single person I know has ever been served their salad on a butter sized dish before and people commented on how it was so weird. They didn't tell us the salads would be so tiny even after we asked numerous times if there would be a lot of food or else we would choose buffet service, and many guests had their salad fall off the sides of the plate onto the table because the plate was so tiny and improper for eating off of.
-They didn't give enough bread for each guest at the table and didnt have any extra to refill the baskets so everyone could have a roll or slice in this case. - They were supposed to serve wine during dinner but didnt really ask our guests if they wanted more wine so they could drink it.
-Food was skimpy on the sides, my husband only had like 5 mini squares of potatoes (like the size of breakfast o'brien potatoes)
-They hurried through the service, picking up full plates of desserts and throwing them out so they could hurry up and leave, as a result, when about 50% of my guests (including me), came back from one dance, our dessert was gone. This was not a slice of cake put on each setting. We had a buffet of desserts and each guest went and choose exactly what they wanted. I had a full plate of desserts with only one bite taken out and when I came back to my seat, it was thrown away!
-Casey the person who did our food tasting and was the captain at our wedding has a sour attitude. When my husband and I brought our moms to our food tasting, she gave us attitude because she wasnt expecting them (and I had informed our venue that they would be attending). She was rude, only after some time did she change her outlook and treat us nicely. But she really didn't explain much or serve us our food in the manner that it would be served to us at our wedding so we know what we are getting. Then all through our wedding she had a sour face, she looked like she hated being there. She gets the job done but needs to learn some better people skills in her job since she is customer service.
Services Used: Catering
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