The Jewelry Studio

Oak Park


Oak Park, US
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Here's my blog about this place...

Honestly, it isn't a wedding (or the planning of one) if something doesn't go ABSOLUTELY wrong! I have been waiting for this vision of beauty (aka ~ my ring) since November, and it was winding down to the time that it would be done. Scott gets the call to come in, the ring was ready. Now, keep in mind that Scott really had no idea what the ring was going to look like so when he got to the store and Llyn opened the box....

Scott called me to say he needed to show me the ring, he didn't think that it was right, or that I wanted it to look the way it did. Hmmmm, Odd I thought, thinking to my self "is this a stunt, I'll get home and its amazingly beautiful"....

Holy shit, once I saw it I was shocked! Obviously we didn't have the same vision!! And by vision I mean 20/20 as the mounting was crooked, and several other things were wrong to me!! I mean, I would have worn it, I would have loved it and no one would have known anything but Scott said "absolutely NOT, nothing less than perfection will be put on your finger"! So we took it back, complained a bit and had to leave it there to be fixed. I was actually shocked that Llyn would even present a ring to anyone the way I had received it, I asked her if her or her jeweler would put that ring on their daughters finger...

Another week goes by and I was told that it would be done for Friday. I went to go get the ring, it was fixed and looked good. The only problem now is Scott HATES the ring. He just keeps saying 'if that's what YOU want' and then he noticed that there was another imperfection in the ring, obviously something not corrected, he is furious about this ring!!!!!

Scott and I decide to go to Zales, a store I am not afraid to say I've shopped at, A LOT!!! Anyway, after looking around I found another ring, a very similar ring, a better ring! Scott asked if this ring would make me happy to have, I smiled the biggest smile. With that, the new perfect, gorgeous ring was mine. They are even adding some of the diamonds from the original ring to the new ring so it will be blingin'!! LOL

BTW, Llyn still believes that the ring was acceptable. ACCEPTABLE?? As a ring I will wear everyday for life? I won't step foot in that store again!
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