The Mansion on O Street

Washington , DC


2020 O Street N.W.
Washington, DC US 20036 (map)




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Like no other place on earth, The Mansion offers the most romantic venue in the Washington metropolitan area for weddings, banquets, parties and receptions. All special events are... Read more
Like no other place on earth, The Mansion offers the most romantic venue in the Washington metropolitan area for weddings, banquets, parties and receptions. All special events are enhanced by distinctive, sumptuous surroundings, superb service, a complimentary event planner — and exceptional fine dining. Read less
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Our wedding experience at the Mansion on O street was beyond anything we could even have dreamt. More than the outrageously wonderful accommodations, the food that everyone raved to us about, even the magnificent experience of the Mansion as a physical place, we remain stunned by the kindness, the gentleness, the expertise, and the professionalism of the people who truly ARE the Mansion.
I wish I could put my words into an eloquent stream, but how often does anyone truly get to experience a perfect event? A PERFECT event! From start to finish, from check-in to wedded bliss, to dazzling reception, to haven that was our amazing personal retreat after the festivities, it was perfection. Every expectation was not only exceeded, but blown out of the water.
I could not have imagined a day like the one that H and T gave us. Our family and friends (including the kids, who had a blast!) will never forget this day, and we are similarly fixed by the magic we experienced there. It is not just a venue. It is not just an organization. The Mansion is an adventure - a fantasy made real. We are so thankful, so overwhelmed. Thank you H. Thank you T. You gave us the gift of starting a life together marked by wonderment. You made us feel so special, so chosen, so very lucky to know you and be able to live in your world for those beautiful moments. Trusting you and your wonderful team (we so appreciated Amanda and Sally and truly every person who participated in our event) was the best decision we ever could have made. Our gorgeous and delicious surprise pagoda wedding cake was but one proof of many that leaving it in your hands is a guarantor of success and happiness. I don't know how we will ever be able to show our appreciation, but we shall find a way!
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Stephanie Schmitt
We had the BEST time at our wedding. Venue was perfect, food was good, et. Al.! I would be remiss not to mention the "flubs" that happened just as a cautionary tale, although NOTHING ruined our night. (1) Months before the wedding, we selected our menu including a specific type of fish. 3 days before, the Mansion said the bronzini was no good & they would substitute w/another fish. During the planning process, the Mansion should be aware of what's "in season," so you're not offered an option you ultimately can’t have. (2) wine served was not the wine our parents selected. We chose to have 1 bottle of red & 2 bottles of white open @ each table during dinner. One table had 7 open bottles. WHAT WENT WELL: The Mansion moved their furniture to accommodate our large group/make the space work for us. They gifted us additional appetizers during cocktail hour & an entire dessert buffet which everyone raved about. Food/drinks were good and service was great. WHY 3 STARS ON PROFESSIONALISM? When we first booked, there was an employee who soon left and for a time, I didn't know who I was working with: the owner or the event coordinator. About 2 months after booking we were told we likely couldn't fit for our ceremony, & @ that point we had already printed invitations w/final details. We went back and forth with emails/ meetings and finally sorted it out. I'm type-A & had every detail planned to a T, but in a lot of meetings, the Mansion was wishy-washy on specific details. We also went through several iterations of the invoice which in the end worked out, but at one point we had a $2,000 fee added that was not there before, and when I called it to their attention they removed it with no explanation of why it was added in the first place. All-in-all we had a fantastic wedding, and although at times the planning process was difficult, the end result was worth every bit of stress during planning!
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2+ years ago
Incredible food, a beautiful and unique setting, and secret doors!!!...

The Mansion on O Street is a veritable labyrinth, every inch of which is infused with creativity--fine art, chintzy art, antiques and collectibles, & an astounding assortment of memorabilia, including guitars signed by some of Rock’n’Roll’s greats!

After attending a couple of Sunday brunches held at the Mansion, my fiancé and I decided it would be a great place for our wedding. We were right!!!

We arranged for a room during the Mansion’s regular Sunday champagne brunch buffet. This way, we were able to have a private room where guests could sit together but could also enjoy the elaborate public brunch which extends across several rooms. The food selection varies daily, but the variety is such that it’s impossible for even the most particular palate to come away unsatisfied, or even unimpressed.

Combining our event with the regular brunch enabled us to provide our guests with an enormous variety of 5-star foods that we could never have afforded via private catering. The Mansion DOES permit completely private events, but we were on a tighter budget. In hindsight, I’m grateful for that, because our wedding day could NOT have been better!

Several of our international guests stayed overnight at the Mansion, splitting the cost on 2- & 3-bedroom suites. My fiancé & I stayed in a nearby private & delightfully quirky room, featuring an en suite guitar (signed by Eric Clapton!) which I played while my British fiancé prepared tea in fine china from our kitchenette. There was also a Jacuzzi & a wet-room in the bathing lounge – I say “lounge” because the room was enormous, lined with makeup mirrors and plenty of “comfy” chairs - Perfect for having all the bridesmaids in to do hair and makeup together!

We even had a mini-gym in our room, with treadmill, heavy punching bag, and 2 sets of boxing gloves! As you can imagine, our first “fight” was hilarious!

We LOVE the Mansion!!!
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It's true that if you have your event at the mansion, your guests will talk about it for years to come as one of the more unique weddings that they've been to. However, know that the costs that the Mansion tells you about up front (they won't even give you the contract until you've paid 1000 to join) are not remotely near what you will spend and you'll never get a real invoice when they're asking for more money. By real, I mean itemized and presented in a spreadsheet.

Everything is ala carte at the mansion and the fees never end. At the last minute, you may be told they'll put another event in the space. To prevent that will cost you $3500. You'll pay a set up fee (20%) and a cleaning fee and these are not considered gratutiy. To use the in house stereo system is an upcharge and the list goes on and on.

The food and service is OK at the Mansion, but you're really paying a premium for the space. People do love the space, but I'm not sure it is worth it. I could've done my reception at Restaurant Nora for less than 50% of the cost of the Mansion and had stellar food and service. But my calculations are that only 1/3 of what I spent there actually went to food and beverage and the rest was fees.

Last thing I'll say is that O Street is not a drinker's venue. If you aren't going to go the Coors route, you'll have to have them order for you. We ran out of beers and wines very early in the night. And when people were drinking hard alcohol, patron, SoCo, etc. every bottle that they emptied was the last one and there seemed to be no more in stock.
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We had our rehearsal dinner at The Mansion and had a wonderful time. The food and service was excellent and plentiful and all of our guest raved about it. I would so far as to say that The Mansion is one DC's BEST kept secret and a must see.

In response to the other reviews posted, we too were disappointed with the costs being higher than we anticipated even though at all times we were clear that cost was an issue. By no means are we implying the The Mansion is dishonest - they are wonderful people and I look forward to attending more events there- it is just not an inexpensive venue. BUT if you want a one-of-kind experience and not the same boring "chicken dinner" you have had at most large events- this is the only venue that you can seriously consider.
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The Mansion is a very difficult venue to review. I agree with another reviewer that the buyer needs to be warned that there are planning problems and additional unexpected costs which frequently arise. I think a less stressful (less detail-intensive)event like a dinner party or corporate meeting would be much easier to plan considering the Mansion's unique approach- for example almost everything is done via email. However, the trade off is that your wedding will be in the most unique space in Washington DC, possible one of the most unique spaces in the country. The staff, while eccentric, really does care about their events and they certainly went above and beyond for our wedding on many issues. Overall, I remain thrilled that we had our wedding there and cannot envision having held it elsewhere- but it was a frustrating planning process.
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Smooth As Silk
I love The Mansion, its staff and owners. If you want a reception that you and your guests will talk about for years to come, then The Mansion is the place for you. My wedding had a Victorian theme and The Mansion was the perfect place for my reception. As others have said, The Mansion has its own way of doing things. What I truly appreciate is that their way of helping you plan your wedding or reception is clearly laid out on their website. You do communicate by email and this allows you to have a chronology of decisions or changes made. You will get the event that you want and dreamed of. I have no doubt about that.

The Mansion also offers one stop shopping for most of your needs. I gave them my budget for the catering, flowers, and the wedding cake and they worked with that budget. The food was magnificent and its presentation was breathe taking. I wanted flowers on my wedding cake and I left the design and flavor up to the baker. I did not make a mistake. The cake was beautiful and tasted wonderfully. My husband and I could not save the top for our anniversary. We ate it during the next few days. We plan to have them bake another one for our anniversary.

My guests wanted for nothing. Both my husband and I are from the south and The Mansion made sure that my southern guests had a taste of home. The decor was extraordinary and because of The Mansion's beauty, you do not need to spend a lot on flowers or any other decorations. The service was excellent and as the Bride, The Mansion provided a young lady who worked exclusively to ensure that I had everything that I wanted and needed. When it comes to flexibility, the owners are the best. My guest list increased by 25 percent, and H and Ted made sure that I had the space needed to accommodate everyone. They worked a miracle and ensured that everyone was very comfortable. We also spent our wedding night at The Mansion. Our room was beautiful and as requested, they served us food from our reception for dinner. That gave my husband and I the opportunity to truly savor the food and enjoy each other's company. The next morning we had a beautiful breakfast.

If you want a venue where you and your guests feel at home, yet have the staff of royalty serving you, then you too, will love The Mansion. I highly recommend The Mansion for your wedding and reception. Make a reservation and visit The Mansion on Sundays and Mondays where you can tour the facilties and have a wonderful brunch, tea, or lunch. You will see how magnificent a place this is.
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One of the most amazing and unique venues... but this is about catering: The food was fantastic. We had everything for a very reasonable cost. It is best to do buffet style at this location. Everything was delicious and plenty of options for vegetarians, I (nor anyone else) wanted for anything the entire evening. The service was amazing, my husband's father commented on it a few times throughout the night. They were very attentive without being at all bothersome. They offered to get my drinks and make me plates of food. very kind and fun group of employees there. also, a bonus is that they will work with you on food costs for sure.
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This is a very unusual place and they go by their own set of rules, but all in all we had a great wedding and this amazing venue was the reason for it all. It is a bed and breakfast consisting on 5 conjoined rowhouses. It is uniquely decorated with antiques, artwork and rock paraphenilia, and is in my opinion one of the most interesting places I have ever been to. It was great to share this place with my friends and family, and everyone had a great time. Their communication is different than most places and it is definintely not for every bride. if you are looking for something different, check this place out!
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The O Street Mansion is a very difficult place to review. On the one hand, it's an extremely unique and wonderful venue. It's an elegant mansion that also has an extremely eccentric personality. The ceilings of the main dining rooms are ornate and dripping with chandeliers, but there are also unusual touches like revolving-bookcase secret doors, a John Lennon theme room, and a two-story log cabin *inside* the mansion. The food is also great and is presented spectacularly. And all things considered, the whole thing was quite reasonable -- once you pay $1,000 to become a member of the mansion's club, you don't have to pay to rent it out, just for the food and services.

That being said, the people there were astoundingly difficult to work with. They're very hard to reach, and the main event coordinator, Sally, will never meet you face to face. In fact, we have very serious doubts as to whether she actually exists. Even if she does, we're sure that many, if not all, of the emails that came from her account were written by H. H. Leonards, the mansion's founder, who goes only by the cryptic initial "H."

The biggest problems were that unexpected extra charges were added into the contract, and strange little rules kept coming up late in the game. They also won't tell you which rooms you'll be getting until two days before the event, which made us a bit nervous and, I imagine, would make some brides very nervous.

I have to say that they really came through for us in the end. The event was spectacular, the food was great, everything was just the way we wanted it, and everyone loved it. The mansion people also made some concessions, cut down a few of the extra fees, etc.

So in summary, I'd say that if you can handle working with a bunch of very eccentric people who are not good communicators and tend to throw in some surprises, it's a great value and a really wonderful place for a wedding reception. Just be careful, be clear every step of the way -- even clearer than you'd ever think to be ordinarily -- and be firm when things get a bit screwy. If you do that, your event will probably turn out just as well as ours did.
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2020 O Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036 See On Map
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