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The Modern Jewish Mitzvah

Austin , TX


3571 Far West Blvd, PMB #120
Austin, TX 78731 US (map)




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Your Mitzvah Planning Coach! Michele Schwartz creates your game plan and coaches you through the Mitzvah planning process.
She guides every family how to include the richest Jewish... Read more
Your Mitzvah Planning Coach! Michele Schwartz creates your game plan and coaches you through the Mitzvah planning process.
She guides every family how to include the richest Jewish traditions, the freshest trends and your family’s dreams. At The Modern Jewish Mitzvah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah families keep their sanity while planning this special milestone by using event planning services including: ideas, resources, trends and a team of people dedicated to helping you!

Richest Jewish traditions. Michele brings to The Modern Jewish Mitzvah a depth of knowledge about Jewish life cycle traditions and event planning not found anywhere else. An active member of the nation’s leading professional associations for event planners and a sought-after speaker at national event planning conferences. She believes that Jewish community members deserve the opportunity to work with trained, certified professionals when planning the special events that give meaning to a lifetime. Michele trains planners and vendors on what to do – and what not to do – when coordinating Jewish events. She keeps her blog audiences in the know by frequently posting insightful articles about the meaning behind Jewish customs.

Freshest trends.Michele finds and invents the most creative, expressive, fun-loving and beautiful event ideas. She’s…well…a little obsessive when it comes to gathering and creating the latest trends, the newest colors, the coolest themes and sharing them with her clients and her online followers.

Dreams. Michele is passionate about bringing dreams to life. From Walt Disney World (“If you can dream it, we can do it!”) to the Modern Jewish Mitzvah & many other signposts along her journey, Michele has dedicated much of her career to making dreams come true.

As Director of Life Cycles and Celebrations for Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Michele coordinated over 200 life cycle events each year. Working alongside florists, caterers, decorators and entertainers as a liaison between families and a rabbanic staff creating memorable life cycle events. Michele also planned every holiday celebration for the Temple, enabling a deepening of her love and knowledge of the rituals and celebrations that mark the Jewish faith.

Michele celebrated her own life cycles as a child growing up at Congregation Beth Israel. She went on to become a die-hard University of Texas fan, while studying for her degree in Communications. She is a member of both Congregation Agudas Achim & Temple Beth Shalom, is active with the Jewish Business Network, and is a Past-President of the Austin Section of the National Council of Jewish Women. She is also an alumna of Leadership Texas 2007 and serves on the board of the Austin Professional Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications.

Contact Michele at michele@themodernjewishmitzvah.com! Read less
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3571 Far West Blvd, PMB #120, Austin, TX 78731 See On Map
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