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New Monopoly is a full-time professional provider of live entertainment specializing in weddings, corporate parties, special events and fundraisers. We offer the most diverse range of... Read more
New Monopoly is a full-time professional provider of live entertainment specializing in weddings, corporate parties, special events and fundraisers. We offer the most diverse range of music of any performing group in the tri-state while maintaining a classy, but fun, stage presence. We are equal parts current radio (dance) music, swing, 50's vocal doo-wop, 70's disco, Motown, 80's new wave, easy listening, classic rock, as well as ethnic and religious, music. All selections are well-polished and carefully chosen to keep you and your guests upbeat and having fun on the dance floor from the first note to the last. In addition to the main group, we also offer ceremony music for our wedding clients, as well as cocktail music services.

NEW FOR 2014 --

--We have added for the convenience of our clients multple plasma screens to the stage set plot (if desired) so that our wedding clients may display slide shows of important life events or other pictures of interest without needed a separate projector.

--We have purchased a new, more compact sound system better accomodate events in small to medium size venues. Our stage is now nearly 100% wireless and the cleanest in the industry.

--For our 15th Anniversary, we have introduced new direct pricing. Please contact us for information and to reserve your date!

We have invested countless years producing a product that provides you with all of the songs you would hope for from a DJ, coupled with the undeniable energy of a live group. If you haven’t been to a wedding with a truly professional live group, such as New Monopoly, you haven’t experienced everything a great event can be. Many people do not believe a band can sound as good as pre-recorded music, and in most cases, that is true. However, if you haven’t heard us yet, please reserve your decision. We collectively have a century and a half worth of experience making exceptional music - and we know how to energize a party in a way that won’t be forgotten. In fact, that is the universal response from our clients: Out of anything they chose to include as part of their special day, whether it be flowers, edibles, take-home gifts, or in this case, entertainment, New Monopoly was by far their most memorable choice and the one they have continued to receive compliments regarding, from family and guests, for years to come. Not surprisingly, a large majority of our engagements are booked thru word-of-mouth and referrals, and it is not uncommon to perform multiple weddings for a single family. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, giving our clients what they want, and always presenting a professional product.

As a group, we don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly working to stay up-to-date in all areas of our business, whether it be technology or learning the best of today’s current radio hits to supplement our strong foundation of crowd favorites. We use as our music selection guide multiple sources - Billboard® charts, DJ Top-200 play lists, as well as client submissions and requests. This assures we consistently add great music and satisfy all age groups. Our stage presentation is second to none, energy-wise, while making sure the focus always stays where it should - on YOU. We always provide the appropriate musical style as your timeline progresses, driving your evening from start to finish with music everyone will enjoy. In addition, we also include a DJ with all bookings. He supplements the band’s live choices with additional music and requests, assuring that your event never has a dull moment. Most importantly, though, you are in total control. You can fully customize our Song List as well as the music our DJ plays during break times.

No longer do you have to search the entire east coast to locate the best total package for your event. We are local to Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Northern VA, York/Hanover PA, & Delaware. You don’t have to reach out to New York, Boston or Nashville just to assure a quality presentation of the caliber you undoubtedly want for your special day. New Monopoly is, from all angles of consideration, the best product; technically current, black-tie experienced, and musically comprehensive with no hidden costs. We understand the needs of our clients; the desire for top shelf entertainment without the worry that, unfortunately, can come along with engaging a large group of musicians that you may never have met personally. When present at an event, none of our members consume alcohol or drugs, dress inappropriately, or act in a less-that-professional manner. From the moment you contact us directly, you are speaking with our business manager; a professional who has been in the field for 45 years and has worked with and represented some of the best names in the business. He will be there, in person, from that first moment of contact until the last note to assure that your event is a successful one. Our “package” - the musicians, top quality support, sound system, and lighting are all included with no run-around regarding hidden fees, commissions, or undisclosed “needs.” We work, first and foremost, to satisfy everyone involved in making the decision regarding entertainment choice.

New Monopoly almost exclusively maintains a calendar of private functions. We, therefore, understand the nuances involved in making that special event click. Again, on the day of the event, the person you’ve dealt with since the beginning (if you book directly with us) will be on site, working with your other service providers assuring that everything necessary for success happens as it should without you, the client, needing to even think about details on your special day. The bottom line: “It’s all about you.” We want you to enjoy yourself, unconditionally, and retain the excitement of the evening for years to come. You will never see our name on a club marquee, but we are very well known in our field: black tie events - weddings, corporate events, media functions, and fundraisers. If you have questions and would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, please explore our web presentation to get a sense of the quality and consistency we are proud to provide.

✤We are a group of professionals that work closely with your party planner for meticulous event execution. We are an easy group to work with and make every effort to make booking a band an easy and stress-free experience

✤We are a premium black tie group that is in business solely to provide superior entertainment for once-in-a-lifetime events.

✤We are NOT a “club” or weekend warrior band that simply puts on a tuxedos to perform at an upper class function once every few months. Our demeanor, our presentation, our song list, even our selection of staff is geared to formal weddings and corporate events. We dress in premium tuxedos (by default), our ladies dress in cocktail dresses appropriate to your event. Only by client request do we perform in casual attire.

✤If you are an entertainment buyer who has had the unfortunate experience of hiring a band, yet seeing your guests sit in their seats all night, unresponsive, you didn’t hire New Monopoly. Unlike most bands, we welcome the chance to go head-to-head with a DJ for audience satisfaction, sound quality and proper song choice. The difference in energy between a live group and a disc jockey is indescribable when hiring the right group.

✤The majority of our business does consist of weddings, fund raisers and corporate events;occasions that demand experience and professionalism, while also providing your guests a fun and unparalleled musical experience they never will forget.

✤As opposed to most bands, New Monopoly is a group made up wholly of full-time musicians; responsible individuals chosen not just for musicianship, but for attitude and professionalism. As such, the same standards that apply to any serious business entity apply to us as well - no drugs, no drinking, no inappropriate language, plus the willingness to work hand and hand with all other vendors involved in executing a event to remember.

✤While all of the above statements are important, if not critical, to choosing the right group to entertain at your event, the number one priority is that on the day of your event that everyone has a fun, enjoyable experience from note one until the end. We have an unparalleled song list, the right sound, a strong foundation in the business (2014 is our 15th anniversary as New Monopoly), the consistency, and the know-how to spice in each necessary ingredient for an unforgettable entertainment experience. You can always find a group for less, but even at double our pricing, you won’t find a group with everything we offer. Read less




Are you an agency or a band?
What is the size of your band?
Large (6+ musicians), Medium (4-6 musicians)
What music genre does your band play?
50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Swing
Do you have liability insurance?
What is your band's usual attire?
Matched Formal Tuxedo
Do you offer live sample performances or CDs?
Yes, on our website. All samples are direct samples of the band, not studio enhanced glossed demos.
Are you willing to learn songs that you do not currently know?
We will learn up to one song per event: first dance, father daughter, mother son, or just a special song. Our song list is vast, and most - if not all - of the classics and current hits are covered in full.
How much time do you usually need for setup?
This varies with your venue. We can set up in one hour, however, wedding day timelines often require an early load in and set-up. We can and will accomodate all situations.
How much space do you usually require?
This depends on the number of musicians you have engaged for your event. Our PA and lighting system is extremely compact and designed specifically for weddings.
Do you have a sign or banner that you use at events?
No. We would never take away from the hard work of the coordinator/designer by imposing advertising on a wedding stage. We have invested a great deal of time and energy to create the cleanest stage possible and to present a wholly professional look from the each attendant's perspective.
What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?
We offer a $50,000 intelligent lighting system as a (no charge) extra for all events. This can be scaled down to a simple, color matched quad of stage-only light for low-key receptions, or expanded to 12 moving head fixtures which can provide any effect imaginable. Essentially, we carry more lighting with us than any band or provider would ever rent from a professional lighting provider - but we are always concerned, first and foremost, with elegance and taste.
Do you usually emcee the event, or talk between songs?
Yes, clients normally elect for an MC, however, we honor all wishes if a client prefers there to be no speaking on the microphone between selections.
How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?
In the space of 500+ weddings, this has never been an issue. The inclusiveness of our song list allows all guests to hear and dance to music they enjoy. A typical evening begins with swing and 50s/60s doo-wop, which encourages older guests to dance, Our second set (typically) begins with Motown hits that fill the dance floor with all ages. Our last set typically occurs after many older guests have retired for the evening and is as high energy as imaginable and is a non-stop train until the end. (all song choices are at the discretion of the client). We have found that a proper timeline is the essential component to a successful reception.
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you need a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
Our break policy is different than most groups - we do not (unless instructed) follow a 45 on/15 off timeline. We work closely with your wedding coordinator to put together break/play times that fit the evening. We normally allocate most playtime toward the rear of the evening, where guests are most likely to dance (ie. most guests don't dance during dinner, also, you don't want a break at the end of the night or people will leave.). We typically eat (vendor meals) when your guests eat.
Do you play recorded music during your break?
Yes. Clients are welcome to provide iPods of their own music choices for break times. Otherwise, we provide general background music,
If one or more of the band members is unable to attend, what is your backup plan?
We have multiple contingency plans in place in case of all manner of emergency. After over a decade of performing almost exclusively weddings, we have experienced moats sicknesses, car breakdowns, etc. We have never failed to start on time, and to succeed in pleasing the decision makers. Band members are obligated to attend unless they are physically unable.
What is your overtime rate?
Overtime is prorated based on a) special contract clause or b) prorate of contract price..
Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?
typically, no. we occasionally take a "travel date" but costs are usually prohibitive beyond our normal DC/Baltimore/DE/NOVA circle.
What is the required deposit to secure your services?


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Recently Married
The music at my daughter's wedding was phenomenal. Everyone was up, dancing, and having a wonderful time. Doug was so easy to work with, and very responsive to all of our questions. I would be delighted to use them again in the future.
Services Used: Band
The New Monopoly was AMAZING!!! My fiance felt very strongly about using a band, and boy are we found Doug and the New Monopoly! They had people dancing all night long to the very end, and didn't even take their last break because everyone was having so much fun and they didn't want to lose the energy. As a result we still had a pretty good amount of people on the dance floor until the bitter end. Their song selection is extremely broad and allowed us to choose a variety of music that appealed to everyone from my high school aged cousins to our parents friends. They also learned our first dance song, which was beautifully done. It is also great how quickly they learn what is hot at that time - one of my favorite moments was when they played "Blurred Lines" and I watched my 64 year old mother dancing with the 20/30something kids of her college best friends. We couldn't have had a better time that night and The New Monopoly absolutely helped make the night perfect.
Services Used: Band
Ok, if you're thinking of booking a band for you're wedding, first of all, do it. It makes all the difference. Second of all, you need to book New Monopoly. We had them play at our wedding and they made--MADE--the night.

We sent them a song list and they honored it. Even played "I'm Too Sexy", which apparently hadn't been requested in 15 years. Does no one else sing that to their signinficant other after splitting a bottle of wine on a Friday night? Well, anyway.

Old and young alike were dancing the night away, and people couldn't stop talking about the band. They have a great song list (over 500 songs) and will try to learn new ones if you request them in advance. When I felt like they were playing too many slow songs (probably because we requested a lot--stupid us), they immediately accommodated our request to nix all slow songs for the rest of the night.

Booking the New Monopoly was the best decision we made for the wedding (other than marrying each other--awwww). I can't recommend them enough.
Services Used: Band
As the Father of the Bride, I had little to do with our wonderful wedding. That was all my wife. I only was allowed one task, and that was because I had a strong opinion that the band makes the wedding. I love it when I’m right! When you have a good group of folks that want to celebrate and party, you need a good band to get them there. Boy, The New Monopoly got us there and in a hurry! They were non-stop from the Father-Daughter dance until we were kicked out at closing time.

Doug is an absolute professional, very inviting, patient and accommodating. He says what he does and does what he says.

He and his band performed perfectly and as he promised. Doug was actually able to help with other areas of my Daughter’s wedding, as The New Monopoly is the house band for the Belvedere. This made everything go smoothly. In hindsight, this alone was worth every penny.

It’s been seven months since the wedding and we just received another compliment for the “Wedding of the Century”. We are so happy it was a great event and that everyone had fun.

My dearest wife deserves all the accolades. Ann you put on a perfectly executed and wonderful wedding. Thank you for all your hard work! I was merely and witness. But I am happy to take credit for the band!!!

Great job by The New Monopoly– First class band with GREAT voices and GREAT sound! We recommend the The New Monopoly with the HIGHEST regards.

Grateful and still dancing,

Scott and Ann Addison
Services Used: Band
When my husband (then finance) and I were looking online for a wedding band we felt that many seemed "cheesey" and then we came across The New Monopoly. We were literally dancing on the couch listening to them online. We called them immediately and are so happy we did. The band was awesome! They have a very extensive and diverse playlist. They are willing to learn one song not on their playlist for your wedding. Doug, the manager, is friendly, responsive, professional and just wants to make sure you are happy on your wedding day. Our guests LOVED the band and so did we. In addition, we found them to be very reasonably priced...especially for their size (8 musicians) and diversity.
Services Used: Band
So great! New Monopoly had our guests dancing all night long! Doug was wonderful to work with leading up to the event. They did EVERYTHING we asked for and more. All of our guests were raving about them. Definitely get New Monopoly for your wedding!!!!
Services Used: Band
The New Monopoly is FABULOUS!!! The music was awesome and they had every single guest on the dance floor! They are extremely talented and played every request and avoided our 'do not plays' as well. They really honored our music playlist and we appreciated that.

They had a great time with our guests that they even came back early from break and played longer, the crowd was so excited. They went above and beyond to make our day extremely special and memorable.

They can play anything and everything, it was a great mix of music that each guest could relate to. Love THEM!
Services Used: Band
The New Monopoly was one of the best decisions we ever made for the wedding!! Their energy and talent is hard to come by. Guest were on the dance floor from beginning to end. They were very good at reading the crowd to decide the type of song to play and also were very attentive to our requests with the music!! Also, they were great to work with while preparing for the wedding. They spent whatever time we needed planning and meeting o make our day just so. I would DEFINITELY recommend them to all my friends getting married.
Services Used: Band
This band was great! We booked them through Bialeks Music (http://www.bialeksmusic.com/). The dance floor was packed the entire night and we've gotten tons of comments from guests about how much they enjoyed the band.
Services Used: Band
Seriously, this is the BEST FREAKIN' BAND out there! We interviewed sooooo many bands and were so pleased with the New Monopoly. People are still talking about them and how they kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. My only regret is not having a bigger dance floor!
Services Used: Band
Doug and the new monopoly are a high energy blast of fun!!! My brother and his wife used them for his wedding and they made such an impression on all of the guests and I that we didn't think twice when it came to choosing a band for my own wedding!! Doug is responsive and makes you feel like he is just as excited for your big day as you are. The band members are extremely talented and enjoy playing!! They had every wedding guest on the dance floor the entire night. They have an incredible list of songs to choose from and I couldn't stop dancing They made our wedding the best it could possibly be. When people say a band makes a wedding, they are right and The New Monopoly absolutely made our wedding!
Services Used: Band
Mrs. P
The New Monopoly played at our wedding a few weeks ago. Overall we were relatively happy with them. Gusets of all ages danced all night and the band played a lot of fun music. A few criticisms though:
- The band played NONE of the songs we asked they try to play.
- Doug was horrible MC, super awkward and it seemed like he had never MCed a wedding before. Despite discussing the introductions of the bridal party beforehand, it did not go smoothly. The music we asked be played was not played until the very end and he pronounced most names wrong. He also skipped over my dad's speech! It ended up working out fine to do the speech at a later point during dinner, but you can't forget the father of the bride's speech!

They did learn our first dance song and we thought it was good enough, but not great.

If we needed a band again, we might use New Monopoly again as long as Doug did not MC the event and none of the above mentioned items would not happen again.
Services Used: Band


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