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The Paul Kenneth salon gave me greater service than I could have imagined. I added on last minute nails and makeup for 3 of my girls. Even though they were so busy, they delivered great service and we felt wonderful. The greatest thing is that I found them online at pksalon and they were better than we expected. Thank you Tanya, Julie, heshika, kat, Kristen and heather. I hope I didn\'t leave anyone out, you were all great. I will tell everyone I can that you are wonderful.
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After a HORRIBLE experience with my first hair and make up service, I was desperate to find a replacement. I had had my hair done at PK Salon before, and honestly although I didn't really have a good experience then, I decided to give them another shot because I was short on time, and because they were close to home.

I went in and made an appointment for a run-through that went as follows:
I was late (oops) but they still fit me in which was nice, I got my make-up done then went home for an hour before going back to do my hair. I brought a book and pictures for the make-up artist (who they claim was the best on staff), and it seems like she didn't really look at them or listen to me at all, because the make up came out all wrong. Thankfully the manager seemed to notice this (even though I told her it was great) and made the girl come back over to talk to me, at this point I got the nerve to speak up. She told me I could make another appointment for a run through or just wing it the day of. Short on cash, I figured I would give her a shot to get it right, and this time request to be in front of a mirror as she did it, because I was not the first time. I also brought her many more pictures leading up to the big day.

The hairdresser, Amy, was great! I went in thinking I wanted one thing and decided when I saw it I didn't like it. She did 3 more styles with me until I was almost sure of what I wanted. The day of she did perfectly!

The make up the day of was a DISASTER!! Julie, the makeup artist apparently had not listened the first time when I told her I did not need 100 pounds of face makeup, as I have very nice skin. She had taken so long to do the first girls makeup, that we were running late, and I was running out of patience. Amy, my hairdresser did one of my bridesmaids makeup in 1/2 the time, and hers came out great. My other bridesmaid who had her makeup done by Julie while Amy did my hair, was COMPLETELY unsatisfied. She was so upset that Amy tried to fix it as best she could while Julie worked on me. Finally after 10 minutes of just face makeup I told Julie, look you're very nice, but I've had enough, I'll do my own makeup.

My bridesmaid who was dissatisfied and myself asked to speak aside with the manager, and this is where things went even more downhill! We explained to her the situation, and while I was still telling her my bridesmaids' unhappiness, she cut me right off to ask her herself as if I was lying. My bridesmaid confirmed and the manager suggested that it looked fine, but could be fixed if she wanted. We explained that Amy had tried, but now it was too late, and she already had on too much make-up than she was comfortable with. I told her we just wanted to go, as I was running late, and I would just do mine myself. (At this point I had nothing on but face makeup) The manager's attitude was APPALLING through this whole ordeal mind you.

When I went to pay, the manager said she was taking on ten dollars for my displeasure...TEN!! yes 10! Out of the over $500 we paid. It was $200 for my runthrough and $180 the day of. My bridesmaid was unhappy, and I went home late and makeupless and she took of $10! As she ran my credit card for $275, I thought wait that's not what I owe, she proclaimed YES remember I took off ten dollars. I then told her no, I owed $240 before the 10 dollars. She continued to tell me I was wrong as I wrote up the numbers right in front of her on a piece of paper. As she is writing what she feels the total is, I realize her mistake...there were 4 bridesmaids + myself, 2 bridesmaids got their makeup done, and I did as well, for a total of 3 girls. She thought 3 bridesmaids had their makeup done + myself for a total of 4 girls. When I saw the mistake I asked to see the piece of paper to show her, and when I reached for it, she slid it back across the counter, so as that I could not REACH IT! Yes she pulled the paper away from the already upset bride! (Wow I guess I'm still upset) I then asked her if she was kidding, and why could I not see it, she stared without answering, so I did the math on my phone and showed it to her.

When it dawned on her that she was wrong, instead of apologizing profusely as she should, she said nothing but opened the register, took out the difference she had charged, and handed it to me. Never did she apologize, never did she ask if I wanted the difference back in my credit card, no she shoved the cash at me as to say you're done get out.

I am very proud of myself for not flipping out on her as I would have liked, I just said to her, it's too bad for Amy, (the hairdresser), I said she did a wonderful job, and I would like to have her as my permanent hairdresser, but because of you, I will never set foot in this salon again. After all of that I still tipped more than 20%, and after writing this, I have decided to write a letter to the owner, as he is a constant fixture in the salon.

I would not recommend this salon at all to anyone, not if they want to have their way on their day, a day that they pay for!
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