The Prince Photography
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P. O. Box 818
Euless, TX US 76039 (map)
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4.9 out of 5.0
He did really good job. Thanks
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4.8 out of 5.0
Great Work! Very Professional! Works around your schedule!
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0.0 out of 5.0
My wedding date was March 14, 2009. It is now July 10, 2009. I booked Nizar Wazirali of The prince photography ( www.theprincephotography.com ) as my photographer and videographer. This was the biggest mistake I made during the wedding. When I booked Nizar he promised me an album of 20 pages, 5 Dvd�s, a blown up picture(16 x20 ), and a hard copy of all the wedding pictures burnt to a CD. Nizar said he knew a DJ that only charges $200 so I booked his DJ Rohid from 9pm to 1am. I had booked Nizar from 4pm to 12am. Nizar promised everything will be given to me in 2 months. During my wedding Nizar made us get delayed until 10 before the entrance so all the guests were furious. Then come 12am he asked to let the dj go home even though the dj was supposed to stay till 1am. Then just to shoot for an extra 20 mins he charged us 200 when it says on his contract that for a extra hour is 100 dollars. This I know be I still have the contract that has all his details. So now its may 14 and I am supposed to have all my pictures and dvd�s but he says be patient if you hurry these things they go bad, wait another week. I waited, but week after week, day after day he always had excuses.He said to write a review for him, so I wrote a very positive one hoping to get the pictures in return, but that didn�t work either. One day he calls up and says I will give you a 30 page album, but for it you will have to let me use your photos for advertising. I agreed. Then after a couple of weeks I asked for my wedding dvd and he says I will give 3 to your in laws. I told him no , give them to me. It makes sense to me since its something I have paid for it should come to me, its for me to decide who I want to give it to. He said don�t worry I will give you 10. How does that sound. I said ok, as long as I get 10 im fine then. So its june 29, we asked for the album because we needed to show it as proof for something, he gives it to us but then on the 30 he takes it back so he can use it as advertising for a customer. On july 4 I finally get my album back. On july 9 I get 2 dvd�s . I ask why he says oh because I gave your family 3 and these are 2 for you. I ask about the 10 and he says I already gave them to you. That is just a bunch of BS. He gave me a hard copy with only 400 photos on it, when I have like 600 photos. So its July 10, 2009 I have 2 Dvd�s (one of the dvd�s doesn�t even work so I have 1), a 30 page album, a incomplete cd of wedding photos, and no blown up photo. I was totally ripped off by him. Its been 4 months almost and I still don�t have everything he promised. He also is using us as advertising on his website with a video clip from our wedding. So he is making money off of us but he doesn�t want to give us everything we paid for and were promised for by him for using us as advertising. Now we I tell him he says oh I gave you the 30 page album to compensate for the time it took to give you your album. ITS BEEN ALMOST 4 freaking months. And it was for compensation it was for advertisement. He gave us a cd with all the pics from the wedding, but has watermarked them so what use is it to me I don�t want a watermark album saying prince photography all over it. Now its July 27, 2009 and we still are missing 3 dvd , 4 labels and dvd covers, and the blown up picture. Now when ever we ask him he just blows us off. This photographer is not worth it! N many more have complained against him too, they r not just bold enough to express their views to everyone. Do you really want someone like this to be the photographer at your wedding??? I think NOT. So spread the word, and lets protect all the others from falling into his trap!!!! DON�T BOOK HIM AT ANY OCCASION!!!!!
Services Used: DJ, Photography, Videography
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I sopose to give them 20 pages story book but i made them 30 pages. No copy rights on pictures i told them they cant put at facebook but they did put on facebook. I had deal for 5 DVDs but i made them 11 copies. Since they put pictures on facebook that why i m holding them 16x20 print. I really want you to justify .
Eric Wazirali
3.6 out of 5.0
very nice exceptional
Services Used: Band, Beauty & Health, Photography, Wedding Planning, Transportation, Videography, Unique Services
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