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The Reserve at Spanos Park

Stockton , CA


6301 West Eight Mile Road
Stockton, CA 95219 US (map)




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The Reserve at Spanos Park, located in the Central Valley is a golfer’s sanctuary and a delightful location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Bordered by a maze of rivers and... Read more
The Reserve at Spanos Park, located in the Central Valley is a golfer’s sanctuary and a delightful location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Bordered by a maze of rivers and tributaries that make up California’s Delta, this tranquil environment offers wide open spaces, large expanses of blue sky and stunning sunset views of Mt. Diablo.

The Reserve offers the amenities and personal attention you would expect from a private club at a price that is more affordable than you might imagine. The professional staff is on-hand to provide a full range of services to assist you with every detail of your special day. The experience of our expertly trained team guarantees that your wedding will be truly memorable.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Features at The Reserve at Spanos Park

Outdoor ceremony sites include a charming set up at the first tee, overlooking a small lake or on the western-facing terrace adjoining the ballroom; both take full advantage of the beautifully kept surrounding golf course.

The main event space, the Mount Diablo Ballroom can accommodate guest lists of up to 200. Beyond the tiled foyer lies the spacious banquet area, brightened by a wall of windows and a large skylight this airy space affords your guests resplendent views of the emerald fairways, lakes and mountains in the distance. The interior is attractively designed with a high ceiling, earth-toned tile and carpet, granite countertops and brick wainscoting; the neutral décor makes it easy to customize, creating a space that reflects your personal tastes. Glass doors open to the patio presenting spectacular sunset views that could coincide nicely with the reception celebration if timed perfectly.

Dressing rooms can be made available for the bridal party’s convenience.

The Menu at The Reserve at Spanos Park

The professional catering and events team will help you plan every detail of the day from a custom-designed menu to innovative decorating options. Our Executive Chef utilizes the region’s bounty of fruits and vegetables to create signature dishes, ensuring a celebration meal that will please even the most discerning tastes.

Call Andrea today to discuss your big day at (209-477-4653 x28) or via email

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Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Country / Golf Club
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Bridal Shower, Ceremony, Engagement Party, Reception
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Accommodations, Clean Up, Event Planning, Event Rentals, Liability Insurance, Lighting / Sound, Set Up
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Altar/Arches, Audio Equipment, Centerpieces, Chairs, Dance Floor, Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Tables
What food and beverage items are available?
Barware, Flatware, Glassware, Linens
What transportation and access is available?
Parking, Wheelchair Access


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I highly recommend using this site for your event! The staff was wonderful! Very accommodating, friendly and professional. They went above and beyond in order to provide is with the best experience and I would definitely have an event there again in the future. Also, the food was excellent! Thank you to everyone at the Reserve at Spanos Park.
I highly recommend using this site for your event! The staff was wonderful! Very accommodating, friendly and professional. Read more...
I highly recommend using this site for your event! The staff was wonderful! Very accommodating, friendly and professional. They went above and beyond in order to provide is with the best experience and I would definitely have an event there again in the future. Also, the food was excellent! Thank you to everyone at the Reserve at Spanos Park. Read less
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Planning, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Venue
The Reserve at Spanos Park responded with the following comments:

Thank you so much! We loved having you as a guest and look forward to working with you more in the future! :)


6301 West Eight Mile Road, Stockton, CA 95219 See On Map
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