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I found Tricia Melms of Timeless IP at etsy as a vendor of custom wedding veils. I commisioned her in June for my mid Sept wedding. I now have reservations about buying anything from a private vendor ever again. Even though we emailed several times over the next few months about details of my veil, she didn't actually start working on it until about 2 weeks before my wedding. She made it the wrong color(white instead of my requested ivory) and then blamed me for changing my mind and making her rush to make another one. She never showed me any images of it and had to ship it overnight to arrive the night before my wedding. I hated it. It had old fashioned appliques partially bordering the edges with 2 different colored flowers which looked like they were hanging off my ears. I had to borrow a friend's veil for the wedding. When i called her to talk to her about it, she again blamed me for changing my mind about the color, that she never had time to even text me a picture of the appliques, that she had to drive 2 hours to find materials, which she mentioned to me several times since it was so last minute and she was so busy. it is of course nonrefundable. She still swears that i never told her about the details i wanted. She is no longer on the Etsy website to even write a review.
Services Used: Dress & Attire, Unique Services
My entire family is MORE than satisfied as well as I am. We were treated with huge amounts of respect and dignity. The photographer arrived 2.5 hours before the wedding to do pre shots as she always does, and arrived on time. The time she spent over for free was more than generous and her compassion and sense of responsibility and organization was out of this world amazing! This photographer, Tricia, was super duper and we recommended her to many people who are also satisfied. She is very organized which may seem to some as too much, not in our case! Without her doing her skills, we would still be standing there. We even vounteered to graciously tip her 500.00 because she is so amazing and the final product speaks for itself. She was more than worth that money! She is talented and has the best prices in the area. We got 400+ pics in our album, over 10 hours of wedding day time, a FREE engagment session, and lots of enlargement prints and online viewing, etc... we spent less than 2500.00. She is way lower and way better than most of the crud we saw when interviewing other photographers. We are SUPER happy and you will be too... I have a feeling the rude people who left the previous messages were late for photos and probly not where they were supposed to be and probly not paying attention. I used to assist a photographer in Texas for 6+ years and let me tell you, its always the photographers fault when the clients are not doing what was asked to make things go right...Bridezillas again im sure..blaming everyone else! I know from experience what it takes to do a great job and how hard it is to do wedding pics, so, they just could not say anything nice about the excellent high quality of work, figures! I would have never chosen her if the work was not impecable and her fun friendly charm wasnt lighten up, and get a grip, Tricia is remarkable and we stand by her! You would be as happy as I am, if you like hard working, professionals who work for their money! Tricia certainly goes beyond the call of duty! 179 people (me and my honey and all our bridal party and guests) HIGHLY recommend Tricia, PLUS our other 4 friends (couples) who got married and used her too !!!!
Lisa Mayes from Chico, and proud to say my name on this rating too!
Services Used: Photography
This photographer was trying to make all kinds of deals to book the job and then she showed up 5 minutes before the ceremony. She was bossy to her assistant, which was really embarrassing and everyone noticed it. She was not flexible at all and didn't take the pictures I specifically asked for. She asked for a tip as she was leaving and she sent an e-mail after the fact and said she went over time wise and asked for more money. She wouldn't have gone over if she had done what we asked instead of all the shots I specifically said I didn't want. I do not recommend her at all!
Services Used: Photography
She came across as really nice when i met with her. But the day of my wedding my bridal party and Husband and Both sets of parents were not happy with her. She asked my mom for a tip at the end of her time there, and then tried to pan it off on my mom the next time I talked to her. I never did receive a form to order more photos. When I did try to contact her, she never responded. So now were stuck with just the proofs, which we ordered in the first place, but we were hoping to enlarge some. Cause my in-laws wanted one and my parents wanted one, and my husband and i wanted one also. All in all I was pretty disappointed with her, not what i expected. compared to what i got out of the first meeting with her. Unless you are going to get one of her packages, and you are going to pay her a tip dont plan on getting what you want back or done. She even had the nerve to complain to me about another bride that she had delt with the day before my wedding. How awkward is that???
Services Used: Photography
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