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At Top Notch Productions we understand how big a role music and entertainment play in ensuring your wedding is absolutely perfect. We understand all that goes into planning your perfect... Read more
At Top Notch Productions we understand how big a role music and entertainment play in ensuring your wedding is absolutely perfect. We understand all that goes into planning your perfect day, which is why we will assist you in customizing our services to your specific needs. Since planning your wedding day can be extremely stressful, Top Notch’s mission is to take as much of that stress away from you as possible by giving you the best entertainment and customer service imaginable and providing you with guidance and suggestions based on our 20 years of experience.

Top Notch prides itself on accommodating our customers and all their needs. Not only do we offer music, we also offer state-of-the-art light shows, party favors, large TVs, projection screens, digital photography, an all-white photo booth, and photo montages to help create the most spectacular experience on your special day.

We are dedicated to giving you the prompt, courteous, professional attention you deserve to make your wedding truly unforgettable!

We’d love to talk with you about your wedding! Call us today at: (914) 633-3336 or email at info@topnotchmusicprod.com Read less
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Top Notch Productions was amazing the day of my wedding. Not only was the DJ/MC great the photography too. They say the music and photography will make or break a wedding well I can say that they definitely didn't break my wedding if anything they made it 10 times better. I highly recommend them.
Services Used: Ceremony Music, DJ, Photography
Private User
Thank you.....Thank you.....Thank you! From the first time I met with Jen in the office, till my wedding day, I was a mess. I had a million questions and even more changes week to week but, Jen and Kris couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. My fiancé wanted all the extra lights and smoke and Kris gave him what exactly what he wanted. Everything was perfect and even better than we could have imagined. Paul the MC was amazing and really kept everyone one the dance floor. Everyone loved what he did for the garter belt part, especially Sean our groomsman, we are all still laughing. :-)
Thank you again for making our day a special and memorable one. You guy's are the best!
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Recently Married
Top notch provided amazing services. The music was fun and party atmosphere the way we wanted. The MC they provided kept the party going all night. The lighting was perfect for the room. Top Notch also provided us with a photo booth which was fun and completed our night. People keep calling for the DJ phone number for future parties. Top Notch was worth every penny.
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
1+ year ago
I was so happy with Top Notch, they really made my wedding a memorable one! My feet still hurt, because I did not leave the dancefloor all night! We had a very diverse crowd - all ages, different cultures, etc.They really know how to read the crowd, keep the party going and keep the people engaged. We hired Top Notch to do our DJ, MC, Lighting & Photobooth, which was a huge hit! Ever since the wedding I have received phone call after phone call from guests telling us how great of a time they had and who the DJ was. I highly recommend Top Notch without any hesitation, their the best! Carissa & James <3
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Good Job! Richie and I had a nice time at our wedding!
Services Used: DJ
I am Albanian and my wife is Armenian (Commonly confused countries in NY with no relationship to each other). Anyways, our dilemma was to find someone who can play something for everyone, our American, Albanian, and Armenian guests. Years ago, when I used to bartend at “Glen Island Harbor Club” in New Rochelle, I have had the opportunity to experience the Top Notch Music live and had no doubt in my mind about their professionalism, great sound systems, lightings, etc. Our dilemma was really about the tridimensional music American, Albanian, and Armenian. We also know that not many people are familiar with Albanian and Armenian music. Not to mention how diverse Albanian music is in itself: Regional, age, genre, and other differences that it is so hard to consolidate. I thought it would be hard for any DJ to get it right unless I found an Albanian DJ. Same deal with Armenian part.
When I first talked to Kris DeFilippi, he assured me that he can make it happen. I was a little skeptical and asked him to have an Albanian DJ who can provide the expertise on Albanian music. Kris offered to hire someone at his own expense.
After we started working on the music lists and saw the kind of work Kris did, I was confident and asked him to forget about the Albanian DJ.
At the wedding night, which took place at the Harvard Club in NYC, Nick and Tony made my night. What a splendid experience. I could not have wished for anything better than what they did for us. Whether playing American, Albanian, or Armenian music, the dance floor never emptied. I could not have been more pleased, my wife also and all my guests.
When I started looking for a DJ I was thinking who can play the best Albanian and Armenian music. Now I know TOP NOTCH PRODUCTIONS is the one who can. The rest is second nature for them.
Thanks Kris, Nick and Tony.
You guys are awesome!
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Our wedding was April 28, 2012.

AT first we were very please with top notch. They gave us a great offer on what we wanted. We spoke to Jennifer at first (i think that was her name). She promised us an MC we had met whom was young and Hispanic (important some of our family members do not speak English) like us. And promised us a young Dominican DJ who would know the taste of music we would want for our wedding. Also, We piled on things to the contract we were not sure of because she said we could take it out later.

As we got closer to the wedding we tried reaching out to the company to check in on things ask questions and ask how our DJ knew what music to play and when. We had a hard time reaching anyone but the receptionist for a while who claimed Jennifer had gone into labor and was unreachable. Okay I understood that. No problem.

Our wedding date was coming closer and we still had not heard from anyone. No one knew how much we owed because I believe Jennifer had the files and no one could really tell us anything about our contract.

Finally someone reached out to my now husband through email (not phone). It was a hassle trying to speak to someone by phone and as we felt the circumstances were dire and were not happy with what had been going on we wanted to speak to someone on the phone to get things straight.

Finally Kris reached out by phone and we were able to hash out a few things.

Closer to the wedding decided we didn't need some of the things on the contract. Kris said they could not be taken out. This was horrible news as we wanted to use the $ for other things.

I thought I would be able to speak to a DJ before the wedding so I knew they understood the type of Spanish music I wanted played at the wedding. They said that was not possible I could only give a list of suggestions and they would get what to do from there. The music turned out fine in the end. But our MC was definitely not young and not bilingual (as requested). Lighting was good too.
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Top Notch was just that...top notch!! I went in for a meeting regarding dj services and found out they had video and photo services as well. I booked them for all 3 services (which are 3 of the most important aspects of our wedding day in my opinion) right there! Jen is amazing - she's so responsive, flexible, and helpful. We had Mike for our MC & Dave for our dj and our 200+ guests danced the ENTIRE time!! We've been told by many of our guests that it was the best wedding they ever went to! As for photo and video, we had Johnny (photo) and Carlo (video). Johnny had ALL of our pictures edited and mailed to us within 3 weeks of the wedding (which is incredibly fast)! He was stupendous! The photos are breathtaking - he really captured every moment so perfectly and creatively!! Once I give Carlo the songs we want in our video, he'll have it ready a few weeks after. I can't wait to see it because his sample video (of a couple I don't even know) made me cry! If you choose Top Notch, you will not have a worry in the world!!
Services Used: DJ, Photography, Videography
i'm so happy i picked top notch as our dj!! amazing amazing amazing!!!! from the intros all the way till the end of the wedding everyone was up out of their seats dancing! everytime the dj was about to play a song on my must play list he came to find me to make sure i would be around to hear it, which i thought was nice, since they were on my must play list because i love the songs so much. we all had a blast, and thanks to the dj and mc everyone said it was the best and most fun wedding theyve gone to. i cant say enough about how amazing my night was thanks to top notch.
Services Used: DJ
Top Notch was my biggest letdown and disappointment. We took time to meet with all our vendors over a year before our wedding and were so careful in selecting all the best so we could ensure we would have the best wedding ever. Music is the key to the whole wedding; it's the glue that keeps everything together. Top Notch let me down in every way. We purchased the top of the line package with GOBO design. plasma tv, lighting package and even added the ceremony music as extra. I can't tell you how many times I went over the ceremony music with these guys and how many times we text, emailed, called and even bullied them to meet with us multiple times because the ceremony music was super important to us. Even days before the wedding, I was again reminding them that we needed a mic and amp and that the ceremony is on the beach and they assured me over and over that they had portable audio and amps and mics and we were all good and guess what? They showed up LATE,they did not have ANY portable audio equipment with them, no generator and were barking at my wedding planner about getting a power source! Really? I was incensed and I can honestly say, I was soooo angry that they were trying to play our ceremony music from a bs laptop on the beach with open air and wind and waves crashing so no one could hear a thing that it was incredibly hard for me to let go that anger and enjoy my highly anticipated and meticulously planned ceremony and wedding reception. At the reception, our GOBO design was on the ceiling instead of on the dance floor where it's supposed to be. I was so upset and disappointed that I was mad at the DJs the whole night. They did have the party flowing and people danced all night and had a blast so looking back, I am grateful to them for that but it will never make up for ruining our ceremony which is the most important part of the whole wedding. If I hadn't been clear and spent so much time explaining to them what and how I wanted the ceremony music, then I would have no gripe but with the amount of time and money invested, we deserved so much better and their attitude at the time was like, this is all we got like take it or leave it. Not cool and so not fair to us. My advice is if you only want them for the party, they're decent djs but don't go for the full all-out package cuz they don't pull it off. I think they took about 10-15 photos tops all night and kept showing the same ones over and over on the plasma. Boring!
Services Used: DJ
Top Notch Music Productions responded with the following comments:

In response to the ceremony, a generator is not a common piece of equipment that is taken to a wedding reception. When a customer, or in this case a wedding planner, makes a request to provide a generator, we would have gladly packed that into the truck for an extra fee. Unfortunately it was never brought to our attention. We arrived on time and prepared to give you the best ceremony that we can provide, but we didn’t have any electrical outlets to plug our speakers and sound equipment in to. My dj did the best that he could playing music from his laptop. I want to thank you for the complement that you gave us, "They did have the party flowing and people danced all night and had a blast so looking back, I am grateful to them for that". In all fairness this would have been a five star review if it wasn’t for the lack of electricity at the ceremony.
Let me just start by saying our wedding was the best night ever. We owe a lot of that to Kris and his staff at Top Notch Music Productions. We wanted high energy music and a crowded dance floor. Well, we got just that! From the moment the reception started to the very end we were all out on the dance floor! Kris was on the mic and he was really fantastic.
My husband is Greek so we had to play Greek music as well and they did a great job of mixing it up.
Top Notch also did my lighting in the ballroom. The room was totally transformed. I have never, ever seen such beautiful lighting at a wedding before! My guests all commented on how great the room looked and how fantastic the lighting was. It gave a great feel to the room and we were really blown away!
If you want a packed dance floor all night and high quality lighting then call Top Notch...I highly recommend them!
Services Used: DJ
My experience with Top Notch was wonderful. They played all the right songs and stayed away from our do not play list. Which we greatly appreciated! We had an Italian MC as well, and he made everyone feel welcomed. They provided great service leading up to the wedding and even the day off. However, after the wedding they seemed to be unreachable. My original contact had transferred to another company weeks before my wedding and left me with another contact; who failed to return my calls. They had taken pictures during our ceremony and had promised pictures and failed to do so. I am not one to let things like this hurt me, but it definitely makes me second guess whether or not I would use their services or recommend them to family and friends.
Services Used: DJ
Top Notch was exactly that at our wedding. Our DJ had everyone dancing, the MC was not over the top-he got everyone involved anyway, and they had another member of their crew taking pictures and putting them right up on the plasma tv. The video montage that we put together came out fantastic! Even better than I anticipated and everyone raved about. They certainly made our day memorable. Jen, who works in their office and put everything together was a pleasure to work with and made sure everything would be exactly as we wanted, and turned out perfectly.
Services Used: DJ
Top Notch was the entertainment for my wedding. I was very upset with their entertainment package. I gave them CD's to play at the wedding a week and a half in advance and the night of the wedding they tell us that the CD's do not work. We played them in our cars and computer and they worked fine! We paid for an extra setup and they ended up giving us half of what we paid for. We booked a percusionist that we saw from one of their demo videos and ended up getting a different person that added no entertainment value! There were other things that went wrong which I wrote to them and they never even responded! I though our MC was good, but did not like my DJ. If you book this company make sure you are very specific because I felt no matter what you say they do what is easy for them
Services Used: DJ
Great DJ, they truly made everyone dance and they were really good with adding personalized songs.
Services Used: DJ
2+ years ago
Awesome!!!! They are very pricey but is worth every dollar. loved the light display and the monogram.
Services Used: DJ
Top Notch for us was the absolute BEST entertainment service we could have had at our reception! Their packages were so generous! In our package, we had a DJ for both cocktail and reception which all together ran 6 hours, unlike most companies that only run for 4 with extra costs. We also had a monogram of our creation, and wonderful lighting which really made a great atmosphere for the night! We were also given as many slideshows as we liked showing on two 50" flat panel plasmas and a terrific MC! They also took pictures throughout the night and ran those on the tvs as well. They were extremely flexible as members of my family and friends had surprise performances and slideshows for us. They really encouraged our guests to dance! The MC had a terrific sense of humor and the night went by sooo smoothly and effortlessly! My groom and I had specified list of the nights music and activities during the reception. They followed it and the night was excellent! I as the bride had the time of my life at my wedding and I am soo incredibly happy with Top Notch! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Top Notch Music Productions!!! LOVE THEM!!!
Services Used: DJ, Unique Services
Played all the music we requested and had everyone on the dance floor all night. They even put a photo montage togther for us on the 52" plasma TV that they had. Reasonably priced & kept the partying going all night.
Services Used: DJ
They did mess up my cermeony music but the dance floor was packed all night. They didn't paly any songs from my do not play list and played every song I had asked for. The MC was perfect, got everyone going but wasn't annoying about it.
Services Used: Ceremony Music, DJ
I would say that over all they did a good job. We had a few mature guest tables and they didn't appreciate the volume of the music. My husband, myself and my parents all asked to lower the volume but they never did. It turned out that my mother missed a big part of the wedding because of a migrane that she got from the volume of the music. Though I do have to say that they were able to get all the young crowd on the dance floor. I provided an italian cd with songs I wanted to have played, they played maybe 2 of them....
Services Used: DJ


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