Tracy flowers
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2955 senter road #10
San Jose, CA US 95111 (map)
Quality of Service 
5.0 out of 5.0
I really appreciate Thien Lan Flower. Their service was very professional and Tracy was very kind and patient. I requested a 6" wedding bouquet since i'm kinda a petite-size girl so she quoted me a very good price 100$ for ANY kind of flower i want! that's awesome!! and the bouquet turned out to be bigger and prettier than i expected! I'm very satisfied with my bridal bouquet =) The centerpiece and flowers on 2 candelabras were fairly nice too. Tracy didn't charge me any deliver fee because they were not far from the church where we got married. My flowers were delivered in the morning on time, worry free! Other than that, they quoted 80$ for each of my bridal bouquets which i thought i could just ask my friend to make for me... :P Their corsage is the lowest quote I got! $3 each! but ended up my husband's sister coming from Malaysia did a great job for us (she worked at a floral shop) and my husband's ex coworker gave him 20 stems of elegant white ORCHID as wedding gift!! So we decided just DIY! LOL. Overall, i really recommend this vendor! Thanks for their service with great quality and price! :)
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2.7 out of 5.0
I would not recommend Thien Lan Flowers.

I was initially a fan after seeing some of her arrangements. I think that they can churn out arrangements but you really need to nail down what you want (like the design -- she doesn't really do it for you), and then you have to make sure that they follow through. While we did have a design in mind, we didn't make sure that they followed through.

The worst part was that the red calla lilies which I were so excited about were sprayed with red paint. And then the paint chipped off on some. Ugh, SO bad!
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2+ years ago
4.4 out of 5.0
Initially, I was very worried about this florist. She sometimes doesn't respond to emails. Making appointments to meet up with Tracy can be difficult. I didn't know anyone who used her before. Also, she gives you a copy of her estimates, but it is so hard to understand it that I would have to meet up with her again just to verify what she wrote down on the estimate. But, the price was right and she seemed very professional and understanding. There were several last minute changes within a couple months before the wedding, and somehow she pulled through wonderfully.

In terms of her following through on extremely specific things, she failed in this department. This was a good and a bad thing. Although I wanted my entire wedding to be white calla lilies and some other green flowers (I did not specify), my mom was insistent on red rose boutonierres(sp?) for all of our relatives (15 people)! The red was an obvious clash to the entire wedding color scheme but it was too late to change. Well, on wedding day, the delivery men gave us 15 huge white orchid boutonierres. Technically, it was a mistake, but a good mistake that made everything look more cohesive. Guess what, we didn't even need to pay an additional cost for the wrond order of orchids! I can't guarantee that she'll do that for you but I was thrilled that our relative were just wearing white flowers instead of red roses. Also, I never asked for green orchids. She gave use these wonderfully huge green orchids. It was amazing. All of our guests thought we paid triple the actual cost. We fooled all of our guests! We spent a good amount for our wedding, but simply because of our flowers, guests thought that we went all out by dropping huge amounts of $$$$. I don't know if she will surprise you with better flowers and gorgeous arrangements that you didn't anticipate, but Tracy really went all out for my wedding. I'm still baffled if she even made a profit off of us!
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