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Announcements of all kinds, your engagement, the birth of a child, an invitation to a birthday or to your wedding, are so much more then words on a page providing information. They set... Read more
Announcements of all kinds, your engagement, the birth of a child, an invitation to a birthday or to your wedding, are so much more then words on a page providing information. They set the mood for the event you are inviting someone to and convey your excitement.
Unforgettable Announcements wants to make sure that everything about you, your event, and your very exciting news, comes across to your guest the same way you would describe it to them if they were standing in front of of you. megan@unforgettableannouncements.com 1 (810) 391-6814 Read less




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Megan was incredible to work with. She was always very prompt in answering all of my questions. She was very organized in setting all of our deadlines and making sure each was met. I never once had to worry about something getting done in time. I loved my invitations- I have received so many compliments on how beautiful they were. I gave her a few ideas and Megan created something amazing. She also did our seating chart, favors and numbers for our table. All of it looked fantastic. She went the extra mile in coordinating with our other vendors as well. I would use her services again in the future.
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Our invitations are beautiful and it was great to work with Megan!
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AMAZING! ~ The invitations looked great! Better yet, Megan was a joy to work with. She has very creative ideas and designs. I would recommend these invitations to everyone! They truly set the tone for the wedding!
Services Used: Invitations
Megan was very helpful and understood my ideas and made them come to life! Very helpful and quick responses
Services Used: Invitations
My daughter and I met Megan at a Bridal Show at the Captain's Cub at Woodfield. We were very impressed with Megan and her display and samples of invitations. We set up a meeting and ordered the invitations for my daughter's wedding. Megan has a beautiful selection of invitations and was very helpful. She was very easy to work with and made wonderful suggestions as well she was open to any ideas or suggestions we had also. The invitations for my daughter's wedding was absolutely beautiful and unique!! Friends and family we invited told us how much they liked the invitations. Megan delivered everything on time and the quality was excellent!! Megan made our experience fun and enjoyable!!
Services Used: Invitations
This company offers what she promises: an unforgettable announcement.Just not the way you would think. I wanted a very specific high quality pocket invitation. Upon a recommendation, I went to Megan and she created a beautiful invitation. They were close to 1500 dollars but my mom said you only get married once. She was easy to contact and we went back and forth with ideas. I told her I did not know exact wording to put on the invite because I had never been married before so I would let her use her "expertise". I sent her an example of one I liked on google and she said it was great. She made me a couple things to approve before it got sent to print. I was a little concerned because most of the proofs had spelling errors (multiple) and I sent her corrections, but I was surprised a professional didn't spell check. She caught that I did not have a cocktail hour time for my reception so I sent it to her! She said she was going to send me a copy of the invite in the mail before she ordered them so I could feel the way a guest would feel when they got it and see if I wanted to make any last minute changes. I got the invitation in the mail and was very excited. The only thing that I felt was weird was she misspelled my first name on the envelope she addressed to me. It was correct on the invite but I did email her about it because I wanted to make sure she could spell my name. Besides that the invite was beautiful. The rsvp postcard in the pocket was blank on one side, but she said the guests would have the rsvp address printed on them with a stamp. This was blank because it was a keepsake to me. I told her that I had already printed out address labels with my parents name and address on them and gave them to the wedding planner to give to her. She said to save them because they would just be printed on.
Then, The invitation deadline got delayed. it was jot a huge deal, but it was stressful because it cut into the time we had to collect the RSVPs. She said since it was her fault, she would buy the postage for the return postcards in the wedding pocket. That saved quite a bit of money so I agreed and everything seemed like it would be ok..

I guess technically it was my fault that I overlooked that the time of the wedding was missing on the invitation, but you would think that a professional wedding invitation specialist might have a checklist of what should be included. She caught the cocktail hour, but did not see that the time of the wedding was missing. When I got the first (of a hundred) phone calls asking about the wedding time, I was appalled. We spent so much money. I cried over it. She said she was sorry but I approved the invite so it technically was not her fault. She would however be glad to create a postcard we could send out to our guest with a timeline of our wedding for an additional charge of 50 cents a person. Since we had a guestlist of about 300 people, I opted not too and made my own postcards on the internet for 50 dollars shipped priority (cheaper than her offer).

I was very frustrated after this incident but figured it was a mistake and it happened. The next day I was at my uncles and he asked if he could just give me my rsvp then (after he made a joke about the time not being on there). I was excited to receive my first rsvp, until he handed it to me. The address was correct on the back of the postcard, but THE NAME WAS WRONG!!!! The wedding invite had the correct names on them, but the address on the back of the rsvp, which was supposed to have my parents name (since they were throwing the wedding) and instead it said Ms. my first name, my future husbands last name. People started calling me asking me about it. Did I change my name before the wedding? Couldn't I wait? Be patient, Sarah! It was humiliating! It was not even supposed to be my name.Let alone a name I will never have (seeing as she put Ms.) I had printed the labels for her and she assured me that she would print them on!

I was furious. She said there was nothing she could do because I approved the one she sent me. The one she sent me had a blank spot where the name would be printed. I did not approve for this to be done. At this point, my mother got involved. She was livid. She paid over 1500 for invitations that people were laughing about. She demanded a refund. Megan stated she was sorry but she would not do anything because we approved the proof. After the wedding, the wedding planner told us Megan contacted her and said she felt bad about what happened so she was willing to make me a perfect copy of the invitation for my scrapbook. I told her I did not want it. There is no way I would ever pretend that something was perfect when It was far from it. My wedding planner felt so bad that she recommended her that she said we did not have to pay her for her months of hard work. We of course paid the wedding planner but I would never recommend Unforgettable announcements to anyone. I also noticed that the positive reviews on other websites were given by someone with the same last name. If you want to use this vendor, Do it yourself through the envelopments website. It will be cheaper and you can make sure everything you want will actually be on the invitation.
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I highly recommend Unforgettable Announcements to all future brides! I had a destination wedding with a reception in my home state so I used Unforgettable Announcements to make my Save-the-Dates, bachelorette party invitations, and also, of course, my wedding invitations. Megan is friendly, flexible, dedicated, and passionate about her work. I was so pleased with everything and I cannot even tell you how many compliments I received on my invitations! It was a pleasure to work with Megan (Unforgettable Announcements) and I have since referred every friend that has gotten engaged. Brides think that they have two options...either go the super cheap route and print the invites yourself, or get super-duper expensive custom made invitations. Unforgettable Announcements allows you to still have custom made invitations that make an awesome first impression about your wedding without paying the outrageous prices that some online companies charge. 5 stars. Highly recommended to all future brides!
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